Rob and Kristen: A look back at 2012 - Part 1

Alright guys. It's the end of 2012 and we want to share with you the best moments of RK this past year. It was definitely a year with its ups and downs but let's focus on the positive, shall we? :) This is part 1 - January through April. RK were definitely not shy about showing their love for one another this year. Hope you enjoy!! :3

Jan 29- Feb 1: Kristen was a busy body since the beginning of the year. She did a Vanity Fair photoshoot in Paris on January 30. But we got pics of her leaving LAX on Jan 29th and arriving to Paris the same day even before she did the photoshoot. Check out a compilation of HQ pics, fan pics as well as videos of Kristen in Paris from those days here and here. She was spotted arriving back in LA on Feb 1st.

February 6: Rob and Kristen spotted having dinner at a Sushi Restaurant in LA. I like it how they probably didn't want to take a picture together with her.. We still see you RK. :)

February 15 - 18: Rob was present at the premiere of Bel Ami at the Berlinale Film Festival. Pictures of him leaving LAX (on Feb 15th)  and arrived in Berlin on the 16th. There was a Bel Ami cast photocall and Press conference. To see a more detailed compilation of Rob in Berlin click here.  He was later spotted at Tegel airport where he took his flight and made his way back to LA arriving on the 18th.

February 19: We were surprised with this adorable picture one morning. I was speechless and so happy when I saw it. Apparently Rob and Kristen were at Scouty's birthday themed party (Dirty Dancing Themed Party)  :) More info here  :3

February 23-24: Rob and Kristen spotted leaving the William Morris Endeavor Party in Brentwood. These are actually the first pics we got of them that weekend but they were spotted even before that according to these sightings. We even got a cute fan account. :)  Oh and btw, Kristen was spotted leaving a Balenciaga clothing store the day before in LA.

February 28- March 2: Kristen was spotted at LAX airport on the 28th and later arriving in Paris on the 29th. Kristen later attended the Balenciaga Fashion Show and later on leaving a restaurant. The next day she was seen leaving a Stella McCarthy Fashion house and later in the night leaving, and arriving back to her hotel.

March 1-2: While Kristen was at in Paris fulfilling her Balenciaga duties. Rob was spotted in NYC leaving a shop on the 1st. The next day he was spotted with Dean in out in about in the city. Later that same day he was spotted at the airport heading to Paris....

March 3-8: Paris was so good to us this year. Of course we were waiting for RK sightings and finally we were so happy once we saw them both coming out of their hotel on the 3rd followed by some adorable pics of them inside a restaurant. There's also an adorable fan account from Sat/Sun. It's a must read guys!! :3 Can you say cute?? Sigh..  On the 5th we saw Kristen arriving to a Louis Vuitton store by herself and hours later she came out with Rob. I have to say that I love the way Rob always looks back to make sure Kristen is safe. RK also made an appearance at the Louis Vuitton/Mark Jacobs Exhibition event on March 7th. They were spotted leaving Paris and arriving back in LA the next day.

March 17-19: Kristen doing a mini SWATH promo. On the 17th Kristen was present at WonderCon SWATH panel - she and Charlize were so funny. Make sure to check out their interviews. The next day(18th) she was spotted leaving LA and arriving in NYC to appear at The Today Show to talk about the film. She was later seen leaving NYC and arriving back to LA on the 19th.

March 20-30:RK being the busy bodies that they are. Rob was spotted leaving a meeting in BH. on the 20th. A few days later we got some Rob and Kristen sightings and a cute detailed fan account of them at Marcus Foster's concert in LA. The next day we got some pictures of them leaving the concert.  And as if that wasn't enough on the 26th there were sightings of Rob and Kristen at Katy Perry's show in LA a bit later we got these cute pictures of them with Scout, Shannon and others. I just love cute -coupleyRK.  Fast forward a few more days later Rob was spotted paddle surfing in Malibu. Yes you heard right. Maybe the sexiest we've ever seen him. Want more?? He was spotted surfing again on April 6th. Back to the 30th.. there were tons of sightings (adorable must read ones.. lots of PDA) of RK at the Johnny Flynn gig in LA.  The next day a picture of Rob with fans surfaced.

March 31 and April 13: Kristen attended the Kids Choice Awards on March 31st with her friend Scouty. She won Favorite Movie Actress for BD1. There's pics of her and Sam Claflin in the post as well as with Katy Perry. A few days (April 4th) later Rob was spotted leaving a bar in LA. Taking a leap here to April 13th where Kristen attended the 'My Valentine' Video Premiere by Paul McCartney and Stella McCartney.  She left the event with Joan Jett.

April 21-22: Rob and Kristen were at Coachella this year again. They were there for multiple days, together and separately, but we have sightings and pictures of them from April 22. I love how they're just having so much fun. You can see pictures of Kristen from the 21st here :)

April 26: Kristen spotted arriving in Vegas for CinemaCon where she attended the SWATH panel alongside Charlize Theron. Pictures of her arriving at CinemaCon can be found here.

April 26- May 3: Rob was seen entering a meeting really early on the 26th in LA. The next day he was catching a plane to Washington. Kristen was spotted leaving LA and arriving in Vancouver to do re-shoots for BD2 on the 29th. Rob was spotted arriving in Vancouver later that day. They were both spotted leaving Vancouver on May 3rd.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of our look back at Rob and Kristen in 2012

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  1. please vote for bdp2! or anything related with the saga

  2. Thanks for doing this RK year in review. The compilation of photos that go along with each summary is great! I <3 this site so much.

  3. This is just perfect! You guys at Robsten Dreams are truly amazing.... Happy Holidays from Nigeria :)

  4. Thanks for your wonderful first part of Robsten-look back. It's really amazing! My absolute favourite will follow in the 2nd part oft-it's Cannes...Kristen in her gorgeous red dress, her hugging of Rob and their kiss at the after show it!!! They're fantastic. Best couple ever <3 Maybe we could see some new pictures from London the next time...

  5. Yes, some new pictures from london pls.. :)

  6. Wow...thanks so much, you really a great job robsten dream, I love you


  7. Great recap! thanks a bunches!

  8. hey guys! thx for keeping up this amazing site! you are all doing a great job! i'm very thankful that we have a place to share all our love for these two wonderful actors. 2012 is almost over and i'm positiv that rk are looking forward to a successful 2013. i wish them all the best, privately and on business. let's support them and their upcoming projects! and don't forget... we're their fans which means that will be always on their side and nice to one another, cause we all have something in common. it's time we move on to the next chapter = 2013!
    happy new year to everyone and espacially the robstendreams-team from little switzerland.

  9. Part 2 pls :x this is amazing!!
    Happy new year everyone!


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