Rob and Kristen: A Look Back at 2012 - Part 2

Part 2 is here guys!!! Sorry it took us so long. Rob and Kristen were a very busy couple from May to August. Cannes was a major highlight of the year. Both Rob and Kristen were promoting their films at the Festival and I feel like it was such an amazing experience for them, and for us as fans. We'll forever remember that. Also, they were crazy busy promoting Cosmopolis and SWATH. I'm so very proud to be their fan and it's really nice going back and seeing all their accomplishments in only 4 months. We'll resume the year later today and post the 3rd and final part of 2012. Enjoy! :3 BTW you can see part 1 here. :)

May 3- 4: Immediately after getting back from Vancouver, Kristen promoted SWATH with Jimmy Kimmel Live Show and The Tonight Show. Pics of her arriving on the 3rd to Jimmy Kimmel here. On the 4th we got pics of K arriving at the NBC studios to film her interview with Jay Leno.

May 6-7: Kristen spotted leaving LA and arriving in NYC for the MET Gala. She was even spotted out and about in the city with her bodyguard. The next day (7th) Kristen was seen leaving her hotel before she made an appearance at the 2012 Met Gala with Balenciaga's creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière. Later that night she was spotted leaving the after party.

May 8-10: It's time for more SWATH promo. This time in Paris. Kristen leaving her hotel in NYC to head to Paris. She arrived on May 9th where she was a guest on LeGrand Journal along side Charlize Theron to promote SWATH. Kristen and Charlize are so funny together, it's a must watch show. Pics of Kristen leaving Paris on the 10th. Next stop London....

May 10-11: Kristen in London to begin her long promotional tour for SWATH. She made time to film her appearance for Graham Norton Show. Mean while Rob spotted on a plane on his way to London. Hoping he'd make it to the premiere of course. Us and our shipper hearts.. :) RK spotted that same night leaving their hotel.

May 11-13: SWATH Press Junket in London + Rob's birthday dinner. Won't bore you with how many interviews Kristen did. If you want to go back and check on all of them click here for an extensive post about the whole SWATH promo. On May 13th (Rob's birthday) he was spotted leaving his hotel +  Also pics of him arriving at his birthday dinner followed by pics of him, Kristen, friends, and family leaving the restaurant. I'm sure he had a great time with his loved ones. :)

May 14: Snow White and The Huntsman Premiere in London. Such an excited day at the time. First we saw some smiley Stew leaving her hotel and on her way to the SWATH world premiere. To see our master post of the premiere click here. Kristen looked so happy this day, and I was so extremely happy-proud of her. Glad that Rob made an appearance as well and we can clearly see him at the after party. Later that night we saw a glimpse of Kristen, Rob and Charlize leaving a club, as well as pics of them arriving back to their hotel. Needless to say.. happy moment. Kristen was spotted arriving at the BBC studios and leaving her hotel later that day.

May 15-20: The promo tour for SWATH continues as Kristen makes her way through Berlin on May 16h for a fan event. Pics of her arriving the previous night as well as pics of her having dinner with cast. May 17th was the press conference and photo call in Madrid followed by an appearance at Spanish show, El Hormiguero where Charlize and Kristen were hilarious. She was spotted later that night having dinner in the city. May 18th Kristen arrives in Mexico for another press conference, she was seen leaving Mexico on the 20th. You can check out our extended SWATH promo round up for more pics, interviews, etc.

May 21- 23: Probably my most favorite days of the year- Part 1. Kristen at LAX on her way to Paris for the Premiere of OTR at the Cannes Film Festival. Pics of her arriving in Paris and later leaving a cast meeting. The next day was the 'On the Road' photo call, which I think was a success. Kristen looked so happy and we were just so proud. After that followed a press conference. Rob walked the red carpet at OTR Cannes Premiere on May 23. This was the first time he was at the red carpet for Kristen's movie premiere so it was a BFD. How excited were you guys that he was there?? :) We even got pics of him on his way to the prem and all...  Kristen arrived at the 'On The Road' premiere with her cast and she just looked amazing and flawless.... Never have I been so proud :33.... We also got some cute pictures of them from inside the screening. I love their not so subtle looks. :)  Fast forward a few hours later and we got the most amazing pictures ever. Rob and Kristen kissing at the after party. Please excuse the massive caps shouting at the post. Kristen was hard at work the next few days doing press for the movie. As always, click here for a more extensive post about the movie, OTR.

May 24-28: Rob in Cannes for the premiere of Cosmopolis. Rob started the part of his time in Cannes on the 24th where he started doing press for the movie, as well as attended LeGrand Journal-Cannes Edition. On the 25th was the big day and we saw him and cast attended a photo call and a press conference for the film. Kristen also surprised us by attending the premiere of Cosmopolis. Even though this wasn't the first time that Kristen walked the red carpet for one of Rob's films it was a BFD!!! :) Short after we saw Rob walk the red carpet alongside his cast members and director. Another very proud moment for our fandom. Rob look amazing and thrilled to be there. We also were lucky enough to get sweet pics of RK inside the theater (True love, guys) RK were also later spotted at the after party here, here, and arriving back at their hotel.  Of course, you can see and extensive look at our coverage of Cosmopolis here. Rob spent the next few days doing interviews for Cosmo and also took time to attend the premier of Reese's movie, MUD.  On 27th he was spotted having dinner with Cosmopolos cast mates and finally spotted at the airport on the 28th. Next stop is Portugal.....

May 28-29: Rob landed in Portugal to continue his promotional tour for Cosmopolis. He was spotted by fans on the 28th where he took pics and signed for a few of them. The next day he was spotted sight seeing, and then did a mini photo call as well as a press conference followed by the premiere where even his family attended.

May 29- June 1: While Rob was busy promoting Cosmpololis on the other side of the pond Kristen  was also busy doing another mini US Promo for SWATH. This time she attended an awesome fan event with Josh Horowitz that was called MTV Sneak Peek: SWATH. Kristen was being so funny and adorable and you know she loves Josh. That same night she attended a screening of SWATH in LA. The next day she was seen leaving LA and arriving in NYC to be a guest on 'The Today Show' and on 'Live with Kelly.' She was also spotted leaving the NBC studios where she was doing more press for SWATH. On June 1st she was spotted leaving NYC and arriving back in LA... Busy bodies, right?

May 30- June 1: Back to the other side of the pond. Rob attended a screening of Cosmopolis in Paris on May 30th, and he also was a guest on the show LePetite Show, where he talked about the film. Cute interview, watch it. The next day he attended the premiere of Cosmopolis in Berlin, Germany. And finally on June 1st he attended a Cosmopolis Q&A in London and was spotted again later that night.  We also got a pic of him at a Marcus Foster gig in London the next day..... Next stop for him is Toronto.... OMG This year was so busy for them... And we're not even near done... 

June 3: Kristen attended the MTV movie awards 2012. She presented the award for best female performance. She won best kiss awards and the cast of Twilight also won Best Movie award. Missed Rob on this one as they won Best Kiss for the 4th time in a row. Kristen doing the kissing solo thing was too cute :)

June 3-5: As Kristen was accepting the award for Best Kiss, Rob was spotted landing in Toronto for the Premiere of Cosmopolis. A photo call and press conference was held shortly before him and his cast mates arrived at the premiere. He was a guest on the George Stroumboulopoulous Tonight Show. He was spotted leaving Toronto and arriving back in LA on the 5th.

June 16-20: SWATH Sydney Promo time- Kristen was spotted at LAX on her to Sydney to keep promoting SWATH. She arrived the next morning and got straight to work doing press on the 18th and was even spotted entering a popular club. She attended the premiere on the 19th and was later seen leaving Sydney on the 20th and arriving back in LA on the 21st.

June 20- June 26: Lots of date night went on this week considering they had been so busy for the few months before. As Kristen was making her way back to LA from Sydney Rob went out with buddies to a Metric Concert. The very next night when Kristen came back home they went out again, this time to a Jenny Lewis show in LA. Two days after that on the 23rd they attended a wedding together. Where we got to see some very adorable and affectionate pictures of our love birds and even some really cute fan accounts of them at the wedding, etc. On the 26th Rob stepped out to a Katy Perry party for her movie, 'Part of Me,' he was spotted leaving in the Justin Bieber bus. Cute? LOL

July 12: Rob and Kristen attend Comic Con 2012. There's tons of pics of them arriving, signing for fans, at the press conference, at the fan panel and leaving the event. Link to one post with everything from this event is here. RK were especially sweet at this year's comic-con :)

July 19: Such a bitter sweet day for us... The very first time we saw RK be so blunt about their relationship at Bobby Long's gig and at the same time knowing what was happening in their personal lives. We won't sit here and act like nothing happened. But, like I've said before... why focus on the negative, right? I know that they are in a much better place now. So, maybe July was a set back, but I know they are a much more solid couple now. Cheers to an even better 2013, guys.

July 22: Rob and Kristen at the Teen Choice Awards 2012.  Click here to see a full list of awards they won as well as see more pictures,  videos and more.

August 13-22: Finally the time arrives for Rob to promote Cosmopolis in the US. First stop his guest appearance at The Daily Show on the 13th followed by the big premiere of his film in NYC. The next morning Rob and David were invited to ring in the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Rob took the whole day to do press for Cosmopolis and was finally spotted leaving his hotel around mid day. He was later spotted in the city with a friend. On the 15th Rob was a guest on Good Morning America, followed by a fan Q&A in the afternoon. The next day he did more press and even did an interview with our beloved Josh Horowitz. That night he was spotted out and about in the city. In between these days Kristen is spotted for the first time in a while on the 20th. We missed her. Fast forward a few days and Rob is back in LA and this time he went to Jimmy Kimmel to promote Cosmopolis on the 22nd.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. You are so great. I wish you all a fantastic 2013. Greetings from Germany.

  2. Thank you so much for putting this all together! Its so nice to look back at what a mad crazy but very successful year they both had! And may 2013 be even better. Happy New Year everyone!!

  3. I love this post review so much.
    Much love from Indonesian Robstener <3

  4. I love it!! what a great year for Robsten! lets hope it's even better for 2013!
    Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for all the work you do for this site!
    Take with a grain of salt but there was a tweet of someone seeing Rob and Kristen
    on the Isle of Wight!

  5. thank you for this post... nice job! but I have to say, that my favorite pics are from Cannes (when they kissed) and the wedding ones. Happy new year for everyone here and for our favorite couple as well. I'm sure that 2013 will be much better, full of happiness.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  6. I wish Robsten all the best in 2013!! May their love be stronger than ever!!~

  7. I have a question.... recently read somewhere, that Dakota tweeted about filming a new movie with Kristen, is that true?

  8. love it

    thank you so much

    happy new year - it`s gonna be a robsten year

  9. thank you for this post full of good memories cannes oh cannes! are my favorite paris .. i love you! and the pics of the wedding too cause they got so close and the name of rob and kristen on the table! .. i wish for rob and kristen a very happy new year and to robsten dreams founders and robsten fans cause robsten is u n b r o k e n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love it!Thanks for posting all of there wonderful picture.Happy new year 2013 to all,specially to Kristen and Rob wish you all the very best.Gob bless

  11. Gran trabajo!!! FELIZ 2013 para todos/as. Brindemos por el éxito de Rob y Kristen para este año. Mis mejores deseos para todos. Saludos desde Argentina

  12. If Kristen would look at me the way she looks at Rob, I would never stop loving her, I would be hers forever, I would adore and support her always... Rob is so lucky, I hope he realizes it.


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