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More HQ Pictures of Rob from Cosmopolis Paris Screening and Cannes

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More New Pictures of Kristen Arriving in NYC May 30, 2012

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Kristen Talks to E! About Charlize and Babysitting

Move over, Robert Pattinson—Charlize Theron is taking your place!

No, Kristen Stewart is not replacing her real-life Twilight boyfriend with her Snow White and the Huntsman costar, but…

K. Stew, 22, really digs Ms. Theron, 36.

"I want to stand on my tippy toes when I'm around her," Stewart told me the other day when she and SWATH costar Sam Claflin appeared at the MTV Sneak Peek of their new fairy-tale action flick. "She's mad intimidating. Most people would make you feel really bad about yourself when you're intimidated by them, but I feel so great around."

Claflin gushed, "She makes you step up your game."

Theron is also, well, super cool.

"She's awesome," Stewart said. "And she's hilarious—she's so fast and quick."

Even with all this lovin', Stewart and Claflin aren't going to be babysitting for the new mom anytime soon.

"I don't think she should trust either of us," Stewart said.

Claflin cracked, "I don't think she'd trust us with the kid or even her dogs."

Source | Via: vonch

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Elle US Outtakes (Non Scans)

image host image host image host image host

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New Outtakes of Kristen from ELLE France

image host

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SWATH Reviews

LA Weekly

Giving a fiery call-to-arms speech to a mass of assembled troops in a third act that has her essentially transformed into Joan of Arc, Stewart is miles outside her range, but she remains a great existential screen presence. There are a number of ‘supercuts’ floating around YouTube that mockingly catalog Stewart’s mannerisms — the sideways glances, the lip gnashed with the Chiclet overbite — but what the compilers fail to recognize is that many of our finest classical film actors have made brilliant careers from a single, essential expression.

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Sam Claflin Talks About Kristen Some More

With Go! Rogue

He talks About Kristen at 5:55

With Movie Fanatic

“Kristen Stewart… she really brought it. She has done everything in her power to make this the best it can be. People might have their reservations, but she’s going to prove to people how amazing she is,” Claflin said. He reported being inspired by how the Twilight actress handled herself, given the expectations thrown on her by audiences used to seeing her as Bella. “There’s such pressure on her shoulders. Trust me, she will impress everybody. Without her, this film would not nearly be the great movie it is now.”

“I’m proud now to step away from this and say that I did that. I needed to do this in order to grow -- having this opportunity to be surrounded by these incredible actors like Kristen, Charlize [Theron] and Chris [Hemsworth]. I grew up watching some of these people on television and in films. I’m proud of what we’ve all achieved. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it as much as we did making it. I’m excited to see what other people think of it.”


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New Kristen Interview with Attack of the Show from SWATH UK Press Junket

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NEW R/K Cannes Vid~'There is No Me If I Don't Have You' from @honeygirlblues

We've had an amazing few months. Thanks Diandra for sharing this amazing vid with us!!

Video from the lovely diandravideos SUBSCRIBE!!

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Kristen and Rob in OK Magazine Philippines June Issue (Scans)

Thanks to Frances, June's Phillipines OK Mag Scans


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Sam Claflin Talks About Kristen, First Day on Set, On Screen Chemistry, Rob and Kristen Fans

one more vid below

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Kristen Talks About MMAs Best Kiss

When asked if she had any fighting talk for Jennifer and Josh, Kristen told “I don’t know. For the last few years it was ‘The Twilight Show’ and it was bizarre and this year’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be like ‘Oh good, something different! Please God, something different’.

“I would love to see them go up there and I would love to see how someone else dealt with it to be honest. It’s like ‘are you gonna do it?’, ‘are you gonna give it to them’.”

She added: “If we didn’t win, I would actually be stoked to see like how it all goes down and how they handle it.”

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PopSugar's 'I'm a Huge Fan' Part 2 w/ @londonstew

She (@londonstew) gets to ride Rusty (Kristen's horse from SWATH and get a makeover in Part 2 of PopSugar's 'I'm a Huge Fan'
Part 3 tomorrow!!

Video from PopSugarTV

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New Kristen Interview with Fandango from SWATH UK Press Junket

At around the 2:50 mark Kristen jokes she uses her ‘troll roar’ on Rob

Via: kstewartnews

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Rob at Cosmopolis Berlin Premiere

Sticky post- Scroll for new posts.

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New Kristen Interview with Xpose from SWATH UK Press Junket

Via: malenacaseyn

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New Pictures of Kristen at ABC Studios for Live with Kelly in NYC May 31, 2012


image host image host image host image host

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Rob, David Cronenberg, Paul Giamatti and Sarah Gadon to be on Strombo

All right, this is exciting: 'Cosmopolis' just premiered at Cannes, and now we've got the director and cast of David Cronenberg's latest in the studio. David himself, Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, and Toronto's rising star Sarah Gadon will all be in the red chair.

The show is airing next Thursday, June 7th, so make sure to tune in and check it out.

'Cosmopolis' goes on wide release across Canada Friday, June 8th.

Source | Via: RPLife

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New Rob Interview with Ciné Télé Revue (Belgium) (Scans + Translation)

He talks about Kristen and On the Road :)

The interview was done during Cannes. The interviewer precises that Rob was eating a lollipop.

In the movie, you get your prostate checked? Is yours asymmetrical too?
Rob: *laughs* I haven't checked that yet! Everybody talks about it, it's crazy how that line marked people.

Did you feel up to the task to take on this role?
Rob: When David Cronenberg called me I was in the middle of shooting Breaking Dawn. There were only three weeks left. As soon as I got home, I pounced on the script and read it in one sitting, in one night. It was really strong, complex and freaky but so funny!

Your character speaks all the time, weren't you scared?
Rob: The risk of failure was huge. At first, I told David I didn't feel ready for the challenge. There was too much pressure, but he convinced me. Even though he knew I didn't understand anything from the script. *laughs*

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9 NEW Amazing Cosmopolis Clips

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NEW Cannes Rob Vid~'Call Me Maybe'

Cannes Rob FTW!!

Video from Robrobbedmyheart

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NEW Kristen Vid~'I Think I Love You Better Now'

I've always loved her. I love her more each day.

Video from The11711

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Kristen on Live with Kelly

Pics and videos under the cut.

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Kristen on The Today Show 5.31.12

Pics and videos under the cut

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Wyck Godfrey talks about BD-Part 2, MMAs Best Kiss and New Project with Rob

About MMAs Best Kiss

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New Kristen Interview with Collider from SWATH Mexico Press Junket

youtube below thanks @PatStewBonect

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More HQ Pictures of Kristen at the SWATH LA Screening - Part 3

140 more HQ pics w/ zip under the cut- thanks to Kstewartfans |  Part 1 & Part 2 (including zip)

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New Kristen Interview with 20 minutes (Switzerland) from SWATH UK Press Junket

Source |YouTube thanks to KstewDevotee|  Translation thanks to Robsteners (under the cut)

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New HQ Pictures of Rob in Paris May 30, 2012

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Sad News: Robert Pattinson won't be attending this years MTV Movie Awards :(

From EOnline:

Where in the world will Robert Pattinson be on Sunday?

Not at the MTV Movie Awards!


While his girlfriend Kristen Stewart will be on hand to present with her Snow White and the Huntsman costar Chris Hemsworth, I'm told Mr. Pattinson will be MIA this year.

He later tweeted this


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Tons More New Fan Pictures and Videos + Fan Accounts of Rob in Portugal

Pictures and videos all from From @dizzy_ladybug, @3cheers4tyranny, @patsystew @LoveTheStew all under the cut - via RPLife

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New Kristen Interview with CLTV from SWATH UK Press Junket

via @veronicaspuffy | YT thanks to PatStewBoneCT

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Rob Pic of the Day

Supporting his gal in London for SWATH and celebrating his birthday. Make sure to support Kristen too and go see Snow White tonight, tomorrow or all weekend!!


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Kristen Pic of the Day

For the US tonight at midnight many of us will be pouring into theaters. Go support Kristen and SWATH this weekend!! *screams* Can't wait!!


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Robsten Pic of the Day

Sweet and loving at the SWATH London Premiere.


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Robsten Vid of the Day~'I Won't Give Up on Us' from @icecreamwithme

Alright, we're down to the last day to vote for R/K Best Kiss. I refuse to believe Rob won't be there until Sunday night. Either way, they MUST when so VOTE now HERE!! I won't give up on R/K!!

Video from xLovableSunshine

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Kristen's First ET Interview


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Complete MTV Sneak Peek Q & A Video

Thanks to veronicaspuffy

New Kristen Interview with Telefe Noticias (Argentina) from SWATH UK Press Junket

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Kristen Interview with Cinemania (Scans + Translation)

image host image host image host

The first thing you notice about her is not her tiny frame. It’s her eyes. They are big and turquoise green, which were hidden under brown contacts for Twilight. Second, her shaky hands. Watching her take a bottle of water one can’t help but believe she really is as clumsy as she says she is. Her nervousness around the press, which to be fair she has almost dominated now, because despite stammering occassionally still, she gets her ideas across more clearly. Ehat’s true is that Stewart has the beauty and vulnerability to play Snow White.

What made you want play this princess?

You learn bout her in the script, and I loved that. She’s been in prision for ten years of he life. The world before she was imprisioned was beautiful and clean. When she gets out she finds it infected, drained from any sort of life. She forces herself to take the weapons she has inside of her. I loved playing a heroin like this.

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Sam Claflin Talks About Kristen with Den of Geek

What’s your take on Kristen’s character in the film?

What I loved about how Kristen approached this character is she put a lot of heart of soul into this, she literally dedicated her life to this project and I think the results show for themselves. The character’s got a little bite and a little fierceness, she doesn’t mind punching people, like Chris in the face. She’s very strong-willed as well as the kind of naivety and purity side of things, she’s strong and independent. She goes from girl to woman in this film and it’s quite interesting to watch.

Is Snow White a modern heroine in Huntsman?

I think she could be easily, I think young girls could walk away from this and think, I want to be like Snow White. She’s not a fighter but she is a good person and hopefully somewhat of a superhero. It’s no different from me walking away from Superman thinking, I want to fly and wear pants over my trousers. There are going to be a few more tomboys out there wanting to get stuck in thanks to her.

Source | Via

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More from Rob's Interview with USA Today

On Nov. 18, he'll reprise his role as vampire/new father Edward Cullen opposite Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn— Part 2, the final installment in Stephenie Meyer's behemoth series.

But before that, he'll appear in a surreal role as a Wall Street banker in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis (due in August), which earned a standing ovation for its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

"I used to think it was a good thing to have a safety net," says Pattinson, 26, of his starmaking Twilight role. "To know you're always safe is not real. It's got to matter."

So after Breaking Dawn, Pattinson will launch into a busy slate of projects that are starting to take shape.

"I have five things going — actually six," he says. "I'm pretty sure I know which one is going to be first."

That would be Mission: Blacklist (2013), based on the true story of the interrogator credited with locating Saddam Hussein after the fall of his regime. After that, Pattinson will head to Australia with Guy Pearce to shoot The Rover, a thriller set in the post-apocalyptic future. It will be directed by David Michod (who wrote and directed 2010's critically acclaimed Aussie film Animal Kingdom).

Like his role in Cosmopolis, this movie doesn't quite fit into a box.

"It's really complicated to explain," Pattinson says, laughing. "I seem to like choosing movies lately that are difficult to promote."

Source | Via: RPLife

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New Kristen Interview with MTV At the Movies from SWATH UK Press Junket

Click on the screencap to watch

image host

Source | Via

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New Kristen and Cast Interviews with Celebuzz from SWATH UK Press Junket

Via: veronicaspuffy

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New Kristen Interview with Wiki Entertainment from SWATH UK Press Junket

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New Pictures and Video of Kristen Arriving in NYC May 30, 2012

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Another Cosmopolis Q & A with Rob and David Cronenberg in London

image host

A 2nd Q & A is happening on the same day as the first at London’s Regent Street Apple Store. From We Love Movies [More Than You]

Friday the 1st of June is a packed evening at London’s Regent Street Apple store. If you live in London and haven’t taken advantage of the wealth of Meet the film maker talks that the Apple Store host, you are really missing out.

This friday sees Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt discuss their latest movies. It’s totally free, but seats are limited, so make sure you get there early.

Between 6 and 6.45pm, you can hear director David Cronenberg (A Dangerous Method) and Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) discuss their new film, Cosmopolis. Eric Packer (Pattinson) is a billionaire being chauffeured across New York in his extravagant limousine when wild activity erupts on the city’s streets. The movie is already attracting rave reviews and Cronenberg already wants R-Patz in his next project.

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