Hold On To Me Update: In Pre-Production + Full Synopsis

Director: James Marsh | Cast: Carey Mulligan and Robert Pattinson
Producers: Alexandra Milchan, Todd Field, and Indian Paintbrush’s Steven Rales and Mark Roybal | Writer Brad Ingelsby

In Pre-Production
HOLD ON TO ME is an electrifying thriller based on the extraordinary true story of a femme fatale who kidnaps and ransoms the town’s richest man. Mulligan plays Nancy, a small town girl who callously leaves her boyfriend Jimmy (Pattinson) behind to chase a modelling career in New York City, breaking his heart in the process. To Nancy’s surprise, New York isn’t impressed by her and at 26, she’s back home waiting tables at the local diner. When she gets word that Jimmy has become a wealthy and successful criminal in Chicago, she tracks him down with a view to winning his affections, only to find crushing rejection. Fuelled by jealousy and an unquenchable thirst for fortune, Nancy finds Danny, a na├»ve pawn she can seduce and manipulate to her own ends and together they embark on a life of crime. Success comes fast, and leaves faster but nothing and no one will stand in the way of Nancy’s naked, dangerous and deadly ambition.
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7 Responses to Hold On To Me Update: In Pre-Production + Full Synopsis

  1. Oooh, this is gonna be sooo gooood.

  2. Wonderful to hear "Hold on to Me" will be going ahead.I adore Cary Mulligan,and the pairing of her with Rob is fantastic.She is such a talent,Rob is choosing roles that will show the doubters he is more than a Gorgeous looking man,he is a really good actor.
    I would very much like to see in the not to distant future,Rob working on a movie with Daniel Day Lewis,that would be sensational. And I think all Rob and Kristen fans look foreward to the day they star together again in another movie,what a wonderful thought.In fact, Rob,Kristen,Cary and Daniel in a movie together,oh happy day.

  3. Rob's going to be busy!!
    Can't wait to see this film:)


  4. Yayyyyyyyyy! I really like Carey Mulligan,I'm sure they will be very good together!

  5. yep yep yep good news ! a very busy year for rob hurray!

  6. Does any one know what the budget for HOTM will be? It would be interesting to find out.Kristen's new project,The Big Shoe has a $150 million budget.Rob seems to prefer small budget projects.I remember an interview he gave where he said, from now on he wanted to focus on working with really good directors,that he wasn't interested in blockbusters.He is a serious actor who is gaining so much respect with the choices he is making.


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