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Kristen in Vogue US July 2012 (Scan) + New/Old Picture from 2012 MET Gala

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New Kristen Interview with Movie Network Channels from SWATH Sydney Premiere

Rupert Sanders talks about Kristen at 2:16 as well - "I think people will see a dimension in her performance they haven't seen before"

press junket interview with Kristen and Rupert

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New/Old Rob and Kristen Fan Pictures from Handprint Ceremony

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Still in EW Magazine

New Breaking Dawn part 2 movie still in this week's EW magazine. - Looks like everyone is having a meeting of some sort. Maybe with the wolfs? Pic too small to see.


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New Rob Interview with Welt Online

Berlin (DAPD). Actor Robert Pattinson has previously kept away because of self-doubt ambitious roles. "I have now signed up for many projects that last year I would have thought that I wasn't good enough for them as an actor," said the "Twilight" actor to DAPD news in Berlin. The turning point was the drama "Cosmopolis," that recently was in competition at the Cannes Festival.

"As an actor, if you are invited to Cannes, you see yourself in a different light," said the 26-year-old Briton. His response: "Maybe I can make really cool movies."

After nude scenes in the period drama "Bel Ami", Pattinson had in "Cosmopolis" for director David Cronenberg drop the cases. "I'm always very inhibited, because I'm English," confessed the actor. "Everyone else always feels so comfortable in their own skin on sex scenes. I'm the one that falls into a panic." Trust it to the director, it would be easier. "If you shoot a movie you don't really like, you feel yourself just a little like a prostitute."

In the film adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel "Cosmopolis," Pattinson plays a financial shark who is personally and professionally before the crash. The film will be on Thursday (5 July).

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New Rob Interview with Online Focus (Germany)

"Acting has nothing to do with the brain, it exists for thousands of years already. And it is only since the 50s, since Lee Strasberg, that it became analytical," the 26-year-old said to FOCUS. "Actors need a voice and a face – and maybe balls," said the Briton, who lives in Hollywood.

In his new film “Cosmopolis”, on the 5th of July in the German cinemas, Pattinson embodies a multi-billion punters. Personally, the young multi-millionaire has no experience with financial investment, or fund shares.

He spends his money on "completely silly things like dog food" told Pattinson. "Or for telephone bills. I never get a European cell phone when I’m here. And then suddenly I have to pay $20,000."

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Rob and David Cronenberg to Attend Cosmopolis Q & A in New York on August 15

You can buy your tickets HERE

Don't miss award-winning director-writer-producer David Croenberg ('A Dangereous Method', 'A History of Violence' ' Eastern Promises') and actor Robert Pattinson ('The Twilight Saga' 'Water For Elephants'). Their new film 'Cosmopolis', based on the novel by Don DeLillo, debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and opens in New York on August 17.

When: Wednesday, August 15 - 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Where: The Times center - 242 West 41st St. NYC

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New Kristen Interview with ISTOE BRAZIL from 'On The Road' Cannes Press Junket

In Twilight, it's only on the penultimate movie that the leading couple had a romantic sex scene. But Kristen Stewart, the performer of the delicate heroine of the vampire saga, says: "I see actresses do ridiculous fake sex scenes in movies and then declare that they felt safe on set." At 22 years old and as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood between May 2011 and 2012, earning $ 34.5 million according to Forbes magazine, Kristen says it was says with a fearless attitude to nudity that she starred On the Road, which premieres in Brazil on July 13.

In Walter Salles' movie she plays Marylou, free-spirited young woman who becomes the lover of two friends who cross roads of the United States in an existential journey. "I would have joined these two guys, for sure," says Kristen, adding that she read Jack Kerouac's book as an adolescent, and that she admires people with libertarian attitudes. Off screen, however, she has a life within the rules and maintains a secretive romance with Robert Pattinson, her partner in Twilight.

How would you describe the experience of working in On the Road?
K: It was the greatest experience I had doing movies. I wasn't part of the entire filming trip, but I went to Montreal to join the team and prepare. Then I went to New Orleans, Phoenix and San Francisco. Then I came home and made another Twilight movie. What was strange, because I wanted to go back to that experience with Walter (Salles), which was discontinued. I had no time to think about what had happened in those weeks on the road. What, in fact, closely resembles the experience of my character.

Were you afraid of doing the sex scenes?
K: On the contrary, I wanted to do the sex scenes. I like movies that test my limits. It's a way to challenge myself, to leave the comfort zone. I confess that I lived more interesting experiences during those four weeks of filming on the road than in my normal life. The sequences of nudity among the characters are discreet and did not show genitals.

Did that make you more comfortable?
K: I see actresses do ridiculous fake sex scenes in movies and then declare that they felt safe on the set. In most cases, the sequences seem fake, you can see that they are using skin color strips to cover their breasts. I didn't want to feel safe. It' much more interesting to see genuine sex scenes than something we realize that it's fake. I always wanted to be as close as possible to actual experience.

Was Kerouac's book already familiar to you?
K: I first read it when I was 15 or something. It was my first favorite book because it opened so many doors in my head. It really lit a fire inside of me, inspired me to want that feeling to see or hear new things, things you want and go after. I liked the style of the text, but also the roller-coaster style of the narrative, the sense of freedom that the characters show.

It was common for women of your generation to read On the Road in adolescence?
K: Definitely not! There were many people who came to me and said: "how come a modern girl like you is reading a book about people who were young in the 40's and 50's?"Or: "how do you, a contemporary girl, can relate to a young girl from back then?" We always want to know where we came from. So it was a matter of having contact with my roots, with characters that inspire me in life. And these two guys with whom she shared important youth moments, I would have joined them, for sure.

What do you admire in Walter Salles?
K: Walter makes things happen. One of the strangest things about it is that at the end of a rehearsal, the shooting of a take, or a day's work, he takes no credit for anything because it happened to you. It is rare to find someone like that. Walter has this very particular ability to bring people together. I know this is the purpose of any good director, but I never felt so motivated by another person the way I felt with him. I would do anything for that guy. This is his power. For some reason, you want to follow him wherever he goes.

How do you deal with harassment from fans of the Twilight saga? This type of fan still bother you?
K: I don't know ... I don't think about it much. The fact is that I could share the experience of those movies with millions of people worldwide. It's crazy, I know, but it is a unique experience that probably will never be repeated. It's crazy, weird and wonderful thing to share the same energy with so many different people. I don't know how these people will see me after the saga ends.

Low budget movies, such as On the Road, are a way to distance yourself from the image of heroin from blockbusters such as Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman?
K: It's nice to offer something new to the public, to diversify the audience's perception of you. But I love Twilight, I'm very proud of the saga. I see it as a great compliment when a fan says he can not see me in another kind of movie. I know I'll always be remembered as Twilight's Bella. And it's not a bad thing. There is room for all kinds of work. I like small movies as well. I don't see Snow White and the Huntsman as a movie that show's that I can do something different from Twilight.

Are you religious as the Snow White movie?
K: I'm not religious. But I talk to myself. There are times when I play certain events as signs when I'm about to do something important and I don't know what the outcome, for example. In those days, when something trivial goes wrong, like dropping something on the floor, I curse and I have the distinct impression that I will have a horrible day (laughs). Talking to myself is a way to put positive energy in the world. I'm obsessed with it, with not spoiling a situation. I think that's what Snow White does with her prayers.

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A New Kristen Picture + 'Florabotanica' Packaging Sample

Preview of Florabotanica's 3D packaging. Really cool huh??

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New Rob Interview with Cicero Online (Translated)

Robert Pattinson in David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis"
With his new film "Cosmopolis", Robert Pattinson ventured into the abyss before the financial world. Cicero Online spoke with the ex-vampire on the apathy of his generation, split personalities and pie attack

Mr. Pattinson as Eric Packer is leaving once his aura, his limo, and now he is attacked with a cake. Was there a similar moment in your career?
Strangely, I have a similar scene in "Water for Elephants" shot. But otherwise, no, not that I know of. Maybe in a metaphorical sense ...

No aggressive paparazzi and overzealous fans?
No, that has been trusted no one. Thank God that would have otherwise had a bad injury.

How would you describe your character in the movie?
Eric Packer is a man who looks at the whole world very abstract, himself, his body, his fellow men. He wears egomaniacal trains and lives in its deepest interior withdrawn, in a world where there is not the actual reality. Throughout the film, he finally tries to regain control of his body, about himself, until he gives up completely at the end.

What will remain of Eric Packer?
It's weird. I had to remember me as much text and I thought these lines would disappear from my head as soon as each scene is filmed. But the words are still there, I can still memorize the entire script. It sounds stupid now, but there are times a day, which I quote passages DeLillo, error-free. David (Cronenberg) always says: "It's like the Bible! There is a quote for every occasion! "Somehow DeLillo's words are still with me arrested. Its importance is more and more aware. Especially in the scene with Samantha Morton, as we talk about the future, there are passages that haunt me literally.

Is this due to very strong DeLillo's lyrical, poetic word formations?
Yes. I was unsure at first to accept the movie offer because I thought it would be extremely boring. Because basically, it goes into "Cosmopolis" to people who are talking in a car - only. One can easily miss the boat in the movie. Either you follow DeLillo's words all the time, or you lose yourself in it, without knowing exactly what happens - then you are left with only a couple of nice pictures. David (Cronenberg) had so many strange ideas, things that at first I do not really understand. But if you in this adventure, you'll see the big picture! I've seen the film three times now. It was only the second time I could get involved and really it was just completely overwhelmed.

They say that DeLillo's words haunt you. Did you know the movie about life, about our time taught that you had not previously aware of?
About some things from the current day political life I have made ​​in turning any thoughts, such as the Occupy-Wall Street movement . Then we did the protest scene: 200 extras rattled the limo, climbed onto the roof and tried with all his might to overturn the car. We sat there and focused on our dialogue - and it was so easy to ignore all this! You forget that 200 people are out there, just basically trying to kill you. That's insane! Every day we pursue similar scenes in the real world, watching TV. And you have to disable it just suddenly you forget what just happened out there in the world. Occupy with thousands of people fighting for a cause, and all their efforts have absolutely no effect on those against whom the protest. That's kind of scary.

A few years ago I read a book about slavery. It has been described as the brutal slave owners to their slaves during the day and at night they were talking then about theology and God. But it shows that life is one and the same person in two completely different realities can. As I prepared for my role, I looked at the interview between the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his father. This is so sad. If you then Dahmer's actions demonstrates, one wonders how, with such a creature can ever have pity. In such moments, one's emotional state splits from the life story of the reality of this person.

Were you inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer for your role?
A little bit. Mainly I was looking for a voice. I looked at Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, and then found this Dorman interview with Father. And as luck would have it, has at the end of the shoot out that Paul Giamatti was viewed exactly for his long final monologue of the same interview.

Engage yourself politically?
Not in public. I form an opinion, but I will be careful not to tell people what they do. Maybe I just know too little about responsibility for the actions to take on others.

But it is your Twilight image could still use it to sensitize the younger generation for the political and economic world events!
I do not know. My generation shares this aggressive apathy, in which no one goes to the polls and at the same time it irritated that everything is slowly but surely loses significance. This is ridiculous! People make their own world! If I for example look at the phenomenon Occupy: Even if one agrees or not the message itself can not identify with the content, I think it's great that at least a few more people involved.

Did you ever know of the economy?

What do you do with your money?
I hide under the bed. Probably that's pretty stupid, but I now understand much of it not time. I just hope that it will be well with me.

Eric Packer in the film seems very static. Basically, no changes in his facial expressions, gestures, or even in his own language to perceive, like a zombie, he moves through New York until he was shot in the hand at the end. Here comes through a little humanity.
(Laughs) Lay It should not be so, the static on your perception. Eric Packers development takes place largely within him, very quietly. I think he is trying to be reborn.

And this slow, quiet development is reflected then also reflected in the tough market and in the funeral ...
Exactly. He is like an iceberg - in the end he begins to break apart until nothing is left.

How critical are you with your own performance?
Very critical. This is the first film I've seen more than once, mainly because I was forced to. (Laughs) I had him look me in Cannes and was allowed to leave the room.

Did you go?
For heaven's sake, yes! When I saw the movie for the first time, he was not quite ready yet. The second time he really liked me. And at Cannes, I do not really spy really, I watched a lot more to the public. With every cough, every cough and then I thought: Oh my God, what does this mean? It is always critical of his work, will you, after all, that people like what you are doing. That is also the reason to make the next film.

Mr. Pattinson, thank you for your time!

Interview by Sarah Maria Deckert

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New Rob Interview from Cosmopolis Berlin Premiere - He Talks About Mission: Blacklist

Exclusive from Mission: Blacklist France- Ursula, a special reporter for Mission : Blacklist France, attended the german premiere of Cosmopolis, in Berlin, 2012 May, 31st. She met Robert Pattinson and managed to ask him a question about the movie, on behalf of the site !

Question: Hi! One of your next projects is Mission:Blacklist. What made you choose this role and are you really going to scout locations in Iraq?

Robert Pattinson: I read the script. I thought the script…I didn’t even realize that the script was a real story and then they told me it was a true story. I met Eric Maddox who it’s based on. He’s one of the most fascinating people I have ever met and the story’s amazing. We’re looking into Iraq, I mean he was there, I mean it’s quite difficult obviously to go there, but I think it would be a good thing to do to go and start… you know.

And a few pics.
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Thank you so much for sharing your pics and interview :)

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Rob Pic of the Day

Handsome Rob in a tux in a pic from WFE

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Can't wait to see this. Gorgeous MarylouStew in OTR still.

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Beautiful edit, their smiles warm my heart!

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Last Day on Earth' from the lovely @HoneyBuzy

Amazing video from the lovely and amazing Honey Buzy. Beautiful song, beautiful clips, beautiful couple!!

Video from HoneyBuzy

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Katy Perry Mentions Rob While Talking About LA Premiere After Party

Watch at the source

Katy was thrilled to be in Australia for the premiere of the film, but we had to ask her what it was like partying with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Robert Pattinson after her LA screening.

She told, "There wasn't really any partying, cause when I party I party! I party like Andrew W K style, I crowd surf!"

"But no we were just hanging out, I love Selena and we have a lot of mutual friends and Justin's always been so nice to me and Robert somehow got stuck in all of this!"

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Rob Pic of the Day

Best sketch at the 2010 MTV MMAs. Would pay top dollar to see this movie for real!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Mulberry afterparty...completely flawless!!

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Best deleted scene ever!!

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Enchanted' from @im_nargiz

Watching these two and their love, completely enchanted ;)

Video from LittleGirlMolly

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New Kristen Interview with from OTR Cannes Press Junket

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New Rob Interview with Film Starts from Cosmopolis Berlin Press Junket

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Kristen Interview in Julia Magazine (Scans + Translation)

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Kristen is looking happy when Julia meets her in Los Angeles. The Twilight star, who is currently on the screens with Snow White and the Huntsman, is wearing black sneakers, washed out black tight jeans, and a v-necked t-shirt. Her sunglasses are hanging from her neckline and she is holding a plastic waterbottle which she is fiddling with throughout the interview.

J: Your new film is an action-packed, modern version of the classic fairytale Snow White. Did you like Disney's animated version of Snow White when you were little?
K: Yeah, I liked it but my favorite film when I was little was The Jungle Book.

J: There are a lot of people who think that your life is a fairytale, how do you feel about that?
K: It's weird to talk about my life in that way, but of course, everything that's happening around me is totally amazing! I sort of can't imagine that this is all happening to me and in that sense it's like a real life fairytale! But on the other hand no fairytale is perfect and I don't know what the future will bring. Haha.

J: Has fame been worth all sacrifices?
K: Yes, definitely, it's been worth all sacrifices for sure. But naturally I sometimes wish I could do something as basic as going to the market and buy soap like regular people.

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Kristen Interview in Actu FNAC Magazine (France) (Scans + Translation)

image hostimage host image host

Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hensworth recreate the famous fairytale of Grimm Brothers to make a great adventure.

An adaptation very free of the Grimm Brothers’ work, Snow White and the Huntsman was initiated by a screen writer from Disney, Evan Spiliotopoulos, before to be revised by the Iranian Hossein Amini (The Wings of the Bove, Drive). Borrowing from the medieval adventure movie to Braveheart, and heroic fantasy, this ambitious production was given to a newcomer. Indeed, producers Joe Roth and Sam Mercer to whom we owe each Alice in Wonderland and Sixth Sense picked Rupert Sanders. Renowned for his advertisements often experimental dedicated to video games (Halo 3, Call of Duty, Wolverine), Sanders demonstrated an assured visual sense given the logistics and special effects which are in the Snow White and the Huntsman project.

After a very popular cast , the production stopped her choice on the frail heroine of Twilight, Kristen Stewart, most likely to embody the metamorphose of the sweet Snow White in a determined warrior. Face to her, Charlize Theron dove with delight in the part of a fierce Queen for who the beauty and the power are two-edged of a same sword.

Filming in the British studios of Pinewood, the crew of Snow White and the Huntsman took the opportunity to complete its cast with a parade of the best supporting actors of the British cinema (Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Toby Jones, Brian Gleeson and much more) able to become the most extravagant in the least amount of replicas.

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New Rob and Cronenberg Interview with Movie Pilot from Cosmopolis Berlin Cosmopolis Press Junket

Starts at 0:33 and Rob's interview at 0:54

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MyAnna Buring Talks About Filming Breaking Dawn and Mentions How Rob and Kristen Handle Fame

Twilight's MyAnna Buring has said watching co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart deal with the spotlight has made her realise fame isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

The 27-year-old Swedish actress - who plays vampire Tanya in Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 - is impressed with the way the actors, who are a real life couple, deal with the attention, but is pleased she doesn't get as much.

MyAnna said: "I've only had lovely experiences with fans but I think it must be crazy for the main group.

"They handle it with amazing grace, but if people actually experienced it I think they would think again about how cool it is, because it can be really tough."

The Kill List actress revealed working on the final instalment of the hit vampire franchise had been really exciting.

She said: "It's going to be big. Filming the final scenes was so epic. All the original characters and all the new vampires were there, it was just huge.

"One hundred actors on one set creates quite a special atmosphere, and you got a sense of what you were part of."

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Rob Pic of the Day

The stare that can kill. I'll be dead when I witness it in person in just a couple weeks!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

A little cute pop the collar action from Kristen on Jay Leno.

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Robsten Pic of the Day

You take your girl backstage Rob!!! 2011 MTV MMAs

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'When You Got a Good Thing'

So glad the Rob got Kristen, definitely a good thing, a very very good thing!

Video from AntesterCullen83

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