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Here's where we stand.

We're taking a break. Don't know how long it will be. But as of now - the blog is not closing. If we do come to the conclusion of closing it, then we'll let you know. We are saddened by the things that have happened. And im sure you can understand why we have decided to take a break and think things through. We still love those two with all of our hearts and it hurts to see everything being said and what might be happening with them at this time. 

Below are a few words from each of us. We love you guys so much, stay strong <3

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Robsten Vid & Pics of the Day

WOW A LOT of drama right now in the fandom. I speak for myself but I'm sure the rest of us at Robsten Dreams agree, we support Rob and Kristen. And what else can we do but keep bringing you all the love that they share...

Robsten Vid of the Day~'Unbreakable' seems pretty appropriate...

Video from seehaiah

Robsten Pic of the Day~We need to be reminded. This was just a few days ago. After...

Kristen Pic of the Day~The love she has for him. Sorry their are people doubting...

Rob Pic of the Day~And he adores her. Sorry but there is no way anyone could turn away from that kind of love...

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Peter Facinelli Talks About His First Encounter with Rob

Get More: Music News

"He looked caveman-y, and I was thinking, 'That's Edward?' " Peter Facinelli recalled of meeting Robert Pattinson for the first time.

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New Fan Pictures from 2012 TCAs

image host image host image host

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Kristen on the Cover of Interview Magazine (Russia) August 2012

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron — not simply two most appreciable actresses of our days. They — two alpha female who forever has dismissed from cinema the concept "weaker sex": their films collect cash desks not worse than blockbusters about superheroes. Since in 2008 there was the first part of the vampire saga "Twilight", the person Stewart doesn't descend from covers of glossy magazines and tabloids. Kristen has a film soon «On the road» according to Jack Kerouac's novel — so the idol of millions teenagers turns into the serious drama actress. To remain at peak of popularity, Charlize Theron at all could smile broadly only on the chamber. Contrary to stereotypes, that chooses roles of women of a hard lot with difficult, and sometimes awful character. However, thanks to Theron's charm the viewer is ready to forgive to them all.

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New Rob Interview from Cosmopolis Berlin Promo

Some quotes from this interview have been previously posted but there are new questions too.

His fans were very excited when Robert Pattinson visited Berlin a few weeks ago. The actor wasn't here to promote his role of the vampire in "Twilight", but to present David Cronenberg's film adaptation of Don DeLillo's "Cosmopolis".
We spoke with the Englishman about his old and new roles and also about his best and worst moments of last year.

INTERVIEW: Mr. Pattinson, your hair has gotten longer again. You had your hair cut into a buzz cut back then. Was it for your role in "Cosmopolis" or "Bel Ami?"

ROB: Neither, it was for a movie in which I'm playing a soldier who found Sadam Hussein. The shoot was supposed to start in spring but it was postponed until fall.

INTERVIEW: Your roles left the fantasy genre and have become more realistic, do you agree?

ROB: As an actor, you just have to be very lucky to get great roles and when I like one, I'll take the opportunity. If they do get more realistic, it's either a coincidence or it happens subconsciously.

INTERVIEW: In front of the "Kino International" here in Berlin - where "Comospolis" will premiere this evening - faithful fans have been camping out since yesterday. Do you think about the possibility of scaring them off with such roles [as yours in Comospolis]? Your fans might want to see the vampire Edward Cullen instead of Eric Packer, a billionaire with an identity crisis.

ROB: I don't think that is the case. Since I shot "Bel Ami" something peculiar happened: my fans gave me my favorite books as presents. Yesterday I was in Paris and at the premiere there was a queue of people who wanted to give me books! It's incredible, isn't it?

INTERVIEW: Are you happy about the books? And do you really take them all with you?

ROB: Of course, there were really excellent books among them. Including one written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

INTERVIEW: Do you hope that your fans will learn something from your film adaptations?

ROB: Even if only one person among hundreds was inspired to read the corresponding book and deals with it in greater depth, it would be wonderful. Cinema can be more than pure entertainment, at least sometimes.

INTERVIEW: Is that why you said you don't want to act in teen movies anymore? I read that.

ROB: Yes, I saw that too. Someone misunderstood me or wanted to misunderstand. Who says that "Cosmopolis" wasn't a teen movie? If there is a sex or violent scene in a movie it is automatically classified as a movie for adults, regardless of what the topic is about. Such categories are completely absurd. No, I would never really say something like that!

INTERVIEW: But "Cosmopolis" isn't really a movie for young teens, is it?

ROB: Well, I wasn't easily shocked even as a teenager. And to be honest: every teenager watches hardcore-porn nowadays and probably has seen more blatant things than the stuff in our movie.

INTERVIEW: Yes, that's true. That means parents have no reasons to be apprehensive of "Cosmopolis". All the "Twilight" fans can be sent to the cinema without hesitation!

ROB: Unless the parents have something against dialogues. If they think "Oh no, I don't want my kids to deal with so many words!" then they probably should be apprehensive of our movie!

INTERVIEW: Speaking of movie ratings: you are naked in every movie of yours.

ROB: Right? That's actually true.

INTERVIEW: How do you feel when you have to take off your clothes on set?

ROB: I'm British. I'm always more insecure than others. Everyone is always relaxed on set, even when they shoot a nude scene. I'm always terribly tensed and anxious.

INTERVIEW: And it doesn't get better?

ROB: When I trust the director and absolutely want the movie to end up great, it has gotten easier now. But if that's not the case I'll feel like a prostitute. (laughs)

INTERVIEW: You had an excited year, what was your most amazing experience and what was the worst?

ROB: Well.. hm, there were many of both. I'd say the fact that our movie got accepted at Cannes is one of the most amazing ones. I'm very grateful for that. You know, I hoped to have a movie in competition there in maybe ten years but all of the sudden that exactly happens now. Absolutely unbelievable.

INTERVIEW: That means you didn't have a plan for your career that would directly lead you to Cannes?

ROB: You know what, ever since the first "Twilight" movie all the journalists asked me if I was afraid to only be cast for certain roles. And then the first movie I shot when I finished the Twilight Saga gets to be in competition at Cannes. That totally stunned me.

INTERVIEW: And what did you think of yourself in your first non-vampire role?

ROB: I love the movie. I think it's my best work. I've always felt uncomfortable watching myself on the big screen so far but in this case it was the total opposite.

INTERVIEW: What did you like most about your role?

ROB: This may sound a bit strange but I like how the words sound when you speak them out loud. The language, the sentences, how they are arranged - it's all beautiful.

INTERVIEW: Which sentence did you like most?

ROB: I thought "That's my peanuts you smell" was amazing. "I believe my sexual organ is retreating into my body right now" is also very great and absurd.

INTERVIEW: Now we spoke about your best moments, but which were the worst ones then?

ROB: My dog got sick, that was very sad (laughs). But really, it was terrible! He's feeling better now, though.

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New Kristen outtakes from the Vanity Fair + Elle France 2012 photo shoot

HQ Unedited/Tagged
image host image host image host

Elle France Outtake
image host

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Rob and Kristen Interviews with Fearnet from Comic Con

Rob's interview bits are not new, just from a different angle.

Rob and Kristen Interviews with Fearnet from... by veronicaspuffy

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Robsten Vid & Pics of the Day

Let us know, do you like our new all in one post for the vid and pics of the day? Or go back to separate posts. We're trying it for the rest of the week and see what feedback we get ;)

Robsten Vid of the Day~'Only You' - One of my faves. So sweet, and so true. They have their own bubble and only see each other. - Video from patty13Mai

Robsten Pic of the Day~The intensity. Their chemistry was oh so good!

Kristen Pic of the Day~Kristen's love for fashion w/ her flawless face=perfection!

Rob Pic of the Day~Gah, the things he can do by just a look!

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2012 Teen Choice Awards

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Twilight Saga attended the Teen Choice Awards 2012. Rob and Kristen won the following awards.

Choice Female Movie Star of the Summer: Kristen Stewart - Snow White and the Huntsman
Ultimate Choice Award: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner - The Twilight Saga
Choice Movie (Romance): The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
Choice Movie Actress (Romance): Kristen Stewart - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

HQ pics + Video + Zips are all under the cut.

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Mackenzie Foy Talks About Rob and Kristen

I’d really like to know what you learned about acting from the other cast members that you got to work with?
Mackenzie: Well, I learned the most by watching them because they would be themselves and then they would become the character that they become.

Is there one thing that you learned by watching one person in particular, that you took in and thought “I want to be able to do that”?
M: There’s some cool stunts that everyone did, there’s a couple of flips and I thought that was very cool.

Now, on the press conference you mentioned the swear jar… Who was the biggest offender?
M: Like I said, I don’t want anybody else to get in trouble! (laughs)

Is there anybody who didn’t have to put any quarters in the swear jar?
M: Um… Stephenie (Meyer), Taylor (Lautner), Noel (Fisher), Dr. Guri (Weinberg), and there were some other people like Miss Tracey (Heggins), Miss Judi (Shekoni). Most of the Cullen guys. They didn’t say any swear words. Oh! And Miss Ashley (Greene). She didn’t say any.

What was your first time meeting, Taylor, Kristen and Rob like?
M: Well I met Kristen and Rob in the hair and make up trailer, and I think the first time I met Taylor was… in the first scene actually.

Who was the biggest prankster on set? Or the biggest jokester?
M: Rob was pretty funny. He had some pretty funny jokes.

He made you laugh a lot?
M: Yes. And Mr. Guri, he was really funny too.

When you wrapped up did they show up for your last scene?
M: Yeah, it was just me and Kristen.

You were the final two?
M: Yes.

But the rest of the crew probably showed up right? “That’s a wrap on Mackenzie”!
M: The crew was there and the visual effects guy and all that stuff, because it had to do with the wolves. All the other cast, they weren’t wrapped yet, they just had the day off so it was just me and Kristen. It was nice.

Full interview at source | Via: RPLife

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Robsten Vid & Pics of the Day

We are posting all the pics and the vid of the day on one post. We'll try it for a week and see if people love it or hate it, so be sure to comment!

'Anything you's yours'Pretty sure Kristen has captured his heart :D - Video from Robsten974account

Love the couple gifs, together, apart they are flawless!

SnowStew, Breathtaking!

Aw, to be that toothpick!!

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New/Old Picture of Kristen with Peter Travers from SWATH NYC Promo

If missed, check out her interview on the show HERE

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Robsten Vid & Pics of the Day

Bringing our vid and pics of the day to you a little differently. All in one post. Let us know if you like it or like having them seperate.

Robsten Vid of the Day - Obvious...because they are so...

Video from DayJolie80

Robsten Pic/Gif of the Day~Beautiful edit. Beautiful couple.

Kristen Pic/Gif of the Day~ One of my favorite Kristen shoots. And that adorable shy smirk, LOVE!

Rob Pic of the Day~The hair, the scruff, the suit w/ a little chest hair peeking through. I'm not sure how Kristen contains herself on a daily basis.

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More New/Old HQ Outtakes of Kristen from Glamour UK December 2011

You can check everything from this photoshoot and magazine in our gallery HERE -- click here to download all pics at once <3

image host image host image host image host

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Snow White and the Huntsman Calendar 2013

image host image host image host image host

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More New HQ Pictures from Comic Con 2012 + ZIP


image host image host image host image host

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Toni Trucks Talks About Rob and Kristen with E! Online

Kristen Stewart is very easy on the eyes.

"Kristen is porcelain—and magnetic," Breaking Dawn: Part 2 actress Toni Trucks said at last night's premiere of her new movie, Ruby Sparks. "I even found myself on set with her and all of a sudden I'd be like, 'Why am I staring at Kristen right now?'"

And K.Stew, 22, and her beau Robert Pattinson, 26, couldn't have been nicer.

"They're great," said Trucks, 31. "Kristen was always lovely to me and really laid back and Rob was so joyful and cool. They're both wonderful, cool as a cucumber. I don't think anyone can really judge people too harshly when you have all eyes on you at all times."

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Kristen in Vanity Fair Italy (HQ Scans)

image host image host image host image host

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Short Interviews with Rob and Kristen with Showtime Movie News from Comic Con

Source | Via | Via | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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New Pictures of Rob in LA July 20, 2012

image host image host image host

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