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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Soundtrack Cover

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New/Old Kristen Interview with Film4 from OTR Cannes Press Junket


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New Pictures of Rob Leaving his Hotel in NYC

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New Pictures of Rob in NYC October 8, 2012

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Banner

New banner for Breaking Dawn Part 2- What do you think of the artwork so far?

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Love Ever After'

Sometimes, life gives you a second chance because just maybe the first time you weren't ready.

Video from Catushka

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Kristen to do a Live Interview for Balenciaga's Florabotanica on October 18th

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Balenciaga is pleased to share with us the announcement of an exclusive live interview with Kristen Stewart on October 18th, 2012 at 8PM GMT (3PM EST)

As part of her debut as the face of Balenciaga's new fragrance Florabotanica, Kristen Stewart will be answering questions to internet users in a 30-minute live interview on October 18th. The live interview is to be filmed in Los Angeles and broadcasted live on the Balenciaga Fragrance website and on the Balenciaga Facebook page.

The thirty-minute interview will start at 8PM GMT (3PM EST) and it will be moderated by French Fashion Editor Virginie Mouzat, who will ask Kristen questions covering her roles as brand muse and fragrance endorser.

Registration to submit a question is open at and will remain open until the interview closing time. To take advantage of this opportunity, anyone may register and submit their questions online. There are no restrictions on the number of questions per participant, and registration is free of charge. Twenty questions will be selected and a Florabotanica fragrance will be sent to anyone whose question was selected.

Participation is entirely free of charge, the Interview will be broadcasted live online and its access will not require a password.

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New Pictures of Kristen at Florence and the Machine Concert October 7, 2012

Kristen at the Florence and The Machine concert in LA earlier tonight. And she's with Papa Stew (to her left on the group picture :") )

HQ pics of Kristen arriving at the concert | Zip File

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Mackenzie Foy mentions Rob and Kristen in the November Issue of Teen Vogue

These quotes may be from old interviews... Not really sure!

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Mackenzie describes Kristen Stewart as an 'incredible hard worker,' and Robert Pattinson as a 'big goofball.'

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New Picture of Kristen in Telva Magazine October 2012 (Spain)

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Translation thanks to CSI_Robsten

"I had a great time shooting On The Road, my next movie that is based on Jack Kerouac's novel. There's a scene where I dance like crazy, it was the beginning of the Rock n' Roll years! I didn't know how to dance before, it embarrassed me, but now I just go for it." 

"Suddenly there were thousands of people who wanted to see us. The bosses of Summit were there rubbing their hands. I could see the dollar sign in their eyes. I thought 'what the hell is this?' And in fact that's when the craziness, the tight schedules, the photoshoots and the interviews started." she tells. I ask her when she felt the turning point happened. "When I couldn't take a stroll without having to watch my back." she says with an expression of horror. And Kristen was already familiar with this world. She was born in the San Ferdinando Valley, LA; her parents, "eccentric, funny and kind of hippy" as she describes them, worked in the business. Her childhood was happy and stable - "I come from a close-knit, warm and loyal family" - which is something rare for young stars. 
Few words and you realize she has vast culture and is a self-educated person. She loves litarature and art. She recently read Steinbeck, one of his favorite authors - "I love East of Eden", she says - and she discovered William Styron, by which she loves Lie Down In Darkness, which movie adaptation she's just confirmed will be one of her next projects. 
"OF COURSE I MAKE MISTAKES""I'm not hard on myself. I accept my contraddictions and my fears. I'm impulsive when I have to make decisions. I'm not afraid to make mistakes." After leaving her seabass fillet half-eaten on the plate, we agree on the dessert choice: cheesecake!
Why does she always look serious in the pictures? that's the question I've wanted to ask her all night. "That's what I say!" she suddenly jumps. "I don't care if I don't always look perfect. I know they criticize me for that. I just don't care. I'm not a slave to this machine. If I always looked perfect, people would say 'look at her, what a faker, she can't be always perfect'. That would embarrass me more because it'd mean I'm not being honest" she explains. 
But you laugh a lot, you actually look really funny and lively, I tell her. "I am! I don't feel more awkward because I'm famous as many people think. The problem is that as soon as you become famous, they have an idea of you, and it's usually biased. Like now for instance, you're asking me questions and I'm answering. You know something about me but I know nothing about you. That's what is bad about fame, that you never are on the same level as the others. Nobody approaches you and asks you how you are, please...Forget everything you think you know about me and get to know me now, right now, because I love getting to know people and I really hold my friends dear. 

"BELLA HAS GIVEN ME EVERYTHING"I'll be clear, Kristen has never turned into someone she is not. Nor does she feel like she has to free herself from Bella's characters in order not to be type-cast. "I'd go crazy if I did it. Thanks to Bella I don't have to fight for every role I want to play." 

What is the most rebellious thing you've done?
"I can't tell you!" she finally says after a few seconds, looking for the right answer.
"Look, I only care about feeling proud of my work and live up to the people around me"

It's past midnight. The shadows of the Hotel Particular garden are casting dangerously upon Ghesquière's cut-out flowers that decorate the Florabotanica stand; some say it's the magic that floats over this side of Montmartre, some others blame the champagne. Kristen keeps talking to Nicolas and his team. It's not true that Kristen doesn't smile, I promise I'll write.


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Rob Interview with Star Club Magazine (Scans + Translation)

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SC: Hello Rob, what did you learn from your experience filming Twilight?
RP: I learned to put things into perspective, that the circus surrounding an actor's life is fleeting. You can be worshipped one day and hated the next. For now, the craze around Twilight is still there but I'm not naive, a few months after the last movie is out, people will have moved on. Our replacement is already here. I'm thinking mostly about The Hunger Games actors.

In the end, you're still happy to have played Edward, right?
Rob: Yes, he's an extension of myself, like a good friend. He helped me learn more about myself and I will be eternally grateful. I grew up though and if tomorrow Stephenie Meyer writes a sequel to Twilight, I'd gladly read it. I don't think people would like me reprising the role. I'd be too old to play him again.

What was your life like before your success?
Rob: I had a hard time finding roles. It's simple, for three years I found nothing but small productions that payed around $40 a day. Just between you and me, I was seconds away from giving up so when I was offered the role of Edward I couldn't believe it.

You didn't see yourself in the role of a vampire?
Rob: I didn't have a choice, I was broke! Nobody believed in me except for Catherine Hardwicke (editor's note: the director) who sort of had to force the producer's hands a little. In the end, this role helped me improve my everyday life and my life style. On the other hand, I lost what I cherished the most: my freedom. Some told me that it's the price for success. I'm sorry to disagree but I feel like it's a price too high to pay.

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~It's Gotta Be You'

Love is when you know that worst side of someone and still love the person with everything you have in your heart.

Video from RobstenForeverLove

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New Picture of Rob in NYC October 5, 2012

killawolf Memories from last night: #RobertPattinson using #powertools NY never ceases to #surprise
ETA: killawolf: Drilling his signature into my friends table. A household tradition!

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Robsten'

Quote and video shared with us from Carina. Thank you so much hun for sending this our way! Beautiful!

   "The things two people do to each other they remember. If they stay together, it's not because they forget; it's because they forgive." Demi Moore


Video from CaRiNaGd

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New Videos of Rob and Kristen Thanking Spanish Fans

Download Links: Rob | Kristen (IntoLautner | Via | Via)

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Kristen Interview in Sci Fi Magazine (Scan + Transcript)

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Filming the Twilight films has been a four-year odyssey for you. How did being involved with the series change you?

You start a project to finish it. It's this really charged experience that almost is too much, and that's the only way it ever feels good, and right, and true. I feel very challenged, even though, if Stephanie [Meyer] suddenly wrote another book, I'd be like, "Okay, let me read it, immediately!" I might just keep that feeling. I know I'll find that with other experiences. How did it change me? I don't know. Maybe it affirmed my idea of why I like to do what I do. You don't always have to do an indie movie to feel like you're controlling it with a few people that you really have connected with, creatively. You can do it on a bigger scale. Maybe it's changed my mind about that. But, as a person, I could not begin to answer that question right now. It's so loaded.

What did it feel like playing Bella as a vampire?

I felt like, "Wow, I'm a sports car. Let's break it in!" Especially in the book, my favorite part is, "Break her in, man! Let's see what she can do!"

Bella is basically a superhero now, so you had to amp up your physical game in the last one?

Yeah, physically, this was more challenging than anything because even the way Bella walks into a room is different than how I walk into a room. If you think a mile a minute, you're never going to be indecisive about anything. Everything is very pointed. I got to see everyone else's versions of their vampires over a a really long period. I liked picking and choosing what to use and what not to use. Rounding her out was fun, and physically really, really challenging. I remember going up to Stephanie, on the first day I had to play a vampire, and I was like, "Steph, how am I going to sound like wind chimes, you jerk?! That's impossible!" Really, it blew my mind.

As equals finally, Bella and Edward consummate their marriage in a different way than in Breaking Dawn-Part 1. Will it get more intense between them on-screen this time?

We're supposed to have mind-boggling, otherworldly sex in Breaking Dawn 2. The first one was sweet. It was about discovery and it was so not rauncy. Nothing about this series is raunchy. But, in the second one we just wanted to be like animals. We tried and they told us that it was rated R. (Laughs)

What was one of your favorite scenes ever shooting these films?

My last scene with Taylor [Lautner] was about a week before I was going to be finished completely, but I didn't know it was going to be my last scene with him. He was like, "This is it, buddy!" One of my favorite scenes was when we danced together, after the wedding, it was totally good.

Scan | Transcript

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Rob Sightings in NYC for IFC Films' Dinner

Rob was spotted at IFC Film's dinner last night.

Rob also spotted at a bar after the dinner


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Mackenzie Foy Mentions Hanging Out with Rob and Kristen on Set

Source | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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New/Old Rob Interview with Tu Magazine (Chile) (Scans + Transation)

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Being a vampire has to be fun. What vampiric quality would you like to have?

RP: I think Edward is tired of being a vampire. The cons outweigh the advantages. You have extraordinary physical qualities but you can't do anything in your life. What good is having power if you can't use them and have to hide all the time? I think Carlisle liked it more, at least he studied languages ​​and stuff, Edward doesn't even read (Laughs). The only thing Edward does in a hundred years is complain. What gives him pleasure is anything related to Bella, when she approves of him while being human he begins to accept what he is. And then she wants to be like a vampire; even she is more prepared to be a vampire.

What does it feels after so many years playing the same in-love vampire ?

RP: After doing the first three films, you get to a point where you understand the character the way in which you don't know where you end and where he starts. I spent so much time filming in Vancouver that I can say things like: "Edward wouldn't do that because I wouldn't." I haven't read the books since we made the second movie because I have that sensation of: "this is what he would do".

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Garrett Hedlund Talks About Kristen in an Interview

Did you feel some embarrassment shooting sex scenes with Kristen Stewart?

We felt strangely at ease… We were into our characters, we let ourselves go. Into the room there were just me, Kristen and Walter: “Let her slide her hand on her back, do this, do that.

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 International Poster

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'RobSten (Ohne dich, Without You)'

My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.

Video from Inessa0306

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New/Old Kristen Interview with 3sat from OTR Cannes Press Junket

Source | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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Kristen Interview in Tu Style Magazine (Italy) (Scans + Translation)

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"I have to be careful how to behave when I'm in the spotlight" she told me when I met her to talk about On The Road before the storm. "Apart from that, I'm more free than what people think. Also because I have nothing to be ashamed of."

Kristen is fierce. She wears short shorts, high heels and a t-shirt with Blondie licking a vinyl record. Her face is always serious, almost mopey, which contrasts with the still-teenager look. She enthusiastically talks about Walter Salles's movie based on the 1950s cult novel. "I couldn't wait to shoot it. It's...fucking important," she lets out. She plays Marylou, the young an uninhibited main character's wife. "She really lived, like the other characters that are based on writers," she explains. "Luanne Henderson was married to Neal Cassidy, who's that hothead that's Dean Moriarty in the movie."

- Did you read Jack Kerouak's book?
"Yes, when I was 14 or 15, and it really stroke me. Those characters are the friends that I wish I'd had. They're absorbed in their emotions and in the desire of experience, like I am."

- Are you telling me you too feel a bit "Beat-y"?
"I mean, I do have that burning desire to experience, overcome limits and meet different people. It's necessary like air."

- Marylou was open for free love and not only...
"Go easy on similiarities. I'm really really different from her. I'm introvert, to beging with. And unlike me, she laughs openly. She offers herself completely, still without let guys use her. Sex and drugs were their way to seek themselves and explore the world."

- How did it feel to shoot scenes like the masturbation and the sex?
"What was transgressive in the 1950s isn't anymore nowadays. Besides, sex and nudity were such important elements of the story that I was ready to film them almost like they should have left an epoch-making mark in the history of the cinema...Jokes aside, the director perfectly recreated the atmosphere, so we got there naturally. Even if I didn't live it, I could feel the energy of that period: those guys were trying to squeeze their life until the last drop."

- Do you too feel like that?
"Yeah, life is too short to stop. I want to gain experience; I like challanges and being with ambitious people who spur me to improve."

- Have you ever gone on a road trip?
"I have, with a couple of friends just before shooting the movie. It was real fun. I won't tell you how dirty and smelly the car was in the end. But when I work I have no time for unscheduled plans. The schedule is really tight."

- Are you happy or sad that Twilight is over?
"It was my mercy, and whoever thinks I'm glad I'm done with it couldn't be any wronger. Of course if I hadn't done any other movie in between in these four years, I would have felt boxed in. But do you know what it feels like sharing a passion with millions of people around the world? It's a sheer rush of adrenaline. I'd be an alien if I didn't feel the energy that comes wih such a worldwide phenomenon. Now I have an even bigger itch to do something. I want to do my best, and I want to do it now. Don't give me time off."

- You never relax
"I do...but I'm happy only when I'm tired."

- What do you love about your job?
"I see the cinema as a big factory and I like being part of the team, of something that's bigger than me. I may sound full of myself, but I want to do movies that touch and leave a deep mark."

- But you starred in another blockbuster movie, Snow White and The Huntsman
"I like that version of the story. Snow White is a young Jeanne d'Arc, she's a warrior yet still female. I think we need heroines like those."

- How do you remember the days you started acting?
"I was 9 and had completely different motivations than I have today. My parents worked in the business and when I hung with them, I got really bored. I wanted a job, and the only one I could do at that age was acting. When I was 13 I made "Speak" which for the first time made me realize about the power of cinema on people's feelings.

- Robert Pattinson too has made an art movie.. is there any rivalry?
"Are you kidding me? I'm so proud of him!"

Scans | Via | Translation

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Kristen in The 'Kickin-A List' for Variety's 2012 Women’s Impact Report

Variety recently put out its 2012 Women’s Impact Report, its annual opportunity to highlight the women who continue to influence Hollywood and the world. Kristen is included in “The Kickin-A list” for her role as ‘Snow White’ in Universal’s ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’

Variety describes the honorees:
Our list is merely a snapshot of some of the amazing women working in the entertainment industry today, we aimed to include femmes from different disciplines and while there were dozens more more we could have included, we chose to focus this year on those who influenced the industry by thinking outside of the box. The question we asked for every honoree was, “was this person just doing their job?” or “did she do something extraordinary outside of her normal responsibilities?”
We invite both men and women to sit back, pour a glass of champers and enjoy our 2012 Women’s Impact Report.
Kristen is honored in The Kickin-A List. Variety explains:
Amid all the testosterone-heavy tentpoles and hit pay TV action series this year, it was the female characters that really delivered the knockout punches. From the heroines of summer block­busters to the folks that made the smallscreen sizzle, women held their own in fare that might have originally been targeted for men, but were enjoyed by all.
Kristen Stewart as Snow White in "Snow White and the Huntsman":
In a year where Snow White could be found in many forms on the screen ("Mirror Mirror" and the ABC series "Once Upon a Time," which features Ginnifer Goodwin as a pretty badass Snow White who's handy with a sword), Stewart made the character her own with a steely version of the apple-loving beauty.
Standout scene: After her resurrection, Snow White leads the revolution against her evil stepmother Ravenna, heading Duke Hammond's army in a charge against the castle.



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