Rob Pic of the Day

When he only has half a head of hair but still manages to look super hot!
August 2011 TCAs 

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5 Responses to Rob Pic of the Day

  1. Rob can be such a dork sometimes. But Kristen loves this dork and it is very easy to see why she does. Take care of yourselves both of you.

  2. Robert is kristen man !!! Kristen pattinson yeah!!!! Go Robsten love is strong (:

  3. I meant to say, Rob would look "super hot" even if he had no hair:) (Sorry, i've just finished a night shift!!)

  4. I love how showed with half a shaved head(he still looked good)- I bet some celeberties would be to vain to to this. Not Rob-YOu rock ROB.


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