Jude Law Talks About Queen of the Desert

The Playlist:
As for projects that may or may not be happening, Law confirmed Naomi Watts' statement that Werner Herzog's Gertrude Bell biopic "Queen of the Desert" is now on hold and he will likely be no longer be available for it when it returns. "I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t think I can do that anymore," he admitted.
I also noticed on the always accurate IMDB that you are doing Dom Hemingway and Queen of the Desert.
Law: No, Queen of the Dessert, I don’t think is going to happen now, or I don’t think that I can be involved in it anymore. I’m not sure what happened there, whether they can get it together I don’t know.

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10 Responses to Jude Law Talks About Queen of the Desert

  1. Robert will be fine no worries there will be other movies to be make (:

  2. I love anything Rob would be in but honestly this role didn't grab me like "The Rover" and "Mission Blacklist" do. Maybe Jude is jealous of Rob, definitely some fierce competion there.


  3. I also read that Mission Blacklist is also on hold until sometime later this year, no date has been given to do the movie. Also the other movie with the English actress "Hold me" or whatever it is called, no commitments or contracts have been given or signed by Rob or the other parties. So guess will just have to wait and see what happens.

  4. I really want Mission Blacklist to happen for Rob,I have a lot of hope for the movie and thing it will be great for Rob's career.

  5. No worries. Rob is busy enough right now. If it happens it happens, if not, okay. Just glad both of them are working. Go Robsten!

  6. 12am in 12:08. What are you talking about? Just this week more details were released about Hold on to me, including production date, release date, and yes, confirming the actors as well. As for mission black list, same thing. We were all glad it won't be filmed in Iraq. Where have you been? And where are you getting your bs news?

    1. Uhhhhhhhh... notice the date on her comment there -- January 30th. This is a continuation of a story RD posted awhile ago. Where have YOU been??

  7. Maybe cause mission blacklist sounds too much like zero dark thirty?

  8. I see. So her post was before the released statement. Well, now she can relax because Hold On To Me is in preproduction and Mission. Blacklist will start April and released 2014. Map to the stars will be shot in LA and Torinto. Let's not get all dramatic over nothing.

  9. Fairly certain I wasn't the one who was being dramatic. (?) The last part of my comment on your post was intended ONLY to reflect (for you) the seemingly nasty, arrogant attitude with which you responded to the undeserving Anon 12:08 am... nothing else. A simple 'oops, sorry about that' or 'my bad' directed at her would've been nice.


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