Rob/Kristen and Rob/Reese are #1 and #10 on Forbes List Of Hollywood's Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson land at the top of our list of Hollywood’s Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples. We looked at the top-grossing romantic movies of the last three years. Twilight was by far the biggest box office winner over that period, earning $625 million.

Pattinson is also a member of the 10th place couple on our list alongside Reese Witherspoon. Their film Water for Elephants earned $59 million in the U.S. in 2011. Those aren’t Twilight numbers, but considering that the movie brought in an extra $58 million internationally and only cost $38 million to make, it was a small hit.


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6 Responses to Rob/Kristen and Rob/Reese are #1 and #10 on Forbes List Of Hollywood's Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples

  1. It's weird how much I like Rob and Reese, but just how terrible they were as a couple. I think there was no chemistry whatsoever. They really look like two great buddies, but as a couple there was nothing there.

  2. I love Reece but I don't really think she was the right choice for this movie. However, the movie was very good as was the book. Rob was movie star quality, as always and I believe it was the fan's love for him that mostly brought in the $$$. I adore/love Rob Kristen and Twilight Saga. They deserve the #1 spot!

  3. I am not one bit surprised about #1 spot. My husband and I wathced BD1 again and he was riveted to the screen. He said this is such a good movie. He has liked all of them. We get in deep conversations about all the media junk. I really have a great husband just like Kristen has a great guy in Rob and he has a great lady in Kristen. Love them both!

  4. As much as I loved seeing Rob and Reese in Water for Elephants,their chemistry was more friendship than romantic. It's definitely not the same off-the-charts chemistry that he has with Kristen,because they are a couple in real life. So there was certainly a difference in the two on-screen couples and how the interacted with each other. Glad Rob and Kristen made the top of the list. They deserve it.

  5. YEA- this was wierd when I saw it. I read the book and they just didn't match up to the the book.

  6. Sherry you are so lucky to have a good man so happy for you hope rob will be like your man cos kristen is special naughty at times but unique beautiful girl I like her a lot badass that's her haha... (:


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