Kristen Pic of the Day

I still don't know if it had sunk in yet the amount of chaos she would have to endure. So happy she will be our Bella forever. And even more happy that we get to see Kristen grow up and do amazing things in the business.

Twilight Premiere 2008

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8 Responses to Kristen Pic of the Day

  1. I absolutely agree with the comment over the photo.

  2. Amen!! She is strong girl and will be around for a long time ! Waiting for her new project (:

    1. Yes she is such a good actress who is very highly thought of by many people in the business. I cannot wait for Kristens next project and I think she will be great in this. Always be yourself Kristen a very special and beautiful actress and person.

  3. looks so sweet and lovely

  4. hitting the like button:p

  5. I can't wait to see her in her new film. She is the best!

  6. She has very expressive eyes just like Rob. Love her she is talented and gorgeous.


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