NEW R/K Videos~'With Me' from the Amazing @fiorels90 & 'They Don't Know About Us' from dyankokey10

Fio makes the best vids! LOVE this one!!!
For those who can't watch it on YT, try HERE

Video from xFiorels90
Video from Dyankokey10

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13 Responses to NEW R/K Videos~'With Me' from the Amazing @fiorels90 & 'They Don't Know About Us' from dyankokey10

  1. Nice Vids!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. aaahhhh I love those vids, thanks for sharing, I really love those vids, especially vid from Dyankokey10


  3. Beautiful video, thankyou I hope we get some new video from libenet. All of you are so talented thankyou thankyou

    1. Yes, I'm hoping that too. But it's such long time ago that she published one that I don't think she ever will. HERS were the BEST. I really miss her video art. It's so sad that so many talented people seem to turn their back on RK (patty13mai, IM1Luckywoman, 85dreaming and many others). I miss them, but mostly LIBENET. That's why I can't stop hoping ...

  4. I'm such a fan of Fiorels amazingly beautiful videos. I really want to cry right now. It's so frustrating for us Germans because we can't see a vast majority of the You Tube Videos.

    Could one of you PLEASE be so kind to leave a message on her YT channel/account that her newest video is blocked here, because I can't contact her because of that. She is always so nice to post it then on twitvid/telly where the vids don't get blocked.

    Thank you guys in advance!!!!

  5. el amor es algo tan hermoso cuando este no tiene palabras es mas alla de lo que se ve r&k i love you !chicas gracias por estos videos..saludos mexico!

  6. These are just wonderful. I especially like the They don't know about us. Just amazing!

  7. Wonderful videos, thank you so much

  8. I totally agree, the fiorels vids are the best! Keep up the awesome work cos you'll always have a viewer in me!

  9. im a fiorels follower for a year now

  10. How come I can't see any of your videos anymore? I've been trying since ytd and going to youtube to view it but no luck!.. something wrong with my device or something?

  11. Love looking back at their love, it truly is something special. Missed seeing the videos, but glad to see that some of you are back again bringing us the love and laughter of Rob & Kristen. Keep up the good work, looking for many more in the future.

  12. Really missed seeing these video's by fiorels90...awesome...hope to see many more in 2013.


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