New Fan Pictures + Videos of Rob in NYC December 20, 2012

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From shailacrazy
it was just a hotel for his photoshoot idk where hes staying at while in nyc
he smelt like heaven omg and he hugged me omg
uhhh the warldol astoria but hes not staying there
yea he asked us how did we know he was there? And when i answered he laughed
he was so amazing when i met him todaay omg
his security almost pushed him passed out side but he pushed through to get to us
yes, his security almost pushed him passed my side but he was like woah hold on
From AlliHeathe
But I finally met Rob Pattinson. What is life?
he was filming a commercial today around the block from where I work! :)
Lol at Rob signing my picture upside down
Rob laughing at me as I jumped up & down out of excitement was the best AND he went to me first!! & then he came back & handed me my sharpie
they told me it was a French commercial so I think so
From _iLovePattinson
Highlight of the night was walking onto the set for the commercial and hearing rob curse lmao
He was like, how did you guys know where I was? And i said Rob we always know lmfao

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25 Responses to New Fan Pictures + Videos of Rob in NYC December 20, 2012

  1. Such a lucky girl. I wish I was her:(

  2. why he's in NYC??? Where is kristeen? :'(

  3. Love _iLovePattinson's tweet. That must be so funny! And yes, we always know;)

  4. so rob all this girls are really taken care of you,oh i wish i could be one ,but anyway ,warn kisses for you on a cold new york!

  5. TeamEdwardBella4everDecember 20, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    So he was shooting a commercial, with a shaved head?

  6. good news is he will be in LA for Christmas and news about christmas host is true

    1. how u know about this robert not going to london staying in LA wiv kristen ?? thats rite reply me pls

    2. don't believe rumor, just wait and see

    3. Anyway is not anyone's bussines where hes going to be on christmas day who cares if he spends it with kristen or not if he spends it with his family in london is hes bussines we reallydont have to put our noses in there lifes.I do sometimes feel bad for rob and kristen because they cant even be in peace when there not working i mean everyone wants to know everything that they do or where there going if hes just happy thats good enough for me and he looks relax in these pics.

  7. some people in this fandom are truly obsessed. They just love to stalk him and have no shame in doing it.

  8. How DID you know where he was?
    I see he has Dean with him - that's odd, since it's not a movie thing.

  9. He's so sweet to the fans.

  10. I love to see Rob smile.

  11. Ow I think he would of been happy that there were fans thee for him!! Good on ya girls for supporting our rob, he seemed happy bout it :)!! Ow love ya rob :D

  12. Someone should have offered him a is just too adorable.

  13. Omg these fans are so lucky! He is amazing, I meet him once to and when that happens, well it's all over, you just love him more, more than you ever think you possibly could!!!

  14. Awww how sweet he is.. . Oh rob ONE DAY I WILL GET A PIC WITH HIM ONE DAY

  15. ROB showed again his sweet face...

    Definitely is the best
    I wonder where is Kristen? but anyway he looks amazing like always, with or without her!..

  16. Oh he looks so cute and handsome. Thanks for sharing

  17. c'est Monnnnnn Rooooooob!!

  18. Robs so sweet to his fans and I hope it dior

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. I bet robert is thinking inside his head i have stalking fans.I mean it is creepy that fans know where he is because robert didnt even announced it everything was all private.But he does loves his fans but some some of his fans are creepy but i guess they know where he was shooting the commercial threw twitter.


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