Rob Pic of the Day

I sometimes wonder if Rob is for real. He is always surprising us with silly things.

Rob meets Tai before WFE filming (Shared the pic on Jay Leno March 2011)

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11 Responses to Rob Pic of the Day

  1. and how can' not tai like it rob ,he is so charming and charismatic funny ,adorable ,sweet ,sweetheart ,handsome ,gorgeous and the list never end!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree with you completely. I love Rob his beautiful inside and out :-)

  2. OMG!!! This is another pic i've not seen before. My eyes nearly fell out when i looked at it. LOL. Rob is crazy, he is just crazy!!! but i still love and adore him :)

  3. Tai is the other "girl" Rob fell in love with on the set, but you know, Kristen was first and actually no one can compete with her...not even Tai :))

  4. Rob, i just love you. I know you are so fun to be around. Even the animals love him.

  5. He has such an affinity with animals. Look how he trusts Tai not to drop him. Many props to his parents for raising Rob to be the wonderful, honest and funny person he's become.

  6. Just like everyone else she just wanted to eat him up!LOL My step-grandfather worked at the zoo in Garden City, Kansas when I was little. He took care of the elephants. There was one who really liked him. She was so jealous of my Grandma that one day when my Grandma was at the zoo visiting my Grandpa in the elephant house the elephant actually sprayed water and feed on her. Hope if Kristen visited Tai didn't get that jealous of her! I think I read somewhere or Rob said that the elephant followed him everywhere. Can't say I blame her!

  7. Jajaja... Lovely!!!!

    That elephant fell in love with him too! ajajajaj

    Hey guys, Do you know if Kristen is in Australia???

  8. Rob is so adorable, sweet and trusting. I don't know if I could trust Tai, not to drop me.

  9. I haven't heard any thing about Kristen,since Rob went to film in Australia.


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