Robsten Vid of the Day~'Best of Robsten~Lucky' from robsten4everinlove

So is Rob lucky? Kristen? Or us for getting to see a fairy tale come to life?
Video from robsten4everinlove

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7 Responses to Robsten Vid of the Day~'Best of Robsten~Lucky' from robsten4everinlove

  1. I'm so lucky to see a fairy tale come to life, go robsten, I love you both


  2. I think we are all lucky:) Go Robsten

  3. what a beautiful love story

    to bad the rag mags and papz have been so mean to them that they have retreated and no longer put their beautiful love out there for the public to see

    i wish them all the love and happiness in the world, they are truly one couple that are meant to be together


  4. They are in love 4yrs now (: we are lucky to witness it 2008 wow how times fry now look at them so successful and rich beyond believe and still together we fans just love them ((: waiting for them to make more movies especially kristen finger cross soon yes.... Kristen ! News pls (:

  5. Love all the Robsten fan-made videos! Great job!

  6. What a great video! We are lucky to be able to enjoy this with them. I really think they should just forget the papz and put the love back out there. It's one way to shut them down a little. They should just live their life and let the papz hang. Love them and love this video. So much love!

  7. I think they are shy , (: very private with their love so cute lol I too would love to see them walking holding hands , hugging so all can see they are together and in love in my dream haha..


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