7 NEW Kristen Vids

'You Absolutely Despise Me and You Don't Even Know Me'
Video from FragileCloud

'Their Heavy Words Can't Bring Me Down'
Video from robsten4everfan

'Heart Attack'
Video from becksrocks101

'Sexy Silk'
Video from Claudiia828

Kristen at Oscars 'I Can't Live Without You'
Video from Angel9658326472

'Truly Madly Deeply'
Video from TwilightNJonas4Ever

'Live While We're Young'
Video from Krazy4KStew

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10 Responses to 7 NEW Kristen Vids

  1. I am moved beyond words. No matter what people think of Kristen, she's an amazing woman. She's had to put up with more than any one of us will ever have to. She's looked hate right in the face and smiled at it; because that's the kind of strength she has.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. LOVE the first video= STAY YOU- Kristen-STAAAAY YOOOUUUU!Thats what we love!!!

  3. Robsten will always love you kristen no matter what ! We are strong together "" you are love by many around the world I'm across the world from you """ and a mom very proud fan of your ( ; my daughter always ask me mom how's kristen doing cos she knows I adore her (: l always say she is doing just fine cos she is love by us all ....

  4. Can't see the video's ppl. Please repost...

  5. OMG...so beautiful, so touching, love all of those vids, thanks for sharing, love you too

  6. when I see the first video I remember why I love Kristen, she is just honest with herself !!! and that's what pisses of hollywood!

  7. All the hate for someone so precious because she is real and herself. The whole thing is about Jealousy because Kristen has Love from her friends her fans around the World Her family and Obviously the amazing Rob ( who shows his feelings so transparently) Small minded mean spirited UNLOVED people cant stand this That is why they are so threatened by Kristen Stewart They see what we Fans can see and are so Jealous that she has all this Love and they dont !This goes for so called celeb commentaters and journalists too !

  8. Watched a news show this morning about Jennifer Lawrence and about how she is so honest and says exactly what she feels, how she hates the pappz and gives them the finger, and the reporters were praising her because she tells it from the heart. Now don't get me wrong I like Jlaw, but why is it when Kristen does the exact same thing she is critized and knocked down for being herself. For some reason the media does not like her and it is sad because they are missing out on knowing a beautiful woman, everyone who works with her has only high praise for how kind and caring she is. So Kristen if you read this just know that your fans (and there are many) love you exactly the way you are, never change, just be yourself. Rob saw the beauty of your heart and he is standing beside you. Love you always.

    1. I agree with you. All the fans see how amazing Kristen is as an authentic and generous person. Some people said the only thing one can trust on the media is the publishing date, other than that are rubbish. I only read them as some sort of references. I believe in a person based on what she/he value the most. I've seen compassion on Kristen. I think that's the most precious thing in a human being.


  9. Thank you for those supportive vids for Kristen. I hope Krisen knows her fans are everywhere to support her. Mean people always exist in this world. The better way to deal with them is ignoring what they did. They don't own us. We choose what we want to live up to. That's why I love Kristen. She's a perosn who know what she really want and live the best out of it.


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