New LA Times OTR Portraits of Kristen, Garrett and Walter Salles

"Actors Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart and director Walter Salles with a 1941 Hudson, similar to the one used in their new movie, 'On the Road'."

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12 Responses to New LA Times OTR Portraits of Kristen, Garrett and Walter Salles

  1. Kristen reminds me of myself in my younger days love being a Tomboy but could glam up with a push

  2. Ah, I can't take so much beauty! Kristen is adorable!

  3. Wow Badass :) i like the pics

  4. the pics have presence and personality because of his people i really like it!

  5. I miss rob!!! Kristen actually to me has been looking quite tired!! Can't wait to c robsten!!

    1. Don't worry, next year you'll see much news about him, cause he has 5 movies to do start at Jan 2013, or maybe this christmast you'll see some news about him celebrating christmast with his fanily in London

  6. Hmmn, looks like sir Walter Salles can be an Actor. Fierce face. He can be team up with sir David Cronenberg and to Action movie. Just saying it would be awesome! :)
    But nevertheless, Kristen is so true beautiful here. I am really amazed whenever she made new shot portraits and new pictures. She definitely simplifies what BEAUTY is!

  7. She looks younger and so cute

  8. All the other sites are commenting on the new ring on her left ring finger, so I just knew someone her would have mentioned it, but since they have not, I guess I will!

  9. Is Tom Sturridge still in NYC? I mean, why he didn't sight at OTR promo?


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