New Breaking Dawn P2 TV Spot- 'Holiday'

Go watch BD2 one last time. I'm going out this Friday and seeing it again. I dont know what it is about this tv spot but it definitely makes me teary eyed. :(

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4 Responses to New Breaking Dawn P2 TV Spot- 'Holiday'

  1. I think I'm moved by E/B or R/K love and their journey together. Happy Holiday, everyone.


  3. a friend of mine brought home a pirated copy of breaking dawn part 2 in clear copy. our thirst for watching this movie over and over has been doused but were still in awe......still can't wait to bring home the original dvd copy though.

  4. Saw this TV spot today!!!!!! I don't know why but it made me want to cry... I actually cried... the song be put with it The Forgotten makes it just perfect. it's also the way Bella and Edward look at each other.... I cannot with TV spot my heart just can't. When I watching TV spot my heart is feels like its going to explode of sadness. I don't even know why. maybe because it's the last time we going to see TV spot like that. :(


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