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Rob's Interview With Empire Online

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2 New Pictures of Kristen at OTR Cannes Photocalln and Cosmopolis Cannes Premiere

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New Kristen Interview with Teemix from SWATH Paris Press Junket

Part 1

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New Rob Interview with The Movie Network from Cosmopolis Toronto Press Junket

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New Rob and David Cronenberg Interview with Lovefilm from Cosmopolis London Press Junket

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Q13Fox interviews Kristen and Chris - SWATH promo


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Rob Pic of the Day

LOVE that face!!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Flawless girl is flawless!

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Love when they sneak peeks at each other.

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'One Love, One Life' from @Fiorels90

We are given one life. It's nice to find a special someone to spend it with. Glad R/K have done that!!

Video from the amazing xFiorels90 make sure to subscribe!!

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New Kristen Interview with Canal Plus from SWATH Paris Press Junket

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Pictures of Kristen from Vanity Fair July 2012 (Non Scans)

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Kevin Durand Talks About Working with Rob

Kevin Durand's Torval, chief of security for 28 year old billionaire Eric Packer, played by Robert Pattinson, has lost his patience. Eric and Torval have a complicated relationship in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which escalates over the course of the film. It is set almost exclusively inside Packer's limo as it heads across town. Torval walks alongside the car, checking Packer’s many visitors, so he’s privy to the events that occur inside. The more outrageous, the angrier he gets. And according to Durand, his personal relationship with Pattinson was somewhat difficult too. We spoke with Durand in Toronto.

Torval tolerates Eric, and he tends to see him better than anyone else does and feels disdain for him. Was that intentional or did I read that in?

From when I first read it I thought he was more than just chief of security relationship with this financial iconic kid. It was kind of father son-ish in some ways, seeing someone who over the years come sot care for this kid. He’s doing the dumbest things and constantly putting me in danger. It is layered, there is a lot happening, a lot of affection too and loathing. It’s all there.

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Kristen and Rob in Various Different Magazines

Kristen in Grazia Magazine (Germany)

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Rob and Kristen In Zurnal 24 (Slovenia)

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New Cosmopolis HQ Still + Old Still Now Bigger

New Still

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Old Still

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Robert Pattinson and Cronenberg – Meet the Filmmaker- HD Video from Apple Store Q&A

Cosmopolis Q&A by filmfanatics

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Kristen and Charlize Interview with Elle France from SWATH Paris Press Junket

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Rob and David Cronenberg Interview with Orange Film UK

There seems to be a reflection of the Occupy movement in the film - what struck you about that group and how did they inform the film?
David Cronenberg: Well, they didn't inform the film at all, because we really just stuck to the script - it just happened that what Don DeLillo [author of the original novel] wrote was prescient and clairvoyant, and it felt as if the world was just catching up with him. But for example, Paul Giamatti texted me and said 'I can't believe I just saw Rupert Murdoch get a pie in the face', because we had just shot the scene where Eric Packer (Pattinson) gets a pie in the face! (laughs) It was certainly strange to be shooting scenes about anti-capitalist riots in the streets of New York and then to read about the Occupy movement. But there really are no anti-capitalists in this movie and it's been noted that the Occupy Wall Street movement is not anti-capitalist; they want a piece of it, they want the 99% to be a part of the capitalist dream. Giamatti's character Benno loves capitalism and investing and his complaint is that he's been left behind by Eric, who's destroyed the way Benno loved to work.

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Full Video from Cosmopolis Premiere in Portugal

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New Rob Interview with MSN from Cosmopolis London Press Junket

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New Rob Interview with Total Film

How’s it going?

"Good. Although I don’t why we’re doing this [interview] at 9 o’clock at night on a Friday in London. It just shows how much of a loser I am! It’s the one time I’m free…"

Cosmopolis seems like a game-changer performance for you…

"I felt, doing this film, how I felt doing films before the first Twilight. Where I didn’t have to worry about anyone’s reaction… and now I’m incredibly worried about everybody’s reaction! I’m absolutely terrified!"

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'On The Road' to be presented at the 'Munich Film Festival'

Variety - BERLIN -- Francis Ford Coppola's "Twixt," Walter Salles' "On the Road" and Fernando Meirelles' "360" are among the high-profile international titles unspooling at the Munich Film Festival, which runs June 29-July 7.

The fest, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, kicks off with "Starbuck," Ken Scott's Canadian drama about the troubled life of a one-time sperm donor and his hundreds of progeny.

Munich boasts seven major sections with more than 200 films devoted to international cinema, German film, acclaimed filmmakers, young talent and kids' pics from around the globe.

"Twixt," "On the Road," "360" and "Starbuck" all unspool in the main Spotlight section, which also includes Bruce Robinson's "The Rum Diary," Jake Schreier's "Robot and Frank," Markus Imboden's Swiss hit "The Foster Boy" and Pat Holden's British supernatural thriller "When the Lights Go Out."

Likewise unspooling are Abel Ferrara's "4:44 Last Day on Earth" and French author Frederic Beigbeder's directorial debut "L'amour dure trois ans."

The U.S.-heavy International Independents sidebar unspools such pics as Kurt Voss and Allison Anders's "Strutter," Andrew Dosunmu's "Restless City," Lynn Shelton's "Your Sister's Sister," Tim Sutton's "Pavilion," Poull Brien's "Charles Bradley: Soul of America," Rick Alverson's "The Comedy" and Adele Romanski's "Leave Me Like You Found Me."

In addition to the previously announced homages to director Todd Haynes and actress Melanie Griffith, the fest is also honoring Nicolas Winding Refn and Julie Delpy with tributes and showcases of their works.

You can purchase tickets for the movie here - thanks @KstewDevotee via vonch

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New Rob and David Cronenberg Interview with HeyUGuysUK

With the Twilight behemoth winding down, Robert Pattinson is an actor looking to shake off his teen idol persona and establish himself as a adult leading man. He’s taken the latest step on this road to rehabilitation by teaming up with Canadian body-horror legend David Cronenberg, taking the lead in his adaptation of Don Delillo’s dark sci-fi satire Cosmopolis.

Pattinson is superb as Eric Packer, an arrogant, narcissistic young billionaire who trundles through a dystopian future New York in search of a haircut, while the city, his life and his fortune all crumble around him. The film marks another step in the evolution of David Cronenberg’s career, building on the triumphs of his recent steps away from horror such as Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method, but also retaining a uniquely Cronenbergian world view. It’s also a very timely film, feature a financial crisis and protests in the streets that strongly echo the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We sat down with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson in London to talk to them about the film.

One of Cronenberg’s answer does include some spoilers for the film, but we’ve clearly highlighted it.

HeyUGuys: The film features global financial meltdown and anti-capitalist riots in New York – did the Occupy Wall Street and We Are The 99% movements influence the film?

Cronenberg: Well, it didn’t inform the film at all, because we really just stuck to the script. It’s really just that what Don DeLillo wrote was precedent and clairvoyant, and the world was just catching up with him. So it didn’t alter what we did. But we couldn’t help noticing it. But Paul Giamatti, for example, texted me saying “I can’t believe it, I just saw Rupert Murdoch get a pie in his face!” and we’d just shot the scene where Robert gets a pie in his face! We were just thinking “Wow, this is weird!”. It was strange to be shooting scenes about anti-capitalist riots in the streets of New York and then reading about the Occupy movement.

What’s your take on the Occupy / 99% movement?

Cronenberg: It’s interesting, and I’m only just thinking about it after the fact, but there really are no anti-capitalists in this movie. In fact, it’s been noted, and I think it’s really accurate, that the Occupy Wall Street movement is not anti-capitalist. They really want a piece of the action. They’re saying “We want to be part of that 1%. We should be part of the capitalist dream.” So its not as if they’re communists or socialist, and are hating on capitalism, and wanting to take that capitalists down. They actually want to be capitalists. So {the Occupy movement} is a little odd, it’s not what you might think. With Benno {Paul Giamatti’s character}, he loves capitalism, he loves investing and the complaint he has it that he’s been left behind by Eric Packer {Robert Pattinson’s character}. Eric is to quick, he’s to fast, he’s destroyed the way that Benno loved to work. He’s not an ati-capitalist. So it’s not that easy to say the movie is anti-capitalist. It isn’t.

In DeLillo’s book, it’s the Japanese Yen that Eric Packer is investing in, yet you changed it to the Chinese Yuan for the film – why did you make the change?

Cronenberg: That was just my feeble attempt, as a complete ignoramus in terms of the economy, to make it a little futuristic. The Yen, since the book was written, has collapsed, and then you add the tsunami that hit Japan, and suddenly Japan is staggering. But when it was written, it was like the Rising Sun, everyone was terrified of Japan – the Yen was going to be the world currency. But now it’s China. The look to the East was correct, but it’s really China that will be a world power, and by 2015 the Yuan will be a fully convertible currency and might well displace the dollar as the world currency. That’s the Chinese plan, and nobody seems to think that it won’t happen. That was all I did there, I don’t think it really changed the tone of it though

There’s a re-occuring image of a rat in the film, was intended as a metaphor then, referencing the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac?

Cronenberg: I never go into metaphor! (laughs) This is the first I’ve heard of that, I never thought of it. And I don’t know that Don thought of it.

Robert, your character in the film, Eric Packer, is a not a very nice person – he’s a selfish and nihilistic. How do you approach playing a character like that?

Pattinson: I don’t think I approached it as being a nihilist. I think there was an energy there, but I think the energy of being a nihilist is something different. He’s not really throwing things away consciously, he’s just getting more stressed. He thinks he’s getting closer to something, and everything just starts falling away – he’s not consciously destroying it.

How do you think Eric Packer compares to other David Cronenberg characters?

Cronenberg: I don’t really think about my other movies – I said this before. You’re asking me to be an analyst of my own movies, but I won’t, because that’s your job! What I can say is that I don’t think about my other movies when I make a movie The joy for me is middle of the night, on the street, with your actors, nobody else around. You’re not thinking about Twilight, you’re not thinking about Scanners, you’re thinking about Cosmopolis. That’s beautiful and that’s very pure. When I’m putting the movie together I do think about the star value of the actors I get, I have to think about Robert’s passport as it’s a Canada/ France co-production, all of that stuff – but that’s all irrelevant to the actual creative making of the movie. So I try to be pure that way.

Eric Packer’s only real goal in the film is to get a haircut. Why is he looking for something so trivial?

Cronenberg: The trivial thing is not at all trivial. He even sets it up. He says “A haircut is what? It’s calendars on the wall, its a barber’s chair, it’s the neighbourhood”. It’s his past, where he was somehow pure, and somehow innocent. There’s one thing Robert did, and he probably didn’t even know he was doing it, but when he’s sitting in the barber’s chair he becomes a child. And the old barber becomes like his father or grandfather. There’s a great moment where he says “You were four at the time”, and Eric say “Five, I was five,” and it was just gorgeous. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. And this is beautiful stuff that was in every line of his dialogue, there’s a real intuitive understanding of that stuff. So as I say, it’s not trivial, you understand eventually that this movement to his childhood is what the haircut is all about.

(The next question has a few spoilers, so you may want to skip it if you haven’t seen the film yet)

Eric and his wife never touch in the film – in the book they take part in a massive public orgy, which doesn’t make it into the screen version. What’s your reasoning for this?

Cronenberg: Well, I didn’t feel that they ever touched in the book, frankly. And the scene in the book of the filmed orgy, hundreds of people in the streets of New York, I honestly though when reading it that it was Eric’s fantasy of reconciliation, and a rather juvenile one at that. And the way that Eric is rather infantile in some ways I didn’t believe that it was real. And I thought on screen it would be laughable, you’d never buy that, it could never happen. So I thought, no, he disconnects from his wife and he never does touch her, and they never do have sex. It’s over, and that’s one of the things that leads him to destroy himself. There are several moments – it’s the death of brother Fez, it’s the break up of his marriage, it’s the killing or Torval, it’s these moments that lead him to the end, which is a kind of suicide, really. He’s going back to his childhood, and then beyond, before his birth, which is to say death.

People aren’t going to expect to see Robert Pattinson in a film like this – how do you think the Twilight fan’s who just come to see Robert will respond to the film?

Pattinson: I dunno. I mean, I hope people come to see it! (laughs). Get them into the cinema anyway you can! The Twilight fanbase is very much maligned for their tenacity for sitting out in the rain. Like in Germany yesterday, there were all these people sitting on a miserable day in the middle of nowhere, waiting. Everyone’s always screaming and that, but you go down the line, people give you books. Somebody gave me a Lawrence Ferlinghetti book, even. They give you all these different things, and it’s not like they’re giving you teddy bears. People,for some reason, have some kind of… (pauses) I don’t know. Twilight has attracted such a broad spectrum of people, and they have all kind of been lumped together because it’s much easier to get these images of people screaming and stuff. It’s quite a strange spectrum of people. A lot of people who’ve becoming to the premieres in Europe have seen the movie four or five times already, and they all have interesting critiques of it.

Cronenberg: And a lot of those girls in those lines actually had copies of Cosmopolis and they were asking us to sign them. And they’d read them, or truly intend to read it. The websites that were made by girls, young girls, Twilight fans, while we were shooting, they all had read the book – and they were still excited about the project. Some of the websites were gorgeous, really sophisticated and great. Ok, maybe they’ve only read Harry Potter and Twilight – and now they’re reading Don DeLillo! What’s wrong with that?

What’s next for you both? The two of you are supposed to be working together again on Map To The Stars, an adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s novel As She Climbed Across the Table. That’s all been confirmed to go, right?

Cronenberg: Is it? Did you find the financing? Can you come up with the money (laughs)?

Pattinson: You probably know better than me! I want to do it. I’m going to start talking about it to get some financing!

Cronenberg: It has created some interest in it actually, just talking about it and weirdly enough that counts. There is a brilliant script by a friend of mine who’s a novelist Bruce Wagner – he wrote the script some time ago and tried to get it to happen five years ago and I couldn’t get it made. It’s one of those great scripts. In a way it’s a lot like Cosmopolis – it’s not an easy sell. It’s edgy in a nasty, disturbing way and it has emotion, but it’s a weird emotion, just like Cosmopolis I think. By the end of the movie, Cosmopolis is strangely, weirdly, sad and emotional, and it creeps up on you , because you don’t think it’s ever going to go there, and that’s how the book struct me as well. It’s hard to make difficult movies, and even when you have credible actors who bring a lot of intention and stuff – Viggo Mortensen wants to play another role in {Map To The Stars} – and with those two guys you’d think it would be “Hey, fifteen million here is no problem,” but it’s not like that.

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Chilean newspaper 'EL MERCURIO' interviews Kristen at the SWATH Mexico press junket- She talks about the film, twitter and more.

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Kristen Stewart: “I’ve never been a fan of fairytales”

The heroin of the twilight saga comes back with a Badass Snow White, but she says she stays true to the classic character. “Snow white and the huntsman” makes its debut in Chile on June 21st.

Protected inside of a centric and luxury Aztec hotel, Kristen Stewart is not indifferent to the chorus of hundreds of fans that have been here throughout the morning and much of the afternoon making a vigil to wait for her to appear on a balcony and greet. And although she does it, the loyal fans do not leave the area waiting of a new appearance.

However, the last years, particularly since this young girl of 22 years old jump to fame with the blockbuster “The twilight Saga”- and who has never publicly acknowledged her relationship romance with her co-star Robert pattinson.-, has learned to love her fans but at the same time fiercely protect her privacy “When I made the first promo world tour I was just 18 years old” tells Stewart, that after posing for photographers in a glamorous outfit receives a "EL MERCURIO" more relaxed in jeans and a sweatshirt. "Now, it’s so much easier to me to be free and talk from my heart, because I know my limits. I don’t play that horrible game of not knowing how much give, and being honest without not being eaten. Now, it makes so much sense to talk about my movies, I don’t talk about anything else and I think that’s important.” She explains.

Before the end of the vampires and werewolves series, Stewart comes back to the Chilean cinemas turned into Snow White, but not the classic fairytale of the immortalized Disney classic. Here is a young lady that must lead a rebel army to take back her throne from her evil stepmother (Charlize theron) and divide her heart between the charming prince (Sam Clafin) and the man sent to kill her (Chris Hemsworth) who becomes her ally. Snow white and the huntsman it’s a super production of $170 million that debuts with success in United States.

- Did you admire this character when you were a child?

“The truth is that I’ve been never a fan of fairy tales; the stories of princess were never my favorites. I mean, I understand why these stories have endured for so long but never did tune with me. That’s why I like this movie, because it was very different. As an actress, I want to challenge myself and discover things, and this Snow white keeps all its delicacy and sweetness, but must fight and become harden.”

- This is a snow white that have to use a sword and fight…

“I love that, especially because everything you see in the movie are things that a girl my size can do. I like challenges, but it is foolish to see a girl like me running and throwing kicks to huge and burly men. I'm no super hero. I hurt a lot during the filming. A lot.

- And considering the lack of action heroines in Hollywood, wouldn’t you like to experience more in that genre?

I think there must be a reason for action. I can’t say I hate a certain genre, but all the characters I play have to come from a place where I feel the story deserves to be told. I'm not a big fan of the idea of ​​just running and killing people just because. It must be something real behind, a good reason.

- How was the experience of working with charlize Theron?

She blows your mind when she enters a room. She has an energy that is pervasive and intimidating. I really wanted to impress her, all the time. It’s always like that when I work with actors I've admired all my life; and then work with her and realize that we do this for the same reasons, it was incredible.

- Do you feel any complications that your movie comes shortly after the other snow white movie, with Julia Roberts and lily Collins?

Lily is a very good friend of mine and we got these roles more or less at the same time. But the truth is, we didn’t do this movie for the impression you may have with the other one or what will people say, I can only say they are very different.

- You still haven't joined twitter. Have you ever had the intention to do so?

I think the most interesting part of me at this moment is that Snow White is being released and I think it's very weird that you believe that you are so interesting and so wonderful. I have no problem with twitter and social networks. Surely if I were not in my position I would have an account, but I think the moment you start to deliver details that are just so yours, you stop knowing who you are. I think it is logical that everyone wants to talk to me about this movie, but if you want to know what I do on Sundays, I ask ‘why you'd want to know that?’ –

Even when there is no confirmation of the studio, there is already talk of a possible sequel to "Snow White and the Huntsmant” about it, Stewart says, "no actor is bound by contract, but if the story is good I think we'll all jump happily at the prospect of continuing this story”

Scan thanks to RobstenChille | Translation by our @Karenxan (Please credit us as well- thanks!)

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Rob Pic of the Day

If you can see THIS in theaters you need to go now!! Go see Bel Ami in select theaters now!!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Kristen going to Budapest to celebrate her 20th birthday with Rob while he was filming Bel Ami. Please go support it in select theaters now!

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Bel Ami is in select theaters. A flashback to Kristen coming to visit Rob in Budapest. So sweet! If you can please go support it in theaters!!

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Time for Miracles' from the Amazing @RobstenFlame

LOVE all these quotes about keeping their relationship 'private.' It's only theirs and we just get to see little glimpses of it!

Video from robsten4everinlove

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New Kristen Interview with 50 Minutes Inside from SWATH Paris Press Junket

Via | Via | Via | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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Kristen Interview with TV Grande Chaine (Scan + Translation)

I never dreamt to be a princess.

At 22, the Bella from Twilight has many shootings. After On the Road by Walter Salles, she hits the box office with Snow White and the Huntsman

When you were a little girl, were you a fan of Snow White?
Not at all! I liked The Jungle Book and Robin Hood. I didn’t read much fairytales. For me, it’s a new world to explore.

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New Kristen Interview with La Minute (France) from SWATH Paris Press Junket

Source | Via | Via | DM thanks to veronicaspuffy

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New Rob Interview with OMG! Yahoo from Cosmopolis London Press Junket

Source | Via: RPLife | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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Paul Giamatti and Sarah Gadon Talk About Rob

Paul Giamatti talks about Rob with c7nema (click to read the full interview - in Portuguese)

Did you know Robert before the movie?

What do you think of him? He unintentionally became an icon after all the madness from 'Twilight'?
He's a great guy. Of course he has a crazy life, but he deals with it very well. I don't know how he does that. I knew he had done 'Twilight', but I've never even watched it, I didn't know how famous he was. All I can tell you is that he's very nice and down to earth.

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New Kristen Interview with Mun2 from SWATH UK Press Junket

Via | Via | YT thanks to veronicaspuffy

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New Great Fan Pictures and Fan Videos of Rob from Cosmopolis Toronto Premiere

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New Rob Interview with Irish Times + David Cronenberg Talks About Rob (Scans + Transcript)

image host image host image host

Idol chatter

ROBERT PATTINSON is taking his first few steps on a long road. You don’t get any sense that he is ashamed of Twilght. He would be a fool (and he’s no fool) to adopt any such stance. One can, after all, safely assume that the adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire novels have put him in a position where he need never work again. But, as the final part looms, he wants to put some distance between himself and the pale, dreamy Edward Cullen.

The latest lunge for freedom involves a fascinating collaboration with David Cronenberg. The Canadian director’s Cosmopolis, adapted from a novel by Don DeLillo, finds the Tsar of Cheekbones playing a young asset manager confined within an absurdly well-appointed limousine.

Pattinson has arrived in Cannes to promote the film. But nobody is allowing him to escape his past life. Why, Eric Packer, the protagonist of Cosmopolis, is just a another class of vampire, is he not? Pattinson must identify with him personally. Like Mr Packer, the actor – a victim of hyper-fame – is driven into a class of seclusion.

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HQ Scans of Kristen and Charlize in Interview Magazine June/July 2012

Everything from this magazine is HERE

image host image host image host image host

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New Kristen Interview with Star Watch from SWATH UK Press Junket

Kristen's interview starts around 2:48

YouTube video under the cut.

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New Rob Interview with BBC News from Cosmopolis London Press Junket

Actor Robert Pattinson has predicted that his new art-house film Cosmopolis will be embraced by Twilight fans.

"Some of them will just want you to play vampires, but most people don't want you to repeat yourself," the Briton told the BBC.

The heart-throb, who played Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, also defended his fans from accusations that their dedicated behaviour was "crazy".

Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg, opens in the UK this week.

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New Kristen Interview with Chicago Sci-Fi from SWATH UK Premiere

Via: malenacasey

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Rob Pic of the Day

Favorite shoot ever, great outtake!!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Adorable Kristen Edit!

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Robsten Pic of the Day

A bubble at Comic Con. Can't wait to see that in person!

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Kiss The Rain' from @CSI_Robsten

One of my favorites. Tons of awesome R/K moments!!

Video from DebbyPiz91

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More Backstage Videos of Kristen from 2012 MMAs

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Kristen Interview in Premiere Magazine

P: The last Twilight movie comes out this November, you were in Cannes to promote On the Road and now we can see you, this month, on the big screen in Snow White and the Huntsman. It's a big year for you, is it the most impressive of your career?
KS: The most exciting for sure! And yes probably the most important since the first Twilight movie. I'm happy to have three different movies. The contrast between all of them might help viewers see me in a different light. But it wasn't something I planned. I didn't tell myself: "Perfect, let's make sure those three movies come out at the same time, so people can see how wide my acting range is." *laughs* It was a fluke, it wasn't the result of a strategy or a some kind of big career move.

P: It's hard to not see, with Cosmopolis and On the Road being selected at Cannes, that the Twilight chapter is ending for you and Robert Pattinson ...
KS: Yes, Cannes is like the Holy Grail, the ultime goal for every actor. It's not why we do this job but there's no more gratifying reward than to have a movie selected there. Saying this, tho, it's hard for me to talk about the end of Twilight. First, because the last movie isn't out yet and second because I never felt like I was trapped by the saga. I always tried to have a change of air, to do something different between two movies.

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Kristen Interview in Femme Actuelle (France) (Scans + Translation)

image host image host

What made you want to play Snow White on the screen ?
At first, Snow White is a classic. I like this heroine, because she is deeply kind, full of empathy to the others. I wanted to compose a human character, close to us. Snow White and the Huntsman, is especially an epic movie, with beautiful emotional moments and great action scenes.

This valiant and warlike Snow White is far from the heroine portrayed in the Brothers Grimm story…
I love the dark side of the character. It’s true there are some hard times in this movie. Personally, I’m attracted by the dark univers. I took my character up to this dark side. In this movie, she is not passive : she slips on an armor, takes the lead of the rebellion against the bad queen (Charlize Theron on the screen).
Do you find something about yourself in this character ?
Yes, but I think I’m a little more crazy than Snow White ! (laugh)

The movie is full of fight scenes, it wast not too hard ?
I like doing my own stunts, I love sport, I’m a big action movies consumer. On the set, I suffered a lot. (After having hurt her hand, the actress gave accidentally a punch in the face of her colleague Chris Hemsworth – who play the Huntsman – during a fight scene.)

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Kristen Interview in TU Magazine (Mexico) (Scans + Translation)

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

(Translation of the new quotes only)

Twilight is a huge fenomenon and it gave you thousands of fans, but at the same time it gave you lots of detractors. How do you feel about these polar opposites?

It’s funny because I get nervous when I’m talking to the press about me. I don’t like that people have this idea of me being stuck up, or that I don’t care about giving interviews. If people are going to hate me because of this missconception, then it’s my job to prove that they’ couldn’t be more wrong. But if they have other reasons to hate me, then it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m happy doing what I do.

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