New/Old Kristen Interview with Time Warner Cable from OTR NYC Press Junket


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5 Responses to New/Old Kristen Interview with Time Warner Cable from OTR NYC Press Junket

  1. I do agree. Bella is naugtier than you think. The way she seduces Edward. What a teaser she is. I am going to miss those book! And people forget that Kristen did all independents films before the franchise. Infact, the original Twilight movie was an independent film that just got really big. The Safety of Objects, The Yellow Handkerchief, The Cake Eaters, Into the Wild, Welcome to the Rielleys, these along with others she did, where all independent films.

  2. I agree as well that Bella has a very naughty side with Edward. You see a little bit of it at the beginning of New Moon and then again in Eclipse,when she tries to get him to make love to her. So she's not completly sweet and innocent,she's got a naughty side that Edward loves. He definitely loves it in BD when she becomes a vampire and now they get to spend eternity being very naughty. LOL!

  3. I always love her interview, she's so smart

  4. Are you saying teaser in a good way - performace? I like her in Cake Eaters that was on cable- How can you see her in the other filmes are they on dvd.

  5. Yes I love all her movies (: she is a wonderful actress one thing I am sad is my country don't show independents movies very hard to get DVD of kristen/ Robert got to wait like few month I can't wait for OTR. You guys are lucky


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