Robsten Vid of the Day~'Obvious' from DayJolie80

They'll never need to admit anything, it's obvious.

Video from DayJolie80

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5 Responses to Robsten Vid of the Day~'Obvious' from DayJolie80

  1. Awwww.... So beautiful so obvious and some got eyes but can't see too... Bad we fans are lucky we see it love yes love so obvious (:

  2. Aww thats just beautiful, their love is so obvious:).


  3. Ah! The early days . . . watching their friendship & infatuation turn to LoVe! o_O
    Never have seen anything like that before between two lucky to have been witness (from afar) to such a beautiful thing!! I especially love the Vanity Fair shoot--they were so young, sexy & in love!

    1. Totally with you those were the days the vanity fair shoot is the best I love it they are so carefree and fooling around so.... Cute to witness the begin of love (: ahhh.. We are the lucky ones Robsten love will win god give to us free love

  4. Ow I miss them so much!! I just want to c them together again, Kristen come to Australia, we miss you guys!!!


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