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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Keep Holding On'

“Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.”


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Video: Kristen sends greetings to Twilight Chilean fans :)

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Youtube thanks to KristenStewartChile via Kstewangel

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Rob Spotted at Jimmy Kimmel Emmy's Party Last Night at Soho House

LA Times: Jimmy Kimmel has received tepid reviews for his Emmy Awards hosting gig, but if you're counting the star support behind him? He was a smash.

Following his gig Sunday at Los Angeles' Nokia Theater, Kimmel shut down West Hollywood's Soho House, inviting winners and friends to join him at the exclusive space.

Robert Pattinson, dressed in his uniform of denim and a baseball cap, showed with a male pal and enjoyed conversation with a small group on the patio.

eOnline: Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel threw a party at Soho House. Guests like Robert Pattinson, Aaron Paul, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi, Ashley Judd, Aziz Ansari, Carson Daly, Dominic Monaghan, Glee's Harry Shum Jr. and many more enjoyed eats from Umami Burger along with Don Julio margaritas and Bulleit Bourbon cocktails.

More from eOnline ( Also sightings of Rob at the LA Dance Project) The Twilight star, 26, was first spotted Saturday night attending the premiere of Natalie Portman's choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied's ballet Moving Parts at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los.Angeles.

The performance was also the debut of Millepied's new L.A. Dance Project company and was followed by a Van Cleef & Arpels dinner.

"He was there the whole night," a source says of R.Pattz. "He came at 5:30 and didn't leave until the end of the after party. He just seemed really relaxed and happy. He was drinking beer and puffing on an electronic cigarette."

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Nicolas Ghesquière Talks About Kristen in His Interview

HR: The campaign was shot by Steven Meisel and stars Twilight actress Kristen Stewart, why was she chosen to be the face of the fragrance?

Ghesquière: For me, Kristen Stewart has a very unique personality. I had this special project due for a magazine and I asked her to be a part of that story. That’s how we met. The moment I met her I thought she was so Balenciaga and she had such an interesting personality and a great beauty. I began wishing for her to be part of my story so I kept that in mind, and when we started working on this project, I knew it had to be her.

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New/Old Kristen Interview from OTR Cannes Press Junket

OTR at 3:15 | Kristen at 4:15

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New/Old Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Still from EW Twilight: The Complete Journey


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Metric Talks About Writing Songs for Robert Pattinson Films and on Meeting Him :)

At 6:10 mark.

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New Cosmopolis BTS Still with Rob and Cronenberg

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Cosmopolis French DVD Cover + New Eric Packer Promo Picture


image host

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Win the ASOS jacket that Kristen wore in the October issue of Vogue UK

Repin on Pinterest HERE to win ithe ASOS jacket that Kristen wears in the October issue of Vogue UK.

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'They Don't Know About Us'

"True love awakens the soul, plants a fire in the heart, and brings peace to the mind."

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Kristen and Nicholas Ghesquire in Vogue Spain nº295

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About Kristen Stewart and Charlotte Gainsbourg:
"Both are mysterious, and mystery provokes desire. Both choose very define artistic ways in which I recognize myself. And they feel in the same way with my fashion, so that way we can create a kind of creative dialogue."


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Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak Author, Talks About Kristen in Her Blog

"In other news, Kristen Stewart named Speak as one of the three books that changed her life.

This PSA aired after the first showing of Kristen in the Speak movie. The hotline had never gotten such a tremendous response. Blew. Up. The. Phones.

Someone sent me a link to a recent interview in which she said that the response to both the movie and the PSA helped her see the impact that film can have in people’s lives. She talks about Speak starting at about the 3:40 mark. She was so, so young when she made the movie, but her talent was undeniable. It’s been fun to watch her develop as an actress. (Though when the press hounds her, I get really defensive and want to start yelling at people!)"

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New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Stills from EW Twilight: The Complete Journey

image host image host image host

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Try' from Fragile Cloud

"Listen to your heart and follow your soul, you'll never be misguided"

Video from FragileCloud

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Rob at Van Cleef & Arpels Dinner for LA Dance Project at Disney Hall September 22, 2012

Rob attended the Van Cleef and Arples Dinner for 'LA Dance Project' at Disney Hall- HQ, MQ, twitpics +  info about the event- under the cut.

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Juliette Binoche Talks About Rob and Mentions Kristen

You had a cameo in Cosmopolis, playing Robert Pattison's art dealer and lover …

That was great. I was astonished to see how much of a cinephile Robert was, and how ambitious – he wants to produce and has strong views of what he wants to do in the movie world.

He's been going through a tough time …

Well I witnessed Jude Law going through hell as well – it can be a nightmare when people have to deal with their intimacies in public. It's not respectful, so I felt for him and for her [Kristen Stewart] as well.

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~Princess of China

"It's impossible." said pride. "It's risky." said experience. "It's pointless." said reason. "Give it a try." whispered the heart."
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Rob and Kristen's 2013 Calendars Available at Amazon

You can purchase Rob's HERE and Kristen's HERE

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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 World Premiere Details Announced!

The following info is from a teleconference Robsessed participated in held by Summit Entertainment with various fansites:

  • World Premiere will be Monday, November 12, 2012 at the NOKIA PLAZA L.A. LIVE.
  • Camping will start Nov. 8th for registered campers.
  • They want to accommodate more campers than the past and have more activities, Monday, October 1st, more specific instructions about the registration will be revealed by Summit.
  • Registration for premiere camping will happen online, similar to the process for The Hunger Games premiere. More details as they come. You WILL be able to camp with your friends. They will give detailed instructions about registration and the process on Oct. 1st.

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New Rob and Kristen Interviews from 'Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner – In Their Own Words'

The interviews are published in 'Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner – In Their Own Words', by Talia Soghomonian ( Available at iTunes and Amazon, £3.74 and as enhanced version with audio for £4.99.

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Guri Weinberg Mentions Rob and Kristen

Question: How much did you have to give Mackenzie in the swear jar. You are the one that kinda started it with her. How much did you have to give her?

Guri: Well I was lucky enough in the spirit that I didn’t have as much money as Rob and Kristen did, so she let me get away with it. But I was the one that told her to start a swear jar cause I felt that I was not a big help. She’s like a ninja, the way she comes up you don’t hear her. So at first you think it’s just us adults and then Mackenzie is there looking at you with that really disappointed look.

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New/Old Kristen Fan Picture

My uncle with kristen stewart
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Dakota Fanning Mentions Rob and Kristen :)

Indeed, even a quick-fire word-association game about her fellow stars scores a disappointing zero on the bitch-o-meter. Presented with the name "Tom Cruise", she responds with "exciting". Kristen Stewart is "bestie". Robert De Niro (who terrorised her on screen in Hide and Seek) is "sweet", Robert Pattinson "funny", Penn "dedicated", Denzel Washington "strong". Spielberg earns the most effusive praise: "Mentor. Best of the best."

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'She's All That I See'

"My love for you is a journey;  Starting at forever, And ending at never."--Anonymous
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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Promo Picture

It's from Japanese postcard

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Saad Siddiqui Mentions Working with Rob in Cosmopolis

Siddiqui is also happy to have met a few well-known actors at the festival, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt and Diane Kruger. On working with Hollywood directors like David Cronenberg, who directed him in the Robert Pattinson-led Cosmopolis, he says, “The last three Hollywood directors I have worked with are all wonderful and great. I really enjoyed working with David Cronenberg and Ruba Nadda as I have watched their films over the years.

He also enjoyed working with Pattinson, calling him a “very talented actor and a very kind and caring human being”, before recalling how welcoming he was when they first met on set and how enjoyable the experience was.

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Kristen on the Cover of Madame Figaro France + Translation

image host

New picture :)

image host

More scans & Translation under the cut.

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Stronger'

"Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better." - Unknown

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Rebecca Yeldham, Producer of OTR, and Jose Rivera Mention Kristen

Adolescent fantasy object Kristen Stewart, made a starlet in recent years by the Twilight franchise, may seem a surprise choice for Cassady's wandering lover Marylou, but Yeldham points out Stewart came on board well before she was catapulted into the Hollywood stratosphere. Her subsequent success "became a real driver for us, to be able to put the financing together", she says. "Her dedication to this was really important to our ability to get the film made."


The quest for authenticity gained heightened intensity once the cast came together; Rivera tells of a "beatnik boot camp" Salles conducted for several weeks in Montreal. "He got an apartment building, and everyone in the cast lived there," the writer says. "He hired a cook to cook for everybody, and for several weeks had different people who were experts in the beat culture come and talk to the cast. So they all lived together, they ate together, they took dancing lessons together, they watched movies together, they listened to jazz records together, they listened to lectures together.

"I was there early on, so I worked on the script with the cast, we played games, we got drunk together; it was a real bonding situation, and the growing friendship between Sam and Garrett and Tom really began there - and also Kristen, who was just one of the boys after a while. Really that all just started there and kept on going."

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More HQ Pictures of Rob at NYSE

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2 New Non Scan Pictures from British Vogue Photoshoot + 3 Old now HQ/Tagged

Large/Untagged posted HERE


image host image host


image host image host image host

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New/Old Fan Picture of Rob at On the Road Premiere After Party at Cannes


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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'This Love is OURS'

"Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale." - anonymous


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