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New Rob and Kristen Interviews with Insider from BD2 LA Premiere

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Kristen on Tavis Smiley Show

On Youtube in 3 separate videos - thanks Kstewartfans

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New Pictures of Kristen Arriving to CBS Studios

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Kristen on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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Full show now on HD video - via

Kristen promoting 'On The Road' on Late Late Show. Screencaps & info from inside the show.

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New/Old HQ Pictures of Rob from 2012 LACMA Art + Film Gala

More Pictures HERE and HERE


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New Kristen Interview with Huffington Post

Kristen Stewart was not a global superstar when "Motorcycle Diaries" director Walter Salles cast her in his long-gestating adaptation of "On the Road." It was 2007 and she had just appeared in "Into the Wild," playing a trailer-park siren who almost but doesn't quite tame Emile Hirsch's wanderlust. It would be another year before she become known to millions of fans around the world as Bella Swan from "Twilight."

It would have been easy -- and maybe even prudent -- for Stewart to back out on Salles as her star inexorably rose, but she stayed on board and delivered a performance that is all the more powerful because it comes from a woman with so much to lose. Yes, Kristen takes off her clothes -- she talks about that below -- but that's not the half of it: her character, Marylou, the teenage bride of Beatnik hero Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), may exist as a mere plot device in the testosterone-fueled novel, but at the hands of Salles and Stewart she becomes a symbol of unapologetic feminine self-gratification. As I wrote after seeing "On the Road" at the Toronto International Film Festival, "Stewart's Marylou is pure Id: she steals what she needs and she screws who she wants, when she wants." The point is not that she's admirable; it's that she comes alive, fully and indelibly, which is the only job an actor has.

The creative team behind the film wants the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize Stewart for her role by nominating her for an Oscar for best supporting actress, and although she doesn't appear on any of the short lists I've seen, I think she's earned a place in the conversation. "On the Road" has its slow and meandering moments, but it roars to life when Stewart appears on screen -- and if you don't believe me, take a look at these fan-produced animated gifs and tell me you're not at least intrigued. Stewart and I spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes on Saturday/

Michael Hogan: I remember reading On the Road as a teenager, and the women didn't register for me so much as characters. So I wonder, as a teenage girl reading it, how the women seemed to you when you first read the book?
Kristen Stewart: Yeah, it's funny, they didn't really register with me, either. People do love to say that this is a boy book and that the female characters tend to be treated as play things and are peripheral. When you read the book, they tend to seem as though they're almost like a tool for Kerouac to show that life's crazy, that things are wild and sexy. That's why, playing the part, we were privy to information that made this thing so different. I think getting to know the women behind the characters and getting to know Jack's relationships with them and Neal's relationships with them, it made it easier to play the character.

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HD Videos from the Berlin BD2 Press Conference + Premiere

Thanks KSF

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New Rob Interview with Seventeen Magazine (Scans + Translation)

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Some new quotes in this interview

Do Taylor and you learn to love each other in this movie?

Sure! I give him my daughter! That’s love. You could even say this entire thing is a love story between Edward and Jacob.

Are you like Edward? Even a little bit?

I don’t know anymore! I can’t tell! I’ve thought about it so many times.

When the first movie came out you seemed very afraid of fans. Are you completely used to it?

We had no experience with large crowds before this, so it really is very awkward. But you do get used to it. It’s weird but you develope an extra personality when you’re around so many people. You know, like a different mood or something. But it’s fun. This only happens at big events with like 6,000 people. We had an event in LA with like 10,000 people, I think.

What’s your favorite memory of this experience?

One time Peter stole a bike, it was hilarious! Or when we filmed in Brazil, it was like saying “We’ve done this for years and now we’re in Brazil,” Kristen and I were wearing bathing suits in front of 6,000 Brazilians with water guns and cameras.


Mike Figgis, Cold Creek Manor Director, Talks About Kristen


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Kristen Attending Another On The Road Screening Today

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New Picture of Kristen from On The Road Press Junket 12.8.12

Kristen doing interviews for OTR in San Fransisco. We'll post the video(s) when available :)

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New Kristen Interview with Shuichi from BD2 Japan Promo

kstewfansjp | Via

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New Interview of Kristen from Variety Awards Studio

Full Interview

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New Kristen Interview with Fox Backstage Pass from BD2 Japan Promo

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New Rob and Kristen Interview with Chloe Houser from BD2 LA Press Junket


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New LA Times OTR Portraits of Kristen, Garrett and Walter Salles

"Actors Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart and director Walter Salles with a 1941 Hudson, similar to the one used in their new movie, 'On the Road'."

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New Kristen Quotes About OTR from LA Times

One generational change the filmmakers had to contend with was Kerouac's women — Marylou, who was based on Cassady's real teenage bride, LuAnne Henderson, and Camille (Kirsten Dunst), based on his wife, Carolyn Cassady, have been criticized as mere sexual objects in "On the Road."

"We didn't want them to be victims," Rivera said. "The girls that just get left behind, get pregnant and cry. We really wanted to make them three-dimensional heroes in their own worlds."

As a result, Marylou spends much of the film warming men's beds, but she makes her own decisions. "The reason the book has never been irrelevant is that people have certain fundamental desires," said Stewart, who couldn't come along for the ride in the Hudson but spoke by phone. "Marylou would have been well ahead of her time even now."


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HQ Scans of Kristen in Glamorous and AERA Magazines (Japan) (New Picture)

Glamorous Magazine

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AERA Magazine

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falcontie | Via

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Kristen on Tavis Smiley Show

Travis Smiley - This Monday, I will sit down with the star of the wildly popular Twilight franchise, actress Kristen Stewart, for a conversation about her next project, On the Road.

In the clip below, I ask Kristen about how she manages fame. Be sure to watch our entire conversation Monday night, Dec. 10, 2012 on PBS.  (times and local listings below)

Interview is pre-taped.

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Kristen at 'On The Road' Screening and Q&A at Skywalker Ranch - 12.7.12

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Old On The Road Still in Better Quality


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Nicolas Ghesquière Talks About Kristen in Le Figaro (France) Sep 2012

Finally, there is Kristen, heroine of this new olfactory opus. After Charlotte Gainsbourg, national treasure, one wonders about the Atlanticist choices. We had read a few years ago, a great interview with Guesquière by Tom Ford where the creator, leader of the new French department, took his distances with his origins saying that he was finding an inspiration and a strong dialogue with the Americans.

"Charismatic ambassador"

"I live in France and I am very attached to our heritage, cut short the designer. But I love borrowing things from other cultures, explore new territories. Regarding Kristen, though american, she does not match the pictures that we can make. her nationality did not determine my choice. I remember the first time I saw her in Panic Room, where at the age of twelve, she burst on the screen. later, during a photo shoot with Bruce weber for Interview magazine, I was curious to see what she had become. We shot in the former residence of Warhol in Montauk. She was already a young girl: I had a real aesthetic shock."

On the red carpet, before the contract for the perfume, the actress is considered one of the most charismatic ambassadors of Balenciaga. "But I did not consider the size of Kristen. It's amazing what she generates, the fascination she exerts on her generation."

Scan + Translation

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New Kristen BD2 and OTR Press Portrait

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New Picture of Kristen from On The Road Screening After Party + Tweets

From Hollywoodelsewherecom

Kristen Stewart and Francis Coppola received most of the attention at the latter event. I spoke briefly with Robert Pattinson about his costarring role in Maps To The Stars, a David Cronenberg film that will shoot in LA in the spring, he said.
More Rob sightings at the after party (under the cut)

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Paul Becker, Breaking Dawn Choreographer, Talks About Rob and Kristen

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart’s character in Twilight is supposed to be totally clumsy with two left feet, Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 choreographer Paul Becker says that’s far from the truth.

“At first it was actually Rob [Pattinson] that was stepping on Kristen’s toes and not the other way around,” Paul tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Of course he’s referring to their now infamous wedding dance scene, confirming what we kind of already knew about Kristen--which is that KStew can probably do anything a dude can do, but do it better.

“In the movie she’s supposed to be a bad dancer, but Kristen took charge and let Rob know who is boss…they were supportive partners and quick learners,” the choreographer tells us.

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Kristen to Participate in 12-12-12 Benefit Concert for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Many comedians, Hollywood stars and film-makers have also agreed to present the musical acts and to deliver speeches about the destruction the storm wrought along the coasts in New York and New Jersey, where approximately 600,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Among those who have agreed to do appear are Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock, Seth Meyers, Adam Sandler, Jon Stewart, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristen Stewart, Susan Sarandon, Sean Combs and Quentin Tarantino.

Starting Starting at 7:30 p.m. EST, on December 12, "12-12-12," The Concert for Sandy Relief, will be broadcast live from Madison Square Garden via a global network of US and International television stations, Clear Channel radio stations and leading web sites. Check HERE to see where to tune in to watch or listen to this event.

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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 French DVD/Blu Ray Details + US DVD Release Date

Amazon France just released more details about the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' DVD and Blu Ray, including info about the extras and commentary.

We still don't know much about the US DVD (according to the release date of the US DVD/Blu Ray is February 16), but usually the bonus featurette is the same or very similar to the international ones.

Here's the info about the extras of the French DVD

3-Disc DVD / 2-Disc Blu Ray

- Disc 1
- Longer version of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' (7 mins bonus)
- 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'
- Disc 2
- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music
- Disc 3
- Vampires and their powers
- Vampires and their stories
- Aro and the Volturi

Blu Ray
- Longer version of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' (7 mins bonus)
- 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'
- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music
- Vampires and their powers
- Vampires and their stories
- Aro and the Volturi

1 Disc DVD/1 Disc Blu Ray

- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music

Blu Ray
- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music
- Picture in Picture Movie Mode

You can already pre-order the French DVD and Blu Ray (click on the links). They'll be out on March 14, 2013.

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New Picture of Rob from BD2 London Press Junket + Fan Account

A TONBRIDGE student has been bitten by the fame bug after winning a competition to interview screen vampire Robert Pattinson live on national radio.

Amber Pursey, of Hillview School for Girls, won the right to meet the Hollywood heartthrob by making a minute-long video based on the Twilight Saga movie series which made him a star.

Her recreation of the famous baseball scene was chosen as one of five winners by judges, including Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw, earning the Ticehurst resident the chance to interview Pattinson at the London premiere of Breaking Dawn Part Two – the final in the series.

The next day, Amber was at BBC Broadcasting House to be interviewed by Grimshaw before going to meet Pattinson at a plush hotel.

"He's an actor and I really want to act when I'm older so it was kind of cool to meet him," she said. "I love the Twilight films and I love him, but I wouldn't say I'm a massive fan.

"But he's so famous. I was going red, I was so nervous when we were sitting in the room waiting. He came in and it was OK, he was really nice and calm, so I calmed down. He was so normal. It was quite cool. He was exactly how you see him."

Amber's next challenge was to ask the heartthrob a question live on Radio One.

"I asked him what his top two tips would be for someone wanting to become an actor," she said. "He said to join as many drama clubs as I could manage and to try to be mysterious and not say too much in interviews."

She added: "I thought meeting Robert Pattinson was enough, but then I got to go to the premiere as well, which was amazing.

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New Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with ET Canada from BD2 Madrid Premiere and London Premiere

Madrid Premiere

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New HQ Pictures from BD2 Madrid Premiere

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