Kristen in InStyle February 2013 Magazine


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7 Responses to Kristen in InStyle February 2013 Magazine

  1. Kristen is always beautiful!

  2. I love her and her style!

  3. Kristen is beautiful...I love that she has tried different hair styles, and she looks great in all of them! But I definitely like her better with dark hair, it makes her eyes and pale skin stand out more, which I love.
    -KC :)

  4. wow...she's naturally beautiful

  5. i like her 2008- mid 2009 hair, back when she didnt do the one sided hair placement thing. auburn color looks great on her. imo

  6. i love the things she tries with her hair and i love almost every look she had...i dont really like the dark short hair she did for "the runaways" but she is an actress and it was for the role.i also love the fact that she is a natural blond and she prefers brown and dark colours for her hair in general...Always love her...


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