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Walter Salles Talks About Kristen

About the choice of Kristen for the role of Marylou: “She was one of the first people to join the project. A friend of mine had seen “Into the Wild” and told me about her. I remember she was so unknown at the time that I had to write her name on a piece of paper not to forget [laughs]. When I met her, it was a nice surprise to know that “On The Road” was her favorite book.”

About having Kristen in the cast: “It was something great to have Kristen in the cast. Several young people who are fans of her and had no contact with Jack Kerouac’s work came to know this other side of literature. And now many of them are fans of this kind of reading. “

About Kristen and Garrett being faithful to the project: “In this movie they received the minimum wage possible, so they were shooting because they really love the book itself. They all remained faithful to the project after becoming famous. Garrett called me every time throughout the period that the filming did not materialize to know if he could accept other movies’ projects, or we were about to start filming “On The Road”, which was his priority.”

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Paul Becker, Choreographer for Breaking Dawn, Mentions Rob and Kristen

PC: You appear at the memorable wedding in TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1, do you not?

PB: [Laughs.] Yes. Actually, it was really funny - as you know, Bill Condon, the director, wrote CHICAGO and so he brought me in to choreograph TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1 and PART 2. And, so, I showed up on set and we were all having a good time, and, then, when I showed up on set for the last day of filming, where we were doing the big wedding scene, and I go into my trailer and I find there is a suit there. So, I say to the AD, “Why is there a suit in there?” and, she says, “Bill Condon wants you to get into wardrobe.” And, I say, “What?! What do you mean ‘wardrobe’?!” And, so I put on the suit and I go onset and Bill is there and he puts his arm around me and says, “I got you in CHICAGO and now I’m gonna put you in this one.” And, so, he put me in the scene.

PC: Was the dancing in TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN all Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, specifically in the wedding scene? That 360 camera shot is so sweeping and beautifully rendered.

PB: Oh, yeah. That was all them one hundred percent. We had rehearsal with them for that scene specifically. Also, there was a Steadicam pass that we did that was actually with Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene dancing and they were actually doing swing dancing and flipping around and all of that stuff, believe it or not! [Laughs.] They all had fun - we all had a lot of fun on that scene. I loved working on TWILIGHT.

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New/Old Pictures of Rob and Kristen from OTR Premiere After Party

Some of these are old, some are new but I'm posting all anyways. After all we can't get enough of the cuteness!

image host image host image host

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Nicolas Ghesquiere Talks about Kristen and Balenciaga's Florabotanica

image host

Coty Prestige has unveiled the new feminine fragrance from the house of Balenciaga. Florabotanica, which is fronted by actress Kristen Stewart, will be available in travel retail worldwide from October.

The edp scent is said to combine the fantastical and ultra-contemporary aspects of the Balenciaga brand. “There is a real duality in Balenciaga, between classicism and experimentation,” noted Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière. “For this new fragrance, I wanted to explore this paradox between the pure and the enigmatic further. A few years ago, I designed this ‘floral collection’. The dresses were covered with flowers, but these flowers were neither charming nor romantic. They structured the whole silhouette. I wanted the flowers in this perfume to express the same idea.”

The name Florabotanica references the 18th century botanical gardens in which the most exotic and rarest plant species were displayed. “It is a secret garden where you find surprising flowers that surpass the imagination,” Ghesquière explained. “They are beautiful but are they really that harmless? Flowers can be cruel, carnivorous or venomous, contain poisons. What would a perfume that contained the charm and mystery of flowers be like? This is the story that we wanted to tell with Florabotanica.”

The fragrance face is actress Kristen Stewart, best known for her role in the blockbuster Twilight saga. Balanciaga chose her for her tetchy youthfulness and rebellious femininity.

“Kristen Stewart has a real personality,” noted Ghesquière. “She captivated me when we met a few years ago. I had not forgotten her. She is the perfect embodiment of a certain idea of Balenciaga: that beauty that is both pure and uncontrollable. We met again for Florabotanica. She is totally this graceful and mysterious figure that symbolises this strange botanical garden.”

Read the rest here.

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Rob Pic of the Day

Silly even back then. Wonder if he knew what his life would be now?

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Her first panel. A little shy and nervous, she's a pro now!

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Robsten Pic of the Day

In celebration of Comic Con this week we are taking a look back. Where it all started...2008 Comic Con!!

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Best of Robsten/Comic Con 2008' from the amazing @HoneyBuzy

Two sweet kids, the start of a love story. A look back at Comic Con 2008. We'll be celebrating past Comic Cons all week as we look forward to this Thursday!!

Video from HoneyBuzy

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New HQ pictures of Rob and Kristen leaving the OTR screening at Cannes & Arriving at the after party

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More Q & A with Jack Morrissey

The Volterra arial shot in BD2 trailer, it that the REAL Volterra, Italy or just a random italian town? or CGI?

Jack: GREAT question. Bug me on this and I'll ask Bill. Actually, lemme go ask him right now...see how this works? - J.
For consistency's sake it's Montepulciano, which stood in for Volterra in NEW MOON as well -J.
There's no CG present in that shot, btw. -- J.

I loved the part in the book when Charlie visits the Cullens and realizes Renesmee is E&B's child. Will this be in the movie?
Jack: It's gotta be, don't you think? Yep yep. -- Jack

Will Edward carry Bella across the threshold again?
Jack: No, Bella is a vampire now, so she's in control. You will like this. -- J.

Will Bella attack Seth in the imprinting scene like in the book or Jacob? I'd really like it if she hurt Jacob!
Jack: You'll enjoy all aspects of the scene where B. learns that J. imprinted on Renesmee. Both J. and S. are in it. - J

Can you confirm at this point that the song from the Target clip will actually make the cut? *fingers crossed*
Jack: Yes, the song from the Target clip will be in the movie, I believe. -- Jack

Will Nessie ever know that Jacob imprinted on her? that its her destiny to stay with him?
Jack: Hmmm, no I wouldn't put it that way. -- J.

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Kristen and SWATH in CinePremiere Magazine

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

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Win a Cosmopolis Poster Signed by Rob from OMG Yahoo

And because we know how many of you are as nuts about Robert Pattinson as we are, we've got our hands on a SIGNED poster by the man himself!

To celebrate the release of RPattz's brand new film COSMOPOLIS we're giving away a movie poster signed by both Rob and director David Cronenberg.

The film, which is out this Friday June 15, sees Twilight star Robert play a Billionaire called Eric Packer.
In the video interview below, Robert explains he had wanted to do something less high profile after the success and exposure of the Twilight movies but then when the opportunity to do this film presented itself, he couldn't resist.

He said: "This came along and there was something about it that I thought was amazing. And it was David [Cronenberg] as well so I couldn't really say no."
Talking about getting famous so young, he added: "In the film industry if you make a lot of noise early on when you're young it's irritating to people. I get it. I judge people the same way. You've gotta earn your respect."

All you have to do to WIN THE SIGNED ROBERT PATTINSON POSTER is Tweet us: 'Hey @YahooOmgUK I want the signed RPattz poster because [XXX] #omgCosmopolis'

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TONS of NEW R/K Vids~from @MaryannRobsten @LibenetRobsten @ngeem88 @angeltwilightrk @bonesofbloodx & More

Video from Robstenville

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5 NEW Rob Vids

Video from francies67

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Kristen Interview in Oggi (Italy) + New Picture from SWATH UK Press

In the new interview with she talks about how she started acting and about SWATH at the end a question about BD part 2..

"....I am a real vampire and I've tried to interpret at the best"

- Even better than Robert Pattinson?
"But sure.The challenge was precisely this.I'm sure that will put a strain on our relationship."(laughs)

image host image host image host

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4 NEW Kristen Vids

Video from KStewRPattzxx

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Rob & Kristen Article in London Metro Newspaper 7/6/12

Thanks to Florence for sharing this article with us found in the July 6th edition of London Metro Newspaper. Not sure how accurate the article so take it w/ a grain of salt ;)

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New/Old Outtakes of Kristen from Glamour UK Magazine Dec 2011

Everything from that magazine can be found in our gallery HERE - Zip

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Rob Pic of the Day

Cute Rob so serious then so full of laughs.

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Gorgeous gal. Those eyes are so beautiful.

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Awesome Rob and Kristen edit.

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Fences'

A fun lil R/K vid.

Video from CassCreations

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Kristen in Gloss Magazine (Scans)

image host image host image host image host

Scans | Via: vonch

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Kristen Talks About Rob with Istoe (Brazil)

image host image host image host image host

Interview was previously posted HERE

How was to be at Cannes with On The Road at the same time your boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, was there for Cosmopolis?
I'm very proud of him and he's proud of me. We've already gained so much for being at Cannes, the biggest film festival in the world.

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New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob from Cosmopolis Portugal + Cannes Premiere and OTR Cannes Premiere

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