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ET Twilight Week Shows BD 2 Clip + Preview of Green Day's Music Video

The BD2 clip is from Comic Con where Bella learns to act human.

BD2 Clip

ET Video

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Rob is the New Face of Dior Men's Fragrance

E! News can exclusively reveal that the Twilight star has signed a mega-deal with Christian Dior.

Pattinson will star in a series of ad campaigns for the French fashion house's line of men's fragrances.

"Rob likes the brand," reports a source, who estimates the deal at being worth close to $12 million for three years.

Other celebs who have endorsed Dior fragrances include Jude Law, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman, who appeared in a controversial topless ad last year.

R.Pattz is no stranger to Dior. He's hit the red carpet in several different Dior Homme looks, including a tuxedo at this year's Cannes Film Festival and jeans at the Teen Choice Awards.

Update From THR (Via):

As a result of the massively successful Twilight Saga films, Robert Pattinson has transformed into a bigger star than he could ever have imagined.

And this week, it was widely reportedly by outlets including E!, The New York Daily News and USA Today that the young actor had landed a whopping $12 million dollar men's fragrance deal with Christian Dior. Gleefully, the press noted that Pattinson's deal had even topped Brad Pitt's reported paltry $7 million for his Chanel No. 5 ads.

But there is no fragrance contract. Not yet, at least.
The Dior international press office in Paris explained to The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday morning that the so-called "reports" were just rumors and that no contract has been signed. They had no further comments.

Calls to Pattinson's camp went unanswered.


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MTV will Premiere Green Day's 'The Forgotten' Music Video from BD2 Soundtrack on October 30

MTV and Reprise Records Grammy® Award-winning rock band Green Day today announced the network will exclusively premiere the trio’s new music video for “The Forgotten,” the first music video from Summit Entertainment’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 soundtrack that features footage from the film, on Tuesday, October 30 at 6:55 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and This is the band’s first contribution to a TWILIGHT soundtrack.


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Kristen on the Cover of Glamour (Poland) November 2012 Issue


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New Short Rob and Kristen Interview with Notas Para Ti (Scans + Translation)

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Twilight is coming to an end after 5 movies. How do you feel about it?

I’m sad. We were a family, and we actually cried when we finished filming the last scene. But then we celebrated.

Who will you miss the most?

Definitely Taylor. We were together everyday, and now we hardly see each other, but I hope our friendship is not over.

Who would you like to work with next?

I really admire Natalie Portman, and I hope I could film a thriller or an action movie with her. She’s a great actress.

Would you work in a different saga again?

No franchise can match Twilight. I don’t know if I’d ever do another one, but I would like to star in a horror film.

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New Pictures of Kristen in LA Today

Kristen Stewart wears a white cap backwards as she arrives at the Four Seasons Hotel on Monday afternoon (October 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif. She's there to do world wide press for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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Countdown to Forever~Flashback to New Moon~17 Days to the Epic Finale

17 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt.2
Our last day of Flashbacks to New Moon, catch our new theme tomorrow...Eclipse.

New Moon Quote Art from karenxan

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New/Old BTS Pictures of Kristen from Jalouse Photoshoot (2008)

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New Rob, Kristen and Stephenie Meyer Interview with Gold Stars (France) (Scans + Translation)


Q: What is it like to arrive at the end of Twilight?
Kristen Stewart: It's very strange. We know there are plenty of people that we will never see again, it's a bit like the end of high school. It was great, but something new is waiting for us, perhaps something even bigger.
Stephenie Meyer: No, that I do not believe it. (laughs) I just hope that the fans will love the end as they liked the first four films. Personally, I was eager to see what would give Bella as a vampire. Kristen is great, the scenes are really cool.
KS: I also can not wait for it to happen. Twilight vampires are truly unique. When we are transformed, everything is amplified when, as humans, we already have special abilities, they are exacerbated.
Robert Pattinson: I'm very happy, not that it stops, but that it is reaching the end. I remember when we shot the first movie, we were all stressed out by the idea that there would be no success and that we wouldn't shoot more of the saga. Then we saw the popularity it has suscited and the fan support has never dried up, even after four films. It is an extraordinary adventure that we have experienced, I am happy to be a part of it.

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NEW R/K Vid~'Sweep Me Off My Feet' from the AMAZING @Fiorels90

Video from xFiorels90

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NEW R/K Vid~'Everything (and nothing hurts)' from the lovely @iFancyRK

Video from our lovely Suzy aka robsten4everinlove make sure to subscribe and like her channel :)

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3 NEW Kristen Vid~'It's Okay Not to be Okay', 'Chasing Dreams' & 'What Makes You Beautiful'

Video from xCanMakeYouSmile

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Countdown to Forever~New Moon Flashback~18 Days to the Epic Finale

18 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

New Moon Quote Art from karenxan

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Rob at 2012 LACMA Art + Film Gala

Rob at the LA County Museum of Arts Event. Art+Film Gala honors Ed Ruscha and Stanley Kubrick, sponsored by Gucci.
Zips- Inside, Arriving, Red Carpet - 1| 2 | 3 

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 TV Spot with New Scenes

Gifs and Screencaps from RPLife (Under the cut)

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Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, Mission: Blacklist Director, Talks About Rob and the Movie

Rob's part starts just after 18:30 with the interviewer asking about working with Robert Pattinson and goes for almost 5 minutes.


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Kristen's Florabotanica Photoshoot Pictures now in Better Quality

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Kristen in Cosmopolitan USA December 2012 Issue + Taylor Mentions Kristen

"Kristen is fantastic at everything she does. I'm always proud of her."

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Countdown to Forever~Flashback to New Moon~19 Days to the Epic Finale

19 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

New Moon Quote Art from karenxan

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 TV Spot with New Scenes

Source | Via | Youtube

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New Rob Interview with Cinemania + Article with Quotes from Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephenie Meyer

Scans and Translation of Two Interviews. One with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephenie Meyer. Another one a Rob only interview.

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host
Article - quotes from Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephenie Meyer

Article starts with a recap description of the last scene in BD1 and the synopsis of BD2.

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Preview of New BD2 On Set Interviews + BTS Footage from ET


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Kristen in W Magazine's Book 'W: The First Forty Years’

You can purchase the book on Amazon.

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Kristen will be on Jay Leno on November 5th

November 5 – Kristen Stewart on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”
Timings: 11:35PM ET/ 8:35PM PT/ (4:35AM GMT/ 5:35AM CET/ 3:35PM AEST Tuesday 6th Nov)
Livestream: 1 | 2 | 3

Source | Timings and Livestream Links

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New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' TV Spot - New Scenes

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Kellan Lutz Talks About Kristen

Watch the video at the Source

“Kristen is a strong girl — mentally, physically emotionally,” he said. “She’s probably one of the best actresses I’ve worked with. She’s a strong cookie! It was really fun to bring that scene to life. I can’t wait to see it at the premiere with the fans.”


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New Rob Interview with The Hype - Yahoo! Movies from BD2 Sydney Press Junket

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New Pictures + Video of Rob and Kristen Out Last Night

Our favorite couple on date night. Pics + tweets from last night under the cut.

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Rob's Birthday Greeting for Total Film Magazine

YouTube video thanks to @Antuanet1406

Original Video of Rob at 0:55 (Under the cut)

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Rob's Talks His Favorite Bond Moment with GQ

“When his wife dies in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I think it’s the best film. No one ever gives George Lazenby any credit – I thought he was great. It’s kind of cool that he only did one. No one acknowledges that he is the coolest Bond.”

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More of Rob's interview with TEN News Australia

You can check part 1 & 2 here

New parts @1:35 he talks about the fan event in Australia :)
@2:19 he talks about Mackenzie
@2:50 He talks about the happy ending in the movie and about the end of Twilight.
@4:19 longer answer about his hearing.
@5:07 He talks about going to a premiere and not having the fans out there waiting for them.
@5:53 He talks more about The Rover
@6:15 He talks about the possibility of him getting on twitter and using social media.

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Countdown to Forever~Flashback to New Moon~20 Days to the Epic Finale

20 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

New Moon Quote Art from karenxan

New Moon Picspam

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