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Kristen to Attend On The Road Reception in LA on December 6th!

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Kristen to be on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Timings:  9:35PM PT/ (12:35AM ET/ 5:35AM GMT/ 6:35AM CET Tues)
Livestream Links: 1 | 2

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Richard Gere Talks About Lunch with Rob

As everyone knows by now, Robert Pattinson met Richard Gere on Friday when he attended a luncheon in honor of the silver-haired actor's awards buzzy film, Arbitrage, at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles.

But what you may not know is that Gere didn't exactly realize how major the Twilight star was.

"He was a perfectly nice guy, but I had no idea," Gere told me at the Governors Awards. "But I was getting calls from my wife going, 'What are you doing with him? He's so cute, but what are you doing with him?'"

So Gere's better half, model-actress Carey Lowell, is a Twi-hard?!

"My wife is aware of these things," Gere laughed. "I don't know that she's a fan."

At least she knows R.Pattz is cute.

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New Rob and Kristen Interview with Kevin McCarthy from BD2 LA Press Junket

DL link thanks to Veronicaspuffy

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New Picture of Kristen in Skyperfect TV Guide

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Rob and Kristen interview with Fantastico (Brazil) - from the BD2 LA Press Junket

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Kristen on the Cover of AERA Magazine (Japan)

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Rob's Signed Guitar for Dio Cancer Fund Raises $1,280

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From Julien's Live Website

Lot Closed - Winning bid: $1,280

An ESP LTD Xtone Series acoustic electric guitar signed by Robert Pattinson on the top. Serial number SK11092020. Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, was on TIME magazine's list of 100 Most Influential People in the World. As a musician, he plays the guitar and sang "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign"; both songs were featured on the soundtrack for Twilight (Summit Entertainment, 2008).

Proceeds from the sale of this item will benefit The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.



Cosmopolis US DVD and Blu Ray Official Press Release

Pre order info HERE



C0-Starring Oscar® Winner Juliette Binoche, Nominees Paul Giamatti and Samantha Morton and Jay Baruchel, the Release is Loaded with Extras Including a "Citizens of Cosmopolis" Featurette, Audio Commentary with David Cronenberg and Interviews with the Cast and Crew

From director David Cronenberg (A History of Violence, Dead Ringers, Eastern Promises) and based on the prophetic novel by Don DeLillo, comes COSMOPOLIS, a contemporary thriller that turns into a wild, hypnotic odyssey through our new millennium's obsessions with power, money, control, information, technology, violence, sex, mortality, revolution, destruction and ultimately, redemption. Available on New Year's Day 2013, Entertainment One presents this acclaimed 2012 U.S. theatrical release on Blu-ray and DVD, packed with extras including a "Citizens of Cosmopolis" featurette, audio commentary with director Cronenberg and interviews with the cast and crew.

Unfolding in a single cataclysmic day, the story follows Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson, Water For Elephants, The Twilight Saga) - a 28-year old financial whiz kid and billionaire asset manager - as he heads out in his tricked-out stretch limo to get a haircut from his father's old barber, while remotely wagering his company's massive fortune on a bet against the Chinese Yuan. Packer's luxe trip across the city quickly becomes dizzyingly hellish as he encounters explosive city riots, a parade of provocative visitors, and is thrust into a myriad of intimate encounters. Having started the day with everything, believing he is the future, Packer's perfectly ordered, doubt-free world is about to implode.

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Kristen at Governors Awards (12-1-12)

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More New Kristen BD2 and OTR Press Portraits

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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Promo Round Up

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Stills + BTS Still + Old Stills in Better Quality

New Still

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BTS Still

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Old Stills in Better Quality

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Old Kristen Outtakes for Balenciaga now in Better Quality

These were first posted as scans here. Now in larger better quality thanks to KSF

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New Rob and Kristen Interview with Pro 7 from BD2 Berlin Premiere

Kristen new bit at 1:47 and Rob at 2:00 - Cute Rob gets interrupted while talking about Kristen :)

{Click on the image above to see the interview on youtube}


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Kellan Talks About Working with Kristen in BD2

Was there a scene in the book that you were particularly looking forward to shoot in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′?
I’ve enjoyed a lot of different beats in the ‘Twilight’ story, but I was really looking forward to doing the arm wrestling scene with Kristen. It’s one of the big moments for Emmett, and the fans are really looking forward to it. It was fun to shoot. When I first read it in that book I was excited because Emmett finally had a one-on-one scene with Bella, and not just human Bella, but vampire Bella. We had a great time shooting it. I wish we could’ve spent a full day doing it just because I had so much fun doing that scene, but I loved every second. It’s a funny scene.
Kristen Stewart becomes a very different Bella in this film. How was it for you witnessing that transformation while shooting?
The transformation Kristen did with becoming “super” Bella was really interesting. I mean, she’s a whole ‘nother character, she made up a whole ‘nother character. And I spoke to Stephenie Meyer’s about it and she was just so impressed by it. Going through the sense of being a newborn vampire, all of the heightened senses, being able to smell really well, see really well, fight really well – she done such an amazing job showing that. And I couldn’t really tell, I think my make-up is the most pale out of anyone’s, I don’t know what it is – it’s super pale (laughs), but Kristen looked still just as beautiful.
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Chris Hemsworth Talks about Kristen and Her Fame

Chris Hemsworth claims Kristen Stewart experiences a “different sort of fame” because Twilight has “hysterical” fans.

The Australian hunk appeared alongside the actress in Snow White and the Huntsman. Chris feels relieved that despite appearing in hit movies such as Thor and Avengers Assemble, he can still maintain some normality in his life. The star has sympathy for Kristen, who hits headlines all over the world for both her career and private life.

“I think it’s a different sort of fame. With the utmost respect, Twilight’s certainly a teen audience… Sort of hysterical kind of fanbase, you know? Whereas Avengers is across all ages and people just love the films – and it’s a little different from what she experiences,” he told the latest edition of British magazine Empire. “I am, in my everyday life, most of the time, not looking like Thor. Whereas the character she played in Twilight and her walking down the street, they’re pretty similar – they’re both human and relatable.

“I think for that reason, it’s when the character is even more relatable and closer to who you are in your everyday life, the line gets blurred. The Avengers was a different thing and we certainly didn’t have hundreds of people outside our hotels like they do.”
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Rob and Kristen Christmas Avis & Headers for Twitter

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with adorable RK twitter avis and headers done by our lovely Karen!! Enjoy guys! :)

Twitter avis
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image host image host image host image host image host image host
image host image host image host image host

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