Robsten Pic of the Day

A couple on top of the world.
Nov 2011~LA Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Premiere

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  1. Gorgeous lady and a beautiful man forms a stunning baby! And that is our adorable couple rob and kristen. I hope, when the time is right, they will have time to get marry and make lots and lots of babies lol.

    1. They look so right together and in those days it was really special to see. I truly hope these moments have not disappeared because you would both be lost with out each other. Spend happy times together in the future and for the rest of your lives.

  2. I saw a picture on tumblr where papastew and Mr.& Mrs.P were in audience taken pictures of them. SO cute. I think it was from this promo.

  3. Nice. What a beautiful couple, heart and soul. I wish them a healthy, happy future together. One thing I want to add , and forgive me if I am out of line. After reading, hearing all the garbage people had say about Kristen after July, and after verbal online fights with these heartless animals, I realized I was banging my head on a brick wall. This fact has calmed me since, which is Kristen did not lose a single fan after July. The people spewing hate were always jealous of her life, her achievements, her boyfriend and fame. They were never her fans to begin with, they are nasty little pox bumps. It if you scratch it, it spreads like wild fire. It you leave it alone, it will dry up and disappear. Thanks.

  4. Rob, you looking amazing like you always do and Kristen,you look beautiful as usual. I hope ya'll have a wonderful life together. Always happy and healty. I love to see pictures of you together. You can always see the love you have for each other.


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