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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Preview from Target

We were all wondering what song was used in this BD 2 clip and Jack Morrissey was king enough to let us know:

Jack! What is the name of the band and the song that was played during the Target Exclusive Breaking Dawn Part Two clip?

Jack's Answer:
Artist: Iko
Song: Heart of Stone

Since I am sure it's an original song for the soundtrack, I don't think you will be able to find it yet.

Source: Team-Jack | Via: letmesigndotcom | RPLife

Best quality video so far thanks Meltav2009

image host image host image host

Clear Audio thanks TheTwilight6119

What E and B say on the clip via DontFeedPhil420 on YouTube

Bella- It's strange. physically I feel like I could demolish a tank, mentally I just feel drained.
Edward- how about a bath?
Edward- I've had a bad habit of underestimating you. every obstacle you've faced I'd think you couldnt overcome it. but you just did. you've given me something to fight for, a family. I'll get the water running.(while he's walking away)
Better close up of kiss/YouTube

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SWATH Poster Spotted in Phillipines

Spotted in the Phillipines in a theater! Exciting!

Thanks to Frances for sharing!!

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NEW Rob Vid~'Domino'

Video from ThatPlugInBaby

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NEW R/K Vid~'Set Fire to the Rain'

Video from ThatPlugInBaby

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD Giveaway!!

We haven't done a giveaway in a while and thought it was about time... And so what better thing to giveaway than the Breaking Dawn Part 1 dvd!! This giveaway is world wide so you could be the winner!! :)

Caption this pic the best way you can. The funniest or most interesting caption will take this home.


Along with your caption, let us know your name and your twitter name or you email. And thats it. Good luck everyone. You have until February 14th to enter!! Good luck :)

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Sam Claflin Talks About Kristen in SWATH: "She looks pretty damned awesome"

image host

We posted part of this interview earlier where Sam talks about his musical conenction with Rob and Kristen through Marcis Foster HERE What’s Kristen’s costume like? Very princessy?
Sam: She tends to sort of not be in any princess-like costumes, which is good for her and kind of gives her that badass sort of fighting spirit, I suppose, but she looks pretty damned awesome. Thumbs up. Have you gotten any injuries on set?
Sam: No. I think I sort of tripped over a stair, which is my own fault. I can’t blame injury on that. But the other day I think Take 1 of riding a horse on to a certain scene, I fell off. I think the thought of me trying to get up again was quite difficult, so I was just laying there kind of going, “Oh-h-h.” But I remember Kristen just trying to winch me back up on to my feet, and I thought, “I’m not moving. I can’t move. I’m just going to stay here. I’m happier.”

Complete interview at Source: | Via: KstewAngel

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[Video] Bel Ami TV Spot

image host image host image host

Via: ThinkingofRob | RPLife

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Daniel Cudmore Talks About Rob and Kristen: "When you see two people together you know"

image host

Their Breaking Dawn co-star Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix in the series, chatted with Ology about the two and how their relationship was handled on set. He was pretty reluctant at first but after hearing that the romance was finally confirmed he gave us a bit more detail.

"Yeah, they--did they come out about that? I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. It's funny because I think the whole time everyone--it doesn't matter who you are and where you are--when you see two people together you know," Cudmore said. "You could just tell whether or not they are in a relationship. But you know at the same time like it's not really any of our business to pry or poke and at the same time they just kept it very professional. So--and then obviously they are trying to hide it from everybody else."

Trying to hide a high-profile relationship from the public can be a struggle for any couple. So as Cudmore agrees, filming such a phenomenon like Breaking Dawn in Vancouver helped the cast stay grounded and ultimately helped in keeping the paparazzi away. "That's the tough thing, and I give kudos to the people on the top positions, because all of the things that they have to deal with on top of just trying to deliver on set every day and be the face of a franchise. I mean I couldn't imagine the pressure that they were going through with everything else on the side."

Source | Via: victoria1985

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Jonathan Kasdan, Director of 'In the Land Women', Talks About Kristen

"She is great!"

"I think one of most ironies of my career will be that I used all these kids that will become real box office's gold before they are box office's gold, so they can't help me not at all and they go on do great things."

"With Kristen [Stewart] was... The flip side of that equation is... when Kristen Stewart came to me to read "In The Land Of The Women", she was SOOO compelling that it was impossible to not look at her and said "This girl will gonna have a huge career in movies". She just irradiate that kind of life, energy and charisma that is undeniable! You don't have to be sophisticated to see what that is with Kristen!..."

Source: Collider | Via: FierceBitchStew | Robstenation

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New SWATH HQ Still

image host

Source: SnowWhite |} Via: kstewartfans

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First 'Bel Ami' TV spot airing tonight + Poster in HQ

From the official Bel Ami twitter: Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos We posted this poster in MQ before. Click here for the HQ version.

Via RPLife

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New RK Video ~ Happy Valentine's Day ❖ RK ❖ There's nothing can keep me from loving you by the amazing @RobstenFlame

Suzy @RobstenFlame newest RK vid ~ "There's nothing can keep me from loving you" Sigh, Happy Valentine's day loves :)

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Happy Valentine's Day from us here at Robsten Dreams :)

Another V-day with you guys, Gosh its been amazing. Another v-day that RK will probably spend in hiding but we hope that where ever they are, they are happy as can be. And happy Valentine's day to all of you guys. Thank you for making our day brighter by giving us a cute review, comment, or RT on twitter. You guys are the best. We love you so much!!!

Have lots of fun and enjoy this day. Oh and don't forget to wish our lovely @melarimo a happy birthday. She's a sweetheart and we love her!!

Lots of hugs and kisses for you all :")

RD staff: Alma, Ingi, Ruby, Karen, and Casey. 

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Happy Birthday Mel @melarimo ~ We love you!!!

Happy Birthday Mel!!! We want to say we love you!!! A little love from your friends + Rob. We hope today is amazing for you.. Mwah!!!!

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Casey Labow Talks About Kristen: "I was super in awe of Kristen"

image host

When you’re working with people like Lee Pace, Michael Sheen, Elizabeth Reaser and obviously Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, what do you take away from them?

Casey LaBow: Everybody is so normal and so comforting and you’re all sort of in the trenches together, so to speak. It was a lot of long, hard days of shooting and it can be taxing. Certainly Michael handled things with such grace. And Liz who has obviously done the three movies before this, so her perspective or her way of handling things was so like water off a ducks back. It was inspiring.
I was super in awe of Kristen. She is severely talented and professional and committed and cared a lot about what was happening. I think she did a 10-month shoot and she worked like 6-days a week? I gotta hand it to her. And she’s so young!

Complete interview at Source | Via: KstewAngel

How long were you actually on the set?

Casey LaBow: "Seven months. And I got a long stick - I mean Kristen [Stewart], I've got to hand it to that girl. She was like 10 months, six days a week. That's a lot of work."

Complete interview at Source | Via: Robstenation

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Rob Pic of the Day~ Happy Valentine's Day!

OH and the way he looks at her!!!

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Kristen Pic of the Day~ Happy Valentine's Day!

The way she looks at him :D

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Robsten Pic of the Day~Happy Valentine's Day!

The love when they look at each other, even from the start...

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Good Life' from @Fiorels90 Happy Valentine's Day!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Hope you all have a great day full of love, and I hope our fave couple has a great one too! Rob & Kris are living the 'good life' as long as they're together. Here's to hoping they make it a couples trip when he goes to Berlin this week.

Video from the best... xFiorels90

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Bel Ami Film Reviews from 'Total Film' and 'Sight and Sound' Magazines

From 'Total Film' Magazine (3 stars):

image host

Source: BexDazzled | Via: TwilightPoison

From Sight and Sound Magazine (Transcription):

Guy de Maupassant’s second novel, about an unprincipled cad who rises in Belle Epoque Parisian society using women as stepping stones, has often been adapted for the screen, most famously by Albert Lewin as The Private Affairs of Bel Ami in 1947, with George Sanders in the title role. Lewin, a cultured Francophile, did a handsome if over-wordy job, but at 41 Sanders was too old for the role, and the Hollywood censors, much to Lewin’s annoyance, imposed a moralistic ending in which the cad meets his deserts in a fatal duel. Hard to think of anything more out of keeping with Maupassant’s novel, which exudes the urbane cynicism for which the writer was famous.

The new version has no truck with such sanctimony. Rachel Bennette’s script offers a faithful rendition of the original, up to and including the ending with Georges Duroy (the amorously ambitious ‘Bel Ami’ of the title) relishing his triumph over the shallow, corrupt society that he at once despises and personifies. Although it is well-grounded in its period – Budapest locations convincingly impersonate 1890s Paris, and rampant French colonialism in North Africa provides a murky political backdrop – the film’s themes feel remarkably topical. An Arab country is invaded for ostensibly high-minded motives, political parties denounce each other’s policies while surreptiously adopting them, the press attacks the corruption from which it profits, and a young man of no discernable talent attains celebrity thanks to a pretty face and a plausible manner.

Joint directors Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, here making their feature debut, are best known for their work with Cheek by Jowl, the avant garde theatre company they founded in 1981. If Bel Ami occasionally feels airless and overly art-directed that may partly reflect the period it’s set in, but also the directors’ over indulgence in facial close-ups. It’s almost as though they didn’t trust their actors to express emotions in mid-shot – the last thing you’d expect from theatre directors. This does Robert Pattinson as Bel Ami no favours, since in close up his face tends to lapse into the bovine, but at further remove he gives an alert amusedly insinuating performance. A scene where he plays tap with his soon-to-be lover Clothilde (Christina Ricci, appealingly kittenish) and her little daughter brings out the boyish charm that stands him in good stead with the Parisian ladies. Even so he is outpaced in the acting stakes by his trio of lovers, Ricci, Uma Thurman as his mentor and subsequently his wife, and Kristin Scott Thomas, touchingly vulnerable as his boss’s wife. As Thurman’s Madeleine notes, unwittingly setting Georges on his unscrupulous path to the top, in this seemingly male dominated society the really important people are the wives – and the same goes for the film.

All Via: RPLife

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Chris Hemsworth Talks About Working with Kristen and SWATH Love Triangle

image host

Kidzworld: You got punched.
Chris: Well you can see that it’s swelling going up my nose.

Kidzworld: Did Kristen do that?
Chris: We misjudged one and I head-butted her fist with my nose which didn’t turn out too well for me.

Kidzworld: Owww! Can you talk about working with Kristen?
Chris: She’s great. We both loved the script from the beginning. We both read it and had a huge amount of excitement coming into it and both love working with [director] Rupert [Sanders] and she leaves no stone unturned in her prep with the script. She’s always asking questions and trying to find out what’s the real truth in the scene but she’s great. It keeps you on your toes and the scenes are all the better for it.

Kidzworld: Can you tell us about the rumored love triangle in the movie? [Chris and Sam Claflin who plays the prince and Kristen].
Chris: It’s not so much a love triangle. We haven’t really finished shooting it yet so we don’t know what it’s gonna turn into. It’s kind of what the individual characters feel for each other. I think they are kind of unaware of whether anyone else is involved in that mix. It’s not quite as public or an open as a love triangle is. It’s not that obvious. I think it’s more of a [subtext]. They all come from a different part of the universe we’re creating and can find themselves getting along in moments and not in other moments. I think it makes an interesting mix.

You can read the complete interview HERE

Via: kstewdevotee | kstewartnews

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New Kristen Interview from SWATH Set

image host

Is there something you admire about Snow White?

Yes. It’s strange playing a character that you actually could never truly embody. Her spirit affects people. . . I can’t have Snow White’s effect on people. I can’t actually be completely selfless because nobody is. You can only really play a character like that in a fairy tale and play it with an awful load of integrity. She’s very fully formed, but very farfetched-from-the-reality-that-we-live-in type of person. She also is strong in a very different way than you’d expect. Strength, yeah, but also gusto. I mean, she’s strong. She can kick ass. It hurts very much to do so and so it’s not like you’re watching her go take down a kingdom. You’re not watching going, “Yeah! Kill him!” Really it’s more like you’re watching someone having to do something that doesn’t just go against your sensibilities or that you agree with. It’s gutting. It’s physically gutting, literally. A million reasons, but she’s special.

Do you like that she’s not like your prissy fairy tale?

Yeah, because that’s just a very surface, though she is prissy sometimes. That’s the other thing. It takes her the whole movie basically to become who I’m talking about now. I’m really sort of talking in retrospect. It’s strange. It’s a total identity movie. It’s all about not finding yourself, but actually just being OK with who you always have been and not being ashamed of being the only one who sees the light. It’s an enormous burden and she’s so stunted. She was put away when she was 7 years old and your mother and your father were killed basically right in front of you. We’re not doing the version of a fairy tale that wouldn’t deal with all of those things, where you just sort of skim over all those things, and it’s like all of these things are actually really important to the characters. She literally bleeds for her land and her people, and that’s just such a cool concept for me because it’s other people caring about people. It’s very simple, but it’s so common. Every day all the time you see people not caring about each other, and this is just about that.

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Fan Account of SWATH Set Visit Winner

image host

Her complete story can be found at MTV, below is her Kristen encounter:

The first person I got to meet was Kristen. We walked onto the set and caught her during a break with the director and Sam. She was in costume and her makeup was flawless. We made introductions, shook hands and were ushered off to see Chris on a different set so that we could come back later for pictures.

Going back to the set where Kristen and Sam were filming was a bit nerve wrecking. It was as we entered the stage area that I finally got to introduce myself to HBG.

Here’s how that went:
Me: Hi, I’m Lynsey. I’m one of the girls from your Facebook page. [Shakes his hand]
HBG: Hi. [Something registers in his eyes...he knows!]
Moments later…
Me: Did you go to the University of Kentucky? [Pointing at his UK hat]
HBG: No, I just like the hat. [Eyeing me curiously] Don’t go investigating me!
Me: Oh, no! I was just wondering. [Eyes wide as saucers. Probably blushing.]
A few moments later still…
HBG: [To me] So how did this all come about?
Me: The Facebook page?
HBG: No, the contest. [Grinning at me like I’m crazy]
Me: Oh! [There goes that blushing thing again]

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Colleen Atwood, SWATH Costume Designer, Talks About Kristen and Her Costumes

image host

The puff sleeve is sort of reflected in Kristen’s costume, but that’s about it. The rest of it — she’s a totally different kind of character. She’s much less kind of princess-y and more kind of a badass girl. I just showed her the stuff and she was really into it. She loved the armor and all the other bits that she has, it was — she’s really not obsessed with clothes at this point in her career. She’s young and free from that obsession, and in her work previous she hasn’t worn those presentational costumes, so it’s kind of new for her. She’s got a great presence as an actor and you put a costume on somebody that really knows how to wear it and it becomes really strong and kind of scary.

Source: Popsugar | Via: kstewartnews

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New SWATH Still and BTS Still in HQ

image host

image host image host

Source: Popsugar | Via: kstewartnews

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SWATH Book Cover Revealed + Release Date Confirmed

image host

In a kind of reverse-adaptation, Snow White and the Huntsman, will be getting a novelization on April 17 leading into the film’s June 1 release.

You can pre-order from Amazon now.

Source | Via: kstewartnews

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Rob Wrote a Screenplay for Martin Amis' 'Money'

According to Chris Ayres, contributing Editor at The Sunday Times of London and GQ, Rob wrote a screenplay for Martin Amis' 'Money'

image host

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Sam Claflin Talks About His Musical Connection to Kristen and Rob Through Marcus Foster

image host

Sam Claflin is one of Kristen Stewart's two leading men in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, which hits theaters June 1. We stopped by the London set of SWATH in October to sit down with the cast and crew and learn a little bit more about the highly anticipated dark retelling of a classic fairy tale. Sam, who plays Prince William in the film, is relatively new to the big screen after making his debut in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides last year. While on the SWATH set, Sam shared this cute story about having the same taste in music as Kristen and a connection they made through a favorite singer:

“There is a guy called Marcus Foster. Basically a guy played at my birthday, this sort of big musician who I love, and I went to go and see him at another gig, and supporting him was Marcus Foster. So, I went backstage and to meet Marcus, and he was telling me about this music video that he’s about to do that Kristen [Stewart] has just starred in. Then when I saw Kristen next, I said, ‘I can’t believe you did that. You know him and he knows you, and he knows Rob [Pattinson].’ So, again, it’s all this small world. So namely him, but I think — I have a feeling our sort of music tastes are very much in tune.”

Source: Popsugar | Via: kstewartnews

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NEW R/K Vid~ 'Babylon' from @melg0510

Gah this is so good! Her video description, "Because every love story has a beginning." SO TRUE!

Make sure to subscribe to melg0510

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NEW Rob Vid~'Listen'

Video from MsChristina70

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NEW Kristen Vid~'One in a Million'

She IS one in a million!

Video from FistfulLove

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UK Fans: WIN tickets to the first UK screening of Bel Ami

From MSNnets:

Fancy being one of the first people in the UK to see the hotly-anticipated Bel Ami, in cinemas March 9, starring Robert Pattison?

On February 20th, you could be sitting down in front of a big screen watching R-Patz at a top London hotel with around 40 other people, just days after the world premiere of the movie in Berlin.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, simply enter your details in the form below and keep your phone close by on February 16th when we’ll be contacting the lucky winners.

Alternatively, head over to @msnents on Twitter now and you could be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets simply by following us and retweeting the comp. Easy!

A bit about the film

Based on the classic novel, Bel Ami (March 9) unites an incredible cast of actors for a scandalous tale of high society 19th Century France. An erotically charged tale of ambition, power and seduction, the story chronicles the rise of penniless ex-soldier Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga) through the echelons of the Parisian elite. Also starring Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci – Bel Ami is a timeless epic with a modern twist – A Dangerous Liaisons for a new generation.

Click here for more information and to enter

Via| Via

Booboo Stewart Talks About Rob

He also noted that during the filming of Eclipse, he never actually worked with some of the stars, including Robert Pattinson. “We were together in a scene, but I was a wolf, so I was never there. So this whole time, I filmed the movie, and we’re doing press for it, and I still haven’t met him, and then finally, we were at the Kids’ Choice awards, and I got to shake his hands for a second.” He did note that once they started filming Breaking Dawn, he got to hang out with Robert, and said he was a really nice guy. I asked him if any of his friends had asked for Robert or Taylor Lautner’s numbers, and he laughed and said no.

Note: It was the Teen Choice Awards, not Kids Choice Awards. Looks like he just made a small mistake in the name of the award show

Source | Via: RPLife

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Rob Pic of the Day

There are times when Rob is just too much. This is one of those times. I want to help him with those buttons....

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Such a stunning face. Teen Vogue Outtake.

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Robsten Pic of the Day

She doesn't even realize it sometimes. Makes me smile.

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Airplanes' from ILAtwilight

Not a lotta video, but a lotta love between these two :D

Video from ILAtwilight

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Christina Ricci Mentions Rob in an Interview: “He is doing just fine”

image host

It’s all a far cry from the corsets and crinolines of her latest film, Bel Ami, a raunchy costume drama set in late-19th-century Paris. Based on the 1885 French novel by Guy de Maupassant, it stars the Twilight pin-up Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy, an ambitious, amoral former soldier and social climber who ruthlessly seduces every woman who wanders into his life. Ricci plays Clotilde de Marelle, who becomes his mistress, while his other creamy conquests include Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Holliday Grainger.

She stopped short of offering her co-star, the much-hyped R-Patz, any tips about the tricky transition to adult movies.

“Oh, he doesn’t need any help from me,” she raises her eyebrows. “He is doing just fine.”

Source | Via: barnsie_com | Tiggerama | belamifilm

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2 New Kristen Vids~'The A Team' and 'Just Can't Get Enough'

A Team :D

Video from ThatPlugInBaby

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Cosmopolis Release Date for Italy

image host

According to Italian Cosmopolis Distributor, 01Distribution :

image host

There’s still no official date for Bel Ami, but Cosmpolis out in December 2012.

Via: Robert Pattinson Italy | Spunk-Ransom

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NEW Kristen Vid~'What Makes You Beautiful'

And she is definitely a beauty...
Video from KStewRPattzxx

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Bel Ami in Emma Magazine (Slovakia)

image host

Source | Via: Gossip-Dance | PattyStewBoneCT

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Possible RK sighting last night in LA at Harvard & Stone

Get this shippers. Rob and Kristen seen by unknown person below.  Notice she says meh at the end of her update. If only.. So this chick was at Harvard & Stone where she saw RK.

Victoria1985 on twitter found this on facebook. Apparently these girls are Kristen's friends. So RK went to the party most likely. Notice the date does match up and the name of the restaurant also does, Yay for our hobo couple having a date night and celebrating friends bdays :")

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New Bel Ami Stills

New Stills in HQ

image host image host image host

Old Stills in HQ

image host image host image host

New MQ Stills

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

Source | Via: twilight-belgium | RPLife

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