Kristen Pic of the Day

Awkwardly fab and adorable with a lip bite to top off the Kristen's look.

October 2008 'Twilight' Photocall in Rome

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8 Responses to Kristen Pic of the Day

  1. Aah young kristen was so cute

  2. Yes year 2008 Rome I remember a young girl call her Robsten and she said "who" kristen did not know she was referencing to her and rob so cute (: kristen was so young 17 or 18 yrs . Kristen and Robert been together now 5 yrs (:

  3. Yes she was cute and adorable. Rob and Kristen must have something special going on because their love is still going strong.

  4. Ya know i read alot of fanfiction over the years and everytime the author tried to describe bella biting her lower lip i always imagine THIS!

    God, kristen stewart makes the lip biting sooo hot!

    1. Yah.. Lip biting "" Fifty Shades "" haha.. Anastasia and Christian Gray sex,sex, so hot ! Hee.. (:

  5. I love her.Shes very attractive.

  6. Beautiful, sweet and young, I love her

  7. She's so young and beautiful, i miss you Kristen❤



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