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New Kristen Interview with MTV Australia from SWATH Sydney Premiere - She Mentions Rob

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson could be set for a post ‘Twilight’ on-screen reunion!

Yep, while the lovebirds may be saying goodbye to Bella and Edward in ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ this November, K-Stew has revealed plans to nab her British beau for a ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel!

In an exclusive chat with MTV Australia at the Sydney premiere of the fairytale remake, the actress said of Rob joining her for a follow-up flick,

“Oh absolutely! Rob’s invited to be on our cast. Definitely!”

But, it looks like R-Patz could have a bit of a battle on his hands for his leading lady’s affections…

Kristen’s ‘Snow White’ love interest Chris Hemsworth, who plays the part of the Huntsman in the Disney adaptation, told us he’s also up for part 2.

“I don’t know if it’s officially going ahead, but there’s definitely talk of [a sequel].

“There seems to be a great interest in this, so definitely if there’s another great script and the same cast then for sure!”

And luckily for Kristen, Chris (and possibly Rob), the movie’s director Rupert Sanders has already started working on the next instalment!

“I can tell you that I’m working on a sequel now and it’s really exciting,” he told MTV Australia on the white carpet at Bondi Junction’s Event Cinema.

“We all had a great time doing this one, so onwards and upwards.”

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On the Road to Screen at the Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia)

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) announced the selections for its 61st annual festival. Straight from the Cannes Festival Competition section, MIFF will screen Walter Salles’ highly-anticipated adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, featuring Sam Riley as the infamous writer Sal Paradise, with support from Kirsten Stewart and Garett Hedlund.

The festival runs from August 2 through August 19th. Schedule and ticket information to follow on the MIFF website.

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New Kristen and Chris Interview with Mornings from SWATH Sydney Press Junket

Via: Mel452 | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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New Kristen Interview with Sunrise from SWATH Sydney Press Junket

Via: KSN

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New Kristen and Chris Interview with Today Show (Australia) from SWATH Sydney Press Junket

Via: KSN | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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Anthony Mackie Talks About Rob: "That’s my homeboy"

The nice thing about interviewing celebrities at movie premieres is that you learn something new every time. Take our chat with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star Anthony Mackie (aka hot dude from The Hurt Locker soon to be seen in a billion A-Lister packed films) at the film’s premiere last night. The actor told our correspondent Janell Snowden that his #1 golfing buddy is none other than Robert Pattinson. Seriously!

Mackie tell VH1, “Rob Pattinson, he’s a good friend of mine. We hang out together and play golf together and drink in the pubs. That’s my homeboy.” As for their golfing threads? Anthony just scored a new Puma outfit and says Rob wears “slacks with a nice polo.” What we wouldn’t give to see these two palling around on the green!


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New Rob Interview with M Magazine (Austria)

image host image host

M: Robert, with Bel Ami you have already tried to emancipate yourself from Twilight. Now you have Cosmopolis. Aren't you scared you're gonna lose a lot of fans?
Rob: No because I always try to take really interesting parts that my fans could like as well. For me, doing small, interesting movies is a really great option to have a career after Twilight.

M: And what remains from Twilight?
Rob: What remains is the reassurance that we created a rememberable movie series. I don't really understand how the character Edward got so popular. The majority says, "He's just so sexy!". Others say, "It's the way he loves Bella. That one I can understand more. With time the movies got more and more romantic as well because there were so many conflicts in the story and because Bella and Edward had to fight for their love.

M: Do you feel a lot of pressure to be successful whenever you take on a new part?
Rob: While shooting I don't feel any kind of pressure really but it's really strange that everyone knows what you do and say. You really have to be careful not to hurt anyone and not to say anything wrong.

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Kristen is #1 in 'Forbes Hollywood's Top-Earning Actresses'

Kristen Stewart

$34.5 million
At the young age of 22 Stewart earned more than any other actress between May 2011 and May 2012. Most of that money came from Twilight where Stewart stars as Bella Swan. But she also earned big buck for starring in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Source | Via: kstewartnews

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'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' 10 sec Teaser Trailer!!!!

Remember that the full trailer will be revealed tomorrow but WOW this is a really great sneak peek.

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

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Chris Talks About SWATH and Kristen with The Project- Sydney Press Junket

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David Cronenberg Talks About Rob and Cosmopolis


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Quotes from Snow White and the Huntsman Sydney Press

Herald Sun:

“I love Chris. Just to be around him on a shoot like that – which was so freezing and uncomfortable – is great because he has got a lightness that is kind of contagious.”

But Stewart admits to being a little bit intimated by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, who plays the evil witch Ravenna in the contemporary reworking of the classic Grimm brothers fairytale – and not only when she was in character.

“Everyone knows when she walks into a room. I think me and Chris and everyone, including possibly even (director) Rupert (Sanders) just wanted to impress her. It’s good. It makes you a little bit better.”

Sky News/Australian Associated Press:

Hemsworth and his Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Kristen Stewart are in Australia for a couple of days promoting the film and kept each other laughing throughout the interview.

Hemsworth said he and Stewart haven’t really had the chance to do anything except press since they arrived.

‘I’ve pointed out of the window of the hotel and said, you go check that out, that’s pretty cool,’ Hemsworth said.

‘Yeah, what’re we going to do?’ Stewart prompted him, saying ‘he has built it up’.

‘Oh yeah, ferry, the beaches,’ he said. ‘We’ll do some fun stuff.’

The West Australian/Yahoo AU:

Stewart, who some fans had camped out over night to see, admitted she was never a fan of the Snow White – that is until she met Sanders, who was also at the premiere.

“No it’s not my favourite,” she said.

“I saw the title (of the film) and I was like ’Really, why?’ But it became really obvious after reading the first five pages of the script, especially after talking to Rupert about why he wanted to do it and why it was important to do now.”

And of course she couldn’t complain about working with Hemsworth.

“Yeah Chris is a good Aussie boy,” she said with a smile. “You guys really know how to pump them out. He’s a twinkle.”


“He’s got that sparkle,” she said on Wednesday.

“You Aussies, you know how to do it! Good Aussie boy, can’t really beat that.”

But Stewart makes no apologies for accidentally punching her Snow White and the Huntsman co-star during an on-set fight scene.

“Before everyone gets angry at me, I felt really bad afterwards and he’s being a baby about it,” she told Seven Network.

“I did not alter his face in any way. We were both so into the scene at that moment … and you know, it made it into the movie.

“I think it looks really good, couldn’t have faked that.”

The starlet said she had her Australian mum, director Jules Mann-Stewart, to thank for getting into the film business.

“I wanted to start doing this because of my family, I’ve always looked up to them,” she said.

She said filming Snow White and the Huntsman was physically gruelling.

“I put myself through it absolutely. It’s one of the things I was most excited about, I knew that me and Chris and Charlize (Theron) were going to be dropped into this world of absolute make-believe.

“We didn’t have to fake it.”


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Videos from the SWATH Premiere in Sydney

Kristen and Chris coverage at the premiere of Snow White and the huntsman in Australia.

AAP interview

Ten News Interview (Via)

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New Kristen and Chris Interview with Ten from SWATH Sydney Press Junket


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Snow White and the Huntsman Premiere in Sydney, Australia

Kristen at the premiere of Snow White and The Huntsman in Sydney Australia. Kristen is wearing a dress by @BALMAIN fall 2012 collection. Hair by @AdirAbergel and make up by @mememai - HQ photocall pics of Kristen and cast +,fan pics & more style info under the cut. For videos from redcarpet and inside the theater click here.

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New Kristen and Chris Interview with 'The Dirt' from SWATH Sydney Press Junket

Source | Via YT via veronicaspuffy

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New SWATH Cast Portraits in Sydney - June 19th, 2012

image host image host image host

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Rob Pic of the Day

Hilarious BTS moment of Rob filming 'How to Be'

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Adorable Stew at Live w/ Regis and Kelly

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Amazing VMA 08 Edit. Love both of their faces.

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'You're the Reason I Come Home'

They might have to travel a lot and spend time away from each other. But it doesn't matter how many miles are between them, when they are together they are home.

Video from eyesonfiiree

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New Pictures of Kristen and Chris from SWATH Sydney Press Junket

“Chilling In the hallways ready for a long day press day and premiere.”

image host image host image host image host image host image host

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Chris Hemsworth Talks About Kristen on Sunrise

He talks about the punch scene around 1:16
He talks about working with her around 2:48 and 3:34
Kristen will be on the show tomorrow!

beautifulrk | Via: vonch

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Charlize Talks About Wanting to Work More with Kristen

She talks about working with Kristen around 2:07

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TEAM JACK Q&A Updated!

Team Jack has been updating his Q & A with the fans lately on twitter....

Here are some of the questions....

Why is Bill waiting for the BD2 DVD to release BD1 deleted scenes?
Jack: ...PART I commentary track, por favor? 

Will we see Garrett's speech against the Volturi?
Jack: "Too soon to tell", which heretofore will be abbreviated as "Tstt" in future tweets. So say we all. 

 Will there be a photo shoot of just Rob, Kristen and Mackenzie together?
Jack: Did you get both EW covers or...just the one? ;-D 

How many songs will Edward play?
Jack: As Ian McKellen improv'd while taking a martini off a party tray in GODS AND MONSTERS, "Just the one." 

Will there be destruction in any part of E/B cottage during their sex scene in BD2? Like bed, wall or furniture... ;)
Jack: No, Emmett! 
ed. note: nice Twihard response, Jack! <3

 Did Bill include the scene from NM where B and E are running? would be the best way to show Alice's vision came true!
Jack: You've already seen Bella racing through the forest on the first teaser trailer, so yes. YES. 

Were there body doubles used during the BD sex scenes? I don't think so but there are rumors online.
Jack: Okay, NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Let's send that to all of the rumor-monger types with their busy rusty typewriters. 
ed. note: please share this far and wide! Sheesh.

There are many more but you can find them here....Enjoy!! We love Jack! 

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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Trailer will be Released This Wednesday!!!

Summit has just announced that a new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 trailer will arrive in just two days.

We will of course bring you the trailer the moment it’s online. A sneak peek will be released tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:30 AM ET. The full trailer hits Wednesday at 8:30 AM ET.

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Possible International Release Dates for 'OTR'

OTR producer @charlegillibert just tweeted some "possible" release dates for the film.

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New Pictures + Video of Kristen in Sydney

Kristen arriving to Bondi Icebergs in Sydney earlier today!! Tomorrow is the premiere of 'Snow White and The Huntsman' there. Can't wait. For red carpet info click here.


image host image host image host image host image host image host

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Rob Pic of the Day

Tokyo Press Conference for Harry Potter. His hair!! He looks so, so good!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Kristen during New Moon Promo in London. Loved that cute look after The Runaways cut.

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Sweet moment during BD filming.

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Endless Love' from @VinidySwing_

Beautiful RK moments sharing their 'endless love'

Video from LadyCami17

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New Kristen Interview with World Monitor TV at SWATH LA Screening

Via: veronicaspuffy

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SWATH Sydney Promo Info

Sunrise: Tuesday, June 19th
Airs from 6am to 9am AEST
Monday, June 18th 4pm to 7pm EST
Live Stream

Premiere: Tuesday, June 19th
Film scheduled to start at 6pm AEST | 4am EST

Kyle & Jackie O Radio Show: Monday, June 25th (pre-recorded)
Airs from 6am to 9am AEST
Sunday, June 24th 4pm to 7pm EST
Live Stream

Kristen, Chris and Rupert Sanders will be doing more press during their stay.

Via: @Mel452 | TeamKristenSite | KSN

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New Rob Interview with ZDF from Cosmopolis Cannes Press Junket

Via: Robsessed | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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New Picture of Kristen from Cannes

The time is coming! KRISTEN STEWART also signed the new edition of the book 'On the Road' (L&PM), by Jack Kerouac. Director Walter Salles and actors Tom Sturridge, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund has signed a copy. Want this book on your shelf? Like and follow the On The Road - Na Estrada - O filme (oficial)' facebook page that tomorrow we will tell you how to win it!

Source | Via: kstewartfans

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Sam Claflin Talks About Kristen and Mentions Rob

He talks about her at 1:17 - "She was fantastic to work with"
He mentions Rob around 2:39 - He would want to look like Rob (lol)

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New Kristen Interview with from SWATH Berlin Press Junket

Via: malenacasey

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New Pictures of Kristen Arriving in Sydney June 17, 2012


image host image host image host image host

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