Robsten Pic of the Day

Sometimes you just need to relive May. They were in a bubble in France.
Loving the toothpick, jacket and Bodyguard funny face.

Cannes Film Fest May 2012

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8 Responses to Robsten Pic of the Day

  1. I think HBG is also having stress haha... Headache like some of us fans haha.. Drama everyday... We much stay strong for rob/ kristen

  2. HBG thinking, "wait for me, you guys" lol!!!:)

    Love the pic,they are adorable:)

  3. Yes, they are so cute and made for each other. HBG is having a bit of a time fighting off the photographers, but Rob has Kristen firmly by the hand and won't let her go.

  4. I loved seeing them both there at the same time. Rob, you look sexy as usual and Kristen she looked beautiful. They are a beautiful couple. I hope they get married and have lots of babies. They will be beautiful.

  5. Beautiful, they both are. hehehe HBG in the background :-D

  6. What does HBG mean

    1. I can't be positive, but I *think* it is her/his bodyguard. Could be hot bodyguard for all I know, lol!


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