Rob and Kristen: A Look Back at 2012 - Part 3

Final Part is here guys, again sorry it's so late but still hope you enjoy!! RK were especially busy this last 4 months with BD2 promos and events. Please check out our part 1 and 2 here and here

Sept 5-9: OTR Premiere at Toronto Film Festival- Kristen was spotted leaving LA and arriving in Toronto on the 5th. Kristen attended the premiere on the 6th and later seen leaving a restaurant. She then spent 7 & 8 doing press for the film. Later that same night she was seen arriving at Soho House, where we got some cute sightings of Jeniffer Lawrance, Emma Watson and Kristen partying it up. : )She was spotted leaving Toronto on the 9th.

September 6: While Kristen was at the premiere of OTR in Toronto, Rob was attending the MTV Video Awards where he and cast presented the last trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2. He was also spotted leaving the event a couple hours later. 

September 7: Rob attended Stand Up to Cancer: A charity that raises money towards research for cancer.

September 10: Kristen attends a private screening of OTR. We first got a fan video of her in NYC and later we learn it was the screening. One of my favorite Kristen looks of 2012.

September 26-28: Kristen was photographed arriving in Paris. She was there to attend the Balenciaga Spring Fashion Show on the 27th. After the fashion show she was seen leaving a Balenciaga Boutique and later that night she attended a Balanciaga dinner. She was again photographed leaving Paris and arriving in LA on the 28th.

September 30 - October 11: RK spotted (not together) in different places.  Rob was at a Black Keys concert in LA on Sept 30th. A pic of him drilling into a table came out on October 5th and apparently Rob was in NYC. Kristen was then photographed leaving a Florence and The machine concert on the 7th and Rob was spotted again out and about in NYC and then arriving and leaving his hotel. The next day a fan took a pic of him stating that he was in LA. Kristen was spotted on the 11th driving around in LA.

October 14, 15, and 17: RK in LA together!! I know, I know... Happy smiles... Rob and Kristen spotted together for the first time (that we saw) in LA on October 14th. The next day they were photographed again leaving a restaurant with friends, and to top off the amazing month there were some very sweet pics of RK in their home. :) Don't judge me. :P Btw, Kristen did a q&a for Balencia on the 18th that was broad casted live.

October 15: Back a few days. Rob attended the ELLE Magazine's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Gala on Oct 15th, where he presented an award to Uma Thurman. He

October 19-25: Rob was photographed leaving LAX on the 19th,  Kristen at the time was spotted at a Katy Perry party with some of Rob's friends...... Rob arrived in Sydney on the 21st (time difference?) He attended the BD2 fan event and on the 23th we got a pic of him having dinner with friends. The next day we got a pic of him an with a Go Cart team. He was spotted leaving Sydney on the 25th and arriving back in LA the same day.

October 22-25: While Rob was promoting BD2 Kristen arrived in Tokyo for the BD2 fan event held on the 24th. She was spotted leaving Tokyo and arriving back in LA on the 25th. Rob and Kristen were spotted that same night leaving a Prince Concert in LA.  

October 27: Rob attended the LACMA in LA. He was looking dashing and taking pics with co-leagues,etc.

October 31: Adorable Rob and Kristen being cute attending a Halloween party with friends in LA.  Bet you had to look twice to know it is them on those masks, right? Can they be any cuter? Glad they had a good time. Kristen was spotted in LA the night before.

November 1: Kristen at Cecile B. Demille Award Announcement to Jodie Foster. More pics and her speech all at the link.

November 1-3: Rob and Kristen hard at work doing the LA portion of the press for BD2. There was a press conference on the 1st followed by lots of press junket interviews. Kristen was photographed outside her hotel room during break.  Our poor baby was doing interviews for both OTR and BD2. There are tons of interviews, which you can find here.

November 5-6: Rob and Kristen were guest at different TV shows to promote BD2. On the 5th Kristen arrived at the NBC studios to tape her segment of The Tonight Show, she also taped her appearance on Conan that day.... around the same time Rob was taping his interview with Ellen. That same night Rob was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and we even got pics of Kristen arriving at the studios while Rob was inside. She was seen leaving a bit before Rob did. Jimmy said in an interview that they were hanging out backstage for a couple of hours before they made their way out.

November 6-9: Rob and Kristen board a private plane to make their way to NYC and keep promoting BD2 there. On the 7th Kristen was a guest on The Today Show and Live with Kelly, later that same night she was a guest on Jimmy Fallon Show. The next morning it was Rob's turn to appear again on The Today Show and on Live with Kelly... he was also a guest on Jimmy Fallon where Rob was just hilarious

November 8: Kristen at a screening of OTR in NYC.No Rob on sight but we knew he was in the city as well. Maybe a date night that we don't know about? I'm sure. :)

November 12: Rob and Kristen attend the world premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in LA. They arrived together and later in the night they attended the after party. They weren't photographed together but they were both there. Lots of cute accounts from the people that were there. :)

November 14: Rob and Kristen did press early in the morning and then attended the BD2 Premiere later in the night. They were seen arriving and leaving together.

November 15: Rob and Kristen in Madrid for BD2, they had a photo call followed by a press conference early in the morning. After that, they appeared at Spanish show, El Hormiguero and later attended the premiere. 

November 16: Rob and Kristen were photographed arriving in Berlin early on the 16th. Later that morning they had a press conference to talk about the film. The premiere was held in the after noon. That concludes their promo for BD2. RK were later photographed coming out of a bowling alley with Taylor.

November 17, 23-26: Rob and Kristen done with the BD2 promo go back to London and are seen grocery shopping in London on November 17th. Hope they had a great thanksgiving. On the 23rd Rob and Kristen are seen at the London airport and again aarriving the same day in NYC... We don't see them again until the 26th where they are photographed at NYC airport and landing in LA on the same night.

November 28: Kristen at Variety Studio Awards in LA where she talked about OTR and more

November 30: Rob at Arbitrage Luncheon.

December 1:  Kristen attended the Governors Awards in LA.

December 6-8: Kristen at attends a private screening of OTR in LA followed an after party. The next day she attends another screening and Q&A at Skywalker ranch. On the 8th she spends the day doing press for OTR in San Fransisco. 
December 10: Kristen was spotted arriving at the CBS studios to film her interview for Late Night with Craigh Furgeson. Her interview with Travis Smiley came out also on the 10th but was filmed on the 5th. 

December 12: Kristen spotted boarding a private plane on October 11th, she's on her way to NYC for a concert relieve and OTR premiere. Kristen attended the 12/12/12 Concert in relief of Hurricane Sandy's survivors.

December 12-14: Immediately following the 12/12/12 concert Kristen attended another OTR screening in NYC. The next morning she did lots of press the film  and was spotted at a restaurant. She then taped her appearance with Jon Stewart for The Daily Show.. she then made her way to the OTR Premier were she took photos with her cast, answered interviews, etc. Later in the evening she attended the premiere's after party and was seen leaving NYC the next morning and arriving back to LA that same night.

December 18-24: Rob spotted in NYC on business, then he was spotted again by fans on the 22nd. That same night he was seen at NYC airport on is way to London and on the 24th he was spotted at a local Pub in London.

December 26-29: Kristen spotted with her dad and brother on the 26th . She was later photographed arriving to LAX with her friend to make her way to London and arriving the same day. On the 29th Rob and Kristen were seen in London boarding a subway with friends. Happy New Years guys!! May 2013 be even better for you guys. We wish you the best.

Thank you guys for all the support through this year. It's been a crazy one but we're all survivors. I hope this coming year is an even better for Rob and Kristen. Can't wait to see what they do next. ~RD Team

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  1. that was truly amazing...thank u very much team rd...especially alma 4 posting this...i'm a regular visitor of this blog...n no doubt its one of my fav blogs of rk..BTW i'm an this blog soo much.. Happy New Year To All...

  2. ThankS for the recap of our fav couple!
    Hope we get a pic from a fan again soon ...

  3. Thank you RD team for hardwork. I read thru all of the 2012 look back and it was great to refresh our memories of RK this past year. I really admire their strength and their love. I couldn't have done better if I were in their shoes.

  4. Great recap! Thanks for your efforts, you did an amazing job!!

  5. Wow this is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work! Let's hope 2013 will be kind to all of us!

  6. That was a great journey through 2012 with our favorite couple! Thank you for your great work! I love this blog! Keep your amazing work :-)

  7. Happy New Year Robstendreamers! Thanks for the awesome pictures, posts and updates of our fave couple. Here's wishing a successful and happier 2013 to Rob and Kris. Love you all!

  8. Kristen is gorgeous no matter how she is dressed, whether she smiles or not, whether she is with glasses or without, she is always beautiful!

  9. Thanks for the recap, RSD! You did a great job in 2012 to keep us fans updated..wish you a great 2013!!

  10. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and time. It's greatly appreciated.


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