NEW R/K Vid~'Love Paradise' from @kim_hatairat

Video from shinichicoolkid

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4 Responses to NEW R/K Vid~'Love Paradise' from @kim_hatairat

  1. Okay, can I get a guy to look at me like that and love me unconditiinally like the way Rob loves Kristen because this is what I pray for when I ask God for true love.

    It's so palpable, honest and true that it can't be denied.

    Rob and Kristen; the couple that made me believe in true love.


    1. Keep the faith Emma. It's rare but it does indeed exist in real life! I hope you will experience it, too.

  2. Miss them ); kristen love you ! I worry like a mother and she don't know me sound silly but that's how I feel just wish hateful people just die or go to hell sorry so angry !

  3. loved your video its really lovely to see the later photos of them, there doesn't seem to be many of them about in these videos


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