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New/Old Interview of Rob with Little White Lies from Cosmopolis London Promo

Written-off Robert Pattinson as just another fleeting tween sensation? Then listen up. Because Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg's smart adaptation of Don DeLillo's futurist novel, is about to announce the 26-year-old Brit's true arrival. LWLies met up with Pattinson recently to chat about the making of Cosmopolis and why he'll always be up for a challenge.

LWLies: We were in Cannes when Cosmopolis first screened. How was that whole experience for you?

Pattinson: It was kind of terrifying, but mainly because I've never been to a premiere with potentially a hostile audience. It's a film which could potentially be quite divisive because it's quite wordy and in Cannes there's the added complexity with the language barrier. I remember sitting there and looking around at all these blank faces. No one was laughing. I genuinely thought it was going to get booed. I was so grateful it wasn't savaged.

The whole Cannes booing thing is kind of a carnival, you can't take it too seriously.

I know, I know. But then David [Cronenberg] was telling me about when Crash screened and people were screaming in the audience. Like, actually going wild during the movie. And I was speaking to Gaspar Noé the other day and he was saying that with Irreversible everyone was yelling 'How would you like it?!' and all this nonsense. He was sitting next to the guy who plays the rapist [Jo Prestia] thinking, 'Fuck, I'm going to get killed after this'.

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New Rob Interview with Screenslam from Cosmopolis NYC Press Junket

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Your Love is My Turning Page' from the lovely @Fiorels90

"Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle." -Crystal Middlemas

We finally saw Kristen yesterday!!  How are we feeling? I gotta say I didn't know how I would feel but there are only 3 things, faith, hope and love...but you know how that goes :)

And THIS video, gives me all the feels in the world. Serious tissue warning from the very start. Fio made magic with this one. The quotes, the clips, the lyrics that go along. Perfect!!

Video from the amazing xFiorels90

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On The Road to be at TIFF 2012 on September 6

You can see all information regarding purchasing tickets online or in person, here.

UPDATE: According to @cameron_tiff - Kristen is officially attending the festival on September 6, 2012.

Timings: 6/9 Red Carpet Premiere is 9PM ET/ 6PM PT/ (2AM BST/ 3AM CET Friday Morning)  Screenings: 6/9 at 1:45PM ET & 9PM ET (Red Carpet Premiere). 7/9 at 11:30AM ET (Thanks Gossipgyal)
Possbile Livestream HERE (Via) and HERE (Via)

Source | Via | Ticket info via vonch

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Dylan Wiley, VP of eOne Films, and Paul Dergarabedian, from, Talk About Rob with EW

Robert Pattinson, after years of puckering his sparkling vampire lips and gaining female fans with every perky strand of his swoopy hair in theTwilight films, has finally graduated with alumni cred at the box office, showing he has what it takes to draw in moviegoers beyond the romantic realm of blood-lusty (and just lusty) Edward and Bella.

Pattinson’s whoozy, philosophy-laden pairing with director David Cronenberg, Cosmopolis, racked up a solid $70,339 in three theaters this past Friday through Sunday, when it opened in tightly limited release domestically, according to box office tracker The film, about Pattinson as a disillusioned, overly sexed billionaire making his way across Manhattan to get a haircut, has made roughly $266,900 in North America, including theatrical screenings in Canada. Next weekend the film jumps into nationwide limited release in 60 theaters across the U.S., said Dylan Wiley, vice president of theatrical marketing and distribution for the movie’s distributor Entertainment One Films U.S.

“Rob, with this performance, has shown there is more to him than just Twilight,” Wiley tells “This is a very serious actor playing a very serious role with a very serious filmmaker.


Box office experts also see some hope in Pattinson, a relatively shy, musically inclined intellectual sort, compared to other Twilight graduates (Taylor Lautner, anyone?).

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David Cronenberg Talks About Rob in a New Interview

As Eric, Pattinson is in every scene of the film, portraying a character unlike any he's tackled before. And in our exclusive interview in support of Cosmopolis' theatrical release by eONE Films, writer/director Cronenberg explained why Pattinson was right for the part of Eric and how he went about tackling the adaptation of DeLillo's novel.

In casting Robert Pattinson, it's kind of a double-edge sword, isn't it? You have his Twilight fans anxious to support him in whatever he chooses to do and then you have the people who dismiss him because he is 'that guy from Twilight'.

"Yeah. In a weird way, on the one hand of course I'm completely aware of all of those elements and also of course when you're making a movie that for an independent movie was relatively expensive, you have to have a leading character who is very charismatic and who can carry the weight and has the star quality and so on, because you're going to be looking at him. He's literally in every scene in the movie, and that's pretty unusual. I mean even in Tom Cruise movies, Tom is not in absolutely every scene of the movie - but Rob is. So he has to have that. But at the same time, you want to forget the movies, you know? You want to forget his movies and my movies because we're creating this completely new thing and you don't know what audience you're going to get. You can anticipate it, you can think about it, but really you don't know. So ultimately when you're making the movie you're saying, 'Okay, I'm here with these actors. They're wonderful actors, I cast them because they're terrific and they will bring great stuff to the script,' and then at that point you're just making a movie and you're not thinking about any other movie."

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New Pictures of Kristen in LA today 8.20.12

This may be a bittersweet time for you guys, I know it is for me. It's bitter because of the situation,  and oh so sweet because I missed her face. I was worried sick over her and I'm glad she's doing ok. She's wearing Rob's hat and still wearing the ring. Take from that what you wish. Praying like ever that they make it through this.

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More Rob Portraits from Comic Con 2012


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Rob to be on Jimmy Kimmel Show on August 22

Timings: Airs 11:59PM ET /9PM PT /(5AM BST/ 6AM CET Thur Morning)
Livestreams: 1 | 2

Source | Via: KstewAngel | Timings and Livestream thanks to Gossipgyal

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Rob, Kristen and Taylor to Not Attend Breaking Dawn: Part 2 LA Convention

"Although Rob, Kristen and Taylor will not be with us this time out we will have a super line-up of other Twilight stars and the weekend will be filled with special events, movie prop and costume displays, contests, panels, auctions, parties, exclusive merchandise, music and much more, including some surprises!"
From THR:
But according to Pattinson's manager Nicholas Frenkel, the truth is that "We have not canceled any confirmed professional appearances for Robert. Specifically, he was never invited or set to attend these events."
A source close to Stewart concurs, adding "This is just another event that she definitely didn't cancel because she was never scheduled to attend in the first place."

Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Together All The While' video from @InvincibleRK

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it destination full of hope. Maya Angelou

You can never say never...

Video from Robstenville

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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Movie Tie-in Covers

image host image host

Now available for pre order from Barnes and Noble.
Bella and Renesmee cover HERE - Edward, Bella and Renesmee cover HERE

Via: KstewAngel | 2nd Cover Via

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Emily Hampshire, Sarah Gadon and David Cronenberg Talk About Rob

Emily Hampshire talks about Rob at 1:20. Sarah Gadon talks about him at 3:29 and Cronenberg at 5:39

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Old Pictures of Kristen from SWATH UK Press Conference now in UHQ

Download all pics zip1zip2

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New/Old Fan Pictures of Kristen from BD London Premiere

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New Rob Interview with Fox News from Cosmopolis NYC Press Junket

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New Rob and David Cronenberg Interview with Arizona Central

The phone call began with Pattinson and Cronenberg laughing.

Question: Sounds like you two aren't having any trouble having fun.
Pattinson: We rollick and frolic. We have no problem.

Q: And Robert, you haven't been in the news enough lately.
Pattinson: Heh.

Q: Your character is a disconnected guy trying to connect. Or maybe it's the other way around. How do you play that?
Pattinson: I think he's just very, very self-obsessed. It's going deeper and deeper into self-obsession until it kind of implodes. It's also just the words. Everything is done for me. I sort of instinctively felt like I knew what to do from the beginning because the script was so good.

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David Cronenberg Praises Rob at The Museum Of Moving Art Q & A

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New/Old Outtake of Kristen and Taylor from EW (2009) now in UHQ

We posted this outtake HERE but now it is in UHQ


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Cosmopolis Box Office Report

Click here to see a list of theaters showing Cosmopolis! Support Rob and his movie!!

From The Wrap:

The R-rated dystopian thriller from David Cronenberg brought in $72,327 from three screens, a $24,109 per-screen average, best of any film this weekend.

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering 'it will be happier'...”
― Alfred Tennyson

Videos dedicated to both Rob and Kristen from xCanMakeYouSmile. We love and support them both.

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More New Pictures of Rob in NYC (August 16, 2012)

We posted more from this night here.

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David Cronenberg Talks About Rob

Of course everybody wants to ask you about your star, who unfortunately has decided not to join us today. I guess he has his reasons. How and why did you wind up casting Robert Pattinson?

Well, it begins in a very pragmatic way. You get a list of 10 people from various producers and agents, and you start with the basics. How old is this character, and how old is the actor? This character is young, his age is given as 28. So that’s where you start. Does he feel like the right guy? Eric talks about working out a lot and is very physical, so you’re not going to cast someone who’s overweight. It’s simple stuff like that to begin with. And then you get to the pragmatics: How big is your budget and what kind of star power do you need to get the movie financed?

And here’s something people don’t think about, which is the passport of the actor. This is a Canada-France co-production, so you’re really restricted in the number of Americans you can use. There’s only one American in this movie, even though it’s set in New York, and that’s Paul. So the fact that Rob is British helps, because he can fit into the co-production thing. So that’s the long way round, and ultimately you get to: Does the guy have the chops and charisma to hold the movie together? Because this character is in every scene of the movie, without exception, and that’s very unusual, even for a star.

So I looked at everything I could find that Rob had done, including “Little Ashes,” where he plays the young Salvador Dali, and I thought, yeah, he could really do this. And I think he’s actually extraordinary. It’s ultimately intuition on my part, and casting is a huge part of directing that’s very invisible. Making-of documentaries don’t usually cover the casting process, but for a director it’s a hugely important part of your art. Juggling all those other balls that I was just talking about, and still coming up with the right guy.

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New/Old Picture of Kristen from SWATH Promo

Mel452 | Via

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New Rob and David Cronenberg Interview with The Boston Globe

Q. You both have said that you filmed this movie in chronological order, and I know that with many movies, the last scenes are shot first. Was that a luxury — to film from start to finish?

Cronenberg: One of the trickiest things that I had to learn as a director was exactly that. I mean, suddenly you’re forced to shoot the last scene of the movie first. And it’s hard for the actors because they don’t know who they are yet and they’re doing their death scene. As an actor myself, I was in Clive Barker’s movie “Nightbreed,” and the first thing we shoot was my character getting killed. And I said a typical actor thing. I said, “How can I know how to die when I haven’t lived yet?” So it is kind of a luxury. I think Rob can talk about that.

Pattinson: I agree. (Laughs) I don’t think I can add to that.

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New Fan Pictures + Videos from Cosmopolis NYC Premiere and Times Talks Q & A

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New Cosmopolis Clip 'Eric Meets Benno

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'On the Road' featured on Film Ink (Australia): Scans + Transcript

image host image host image host image host image host image host

Walter Salles on Kristen + Interview of Kristen:

Still, Salles was always thinking of the film. He began casting in 2005. Kristen Stewart, long before she became an A-list star with the Twilight Saga, was sought to play Marylou, the woman who accompanies Dean and Sal on their travels. Salles credits two notable friends - composer Gustavo Santaolalla, who worked on The Motorcycle Diaries, and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the Mexican director of 21 Grams, Babel and Amores Perros - for the casting inspiration. Both were invited by Sean Penn to see the first cut of his 2007 film, Into The Wild, which featured Stewart in an eye-catching supporting role. "They called me and said, 'Listen, for Marylou - stop looking! There is this great young actress and that we've never seen before. She's really unique and very talented. She's right for the role.' I remember writing down the name so I wouldn't forget! I'd never heard the name Kristen Stewart!"

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Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Give Me Your Hand and I'll Hold It'

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand. --Emily Kimbrough

Video from FragileCloud

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New Rob and David Cronenberg Interview with The Miami Herald

David Cronenberg remembers the time Oliver Stone asked him, “David, does it bother you to be such a marginal filmmaker?”

To which Cronenberg, one of Canada’s most admired and famous directors, replied, “Well, Oliver, it depends. How big of an audience do you need?”

Therein lies the secret to Cronenberg’s success. Cosmopolis, his new movie opening Friday, is an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel about a young billionaire named Eric Packer who spends a day in his limo riding around New York City in search of a haircut.

There is practically no traditional plot in Cosmopolis. More than half the movie takes place inside the limo, where Eric has meetings with his staff, gets a checkup from his doctor (“Your prostate is asymmetrical”) and even has sex. Although Eric is played by Robert Pattinson, the hugely popular star of the Twilight series, Cosmopolis is a tough sell for the multiplex crowd — a rigorous, challenging and oddly hypnotic movie filled with dense, jargon-heavy dialogue.

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