Tom Hiddleston Mentions Rob with Total Film

What's it like to beat the likes of Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt and George Clooney to the title of Total Film's Sexiest Actor?

“It's insane. It basically doesn't make any sense. When I was a teenager, my sister had a poster of Brad Pitt from Legends Of The Fall on her bedroom wall. I also thought it was generally accepted that George Clooney was some kind of gold standard? And doesn't Robert Pattinson inspire mayhem and delirium wherever he goes?

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6 Responses to Tom Hiddleston Mentions Rob with Total Film

  1. Tom Hiddleston seems like he might be a nice guy, but he is NOT sexy in the least! What kind of people would be blind enough to think he's even in the same universe of sexiness as Rob?

  2. Exactly. I like Tom but seriously, how the hell did that happened? Someone's pulling someone's leg. lol

  3. Is it April 1st already? Sorry, but even George & Brad are hoter than him. Never mind Rob, who could wipe the floor with Tom.

  4. I'm scratching my head about that result as well...not only beating the likes of George Clooney and Brad..but our ROB?? unbelievable!..Rob should be Number 1 and this Tom whhateverhisname should be way down the list ..just my opinion:)

  5. ???????? Ummm!!! Haha he eye roll something not right trying to push him up HW

  6. Whatt??? Is this a joke, he beats all of my idols? ?? How can?????


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