Red Carpet Interviews from OTR NYC Premiere

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Stewart, wearing a sheer Erdem dress and hot pink Christian Louboutin pumps, said she first read the book “as a freshman in high school and it really kick-started something for me.” She relished the opportunity to bring Marylou’s character to life: “One really remarkable thing about her—she’s so completely un-self-conscious and so self-aware at the same time, and for a teenager, those are not common attributes,” she said. “She was a beautiful girl and she was infectiously, disarmingly present.”

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“I think it was a slightly more thoughtful time,” Kristen Stewart said at the premiere of her movie On the Road, based on the Jack Kerouac novel set in 1951. “It’s obviously an incredibly different lifestyle [from today.] There’s not this constant stimulation. I think you’d get to know yourself a little bit better, a little bit faster,” she added, thoughtfully. “That, I was into.”

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Showing some major skin in a sheer Erdem number, Stewart recalled her first time reading the novel, as a freshman in high school. “I’d always done well in school, but I was never fueled by it. I just wanted to be a good kid,” Stewart said. “[Reading ‘On the Road’] really kick-started something for me. It probably coincided with the age for me as well. It’s that moment when you look up and realize that you actually choose your surroundings.”

[At the after-party] Stewart chose an even more surprising — albeit, less juicy — party companion: Patti Smith. The pair stayed under the radar at a table overlooking the Hudson River, where the actress appeared all smiles, predictably trading in her hot-pink Louboutins and red-carpet frock for some sneakers and a well-worn hoodie.

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10 Responses to Red Carpet Interviews from OTR NYC Premiere

  1. I like that kristen was well spoken and intelligent answer

  2. Kristen looks stunning and smart

  3. I like Garret's voice, sound sexy, btw kristen looks cute and well spoken, I like it

  4. I love this look on Kristen! She looks ethereal and flawless...just simply beautiful! Colors really suit her than just plain black. I love her make up, clean and fresh looking.

  5. Her dress looks better here.

  6. ya..her dress looks better here, and I love her answer

  7. So young and so wise!

  8. Smart young lady, we are proud of you!

  9. Seeing the dress from this perspective. It's really pretty, and just right for her. I love the sparkly jewels on her. She looks like exactly what she is a,Fresh Faced, Pretty in Pink sparkly jeweled dress, young woman.

  10. Some dresses don't photograph good. She looks great. I am laughing at the pregnant comments on the other pages. Really think she could wear these outfits if she was preggers. We've been speculating for months now. She is tiny!


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