List of Theaters Playing On The Road

Los Angeles, CA - American Cinematheque at the Egyptain Theatre - March 13 (Tickets are only available for American Cinematheque members. Contact the venue for more details HERE.)

From On The Road Facebook Page:

OPENING March 22
  • South Coast Village - Costa Mesa, CA
  • Paseo Camarillo Cinema - Camarillo, CA
  • Camera 7 - San Jose, CA
  • Coolidge Corner - Brookline, MA
  • Showroom - Asbury Park, NY
  • Village East Cinemas - New York, NY
  • Manhasset Cinemas - Manhasset, NY
  • Claridge - Montclair, NY
  • Cinema 100 - White Plains, NY
  • Art Theatre - Long Beach, CA
  • Rancho Niguel 8 Cinemas - Laguna Niguel, CA
  • Camelview 5 - Scottsdale, AZ
  • Del Mar - Santa Cruz, CA
  • Living Room Theatres - Portland, OR
  • Claremont 5 - Claremont, CA
  • Monica 4 - Santa Monica, CA
  • Playhouse 7 - Pasadena, CA
  • Town Center - Encino, CA
  • Aquarius - Palo Alto, CA
  • E Street Cinema - Washington, DC
  • Kendall Square Cinema - Cambridge, MA
  • Ritz 5 - Philadelphia, PA
  • Embarcadero Center Cinema - San Francisco, CA
  • Shattuck Cinema - Berkeley, CA
  • Century Centre - Chicago, IL
  • Lagoon - Minneapolis, MN
  • La Jolla Village - La Jolla, CA
  • Esquire Theatre - Denver, CO
  • Cedar Lee Theatre - Cleveland, OH
  • Crest Theatre - Sacramento, CA
  • Egyptian Theater - Seattle, WA
  • Main Art Theatre - Royal Oak, MI
  • Tivoli Theatre - University City, MO
  • Midtown Art - Atlanta, GA
  • Magnolia - Dallas, TX
  • Sundance Houston 8 - Houston, TX
  • Sundance Sunset - Los Angeles, CA
OPENING March 29th
  • Burns Court - Sarasota, FL
  • Charles - Baltimore, MD
  • Enzian - Maitland, FL
  • Osio Cinemas - Monterey, CA
  • Amherst Cinema Art Center - Amherst, MA
  • Broadway Centre Cinemas - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Loft - Tucson, AZ
  • Whalers Edge - Provincetown, MA
  • Criterion Cinemas - New Haven, CT
  • Criterion Cinemas at Movieland - Richmond, VA
  • Carolina Asheville - Asheville, NC
  • Raleigh Grande 16 - Raleigh, NC
  • Kahala - Honolulu, HI
  • Fleur - Des Moines, IA
  • Gateway 8 - Columbus, OH
  • Drexel Theatre - Columbus, OH
  • Leawood Theatre - Overland Park, KS
  • Bijou - Eugene, OR
  • Chelsea - Chapel Hill, NC
  • Dundee - Omaha, NE
  • Kimball's Peak Three Theatre - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Living Room Cinema 4 - Boca Raton, FL
  • Real Art Ways - Hartford, CT
  • Ayrsley Grand Cinema - Charlotte, NC
  • Vinegar Hill - Charlottesville, VA
  • Keystone Art - Indianapolis, IN
  • Varsity - Des Moines, IA
  • Ridgeway Four - Memphis, TN
  • Grand Cinema - Tacoma, WA
  • Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
  • Summerfield Cinemas - Santa Rosa, CA
  • Tivoli - Kansas City, MO
  • Regent Square - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Santikos Bijou- San Antonio, TX
  • Baxter Avenue - Louisville, KY
OPENING April 4th
  • Gold Town Nickelodeon - Juneau, AK
OPENING April 5th
  • Cinemapolis - Ithaca, NY
  • Savoy - Montpelier, VT
  • Magic - Nevada City, CA
  • Lubbock Premier Cinema - Lubbock, TX
  • Premiere 10 - Abilene, TX
  • Premiere 18 - El Paso, TX
  • Cameo Theatre - Fayetteville, NC
  • CCA Cinematheque - Santa Fe, NM
  • Circle - Tulsa, OK
  • Coral Gables Art Cinema - Coral Gables, FL
  • Kimball - Williamsburg, VA
  • Lyric Cinema Cafe - Ft. Collins, CO
  • Market Street - Little Rock, AR
  • Mary Ross - Lincoln, NE
  • Moxie - Springfield, MO
  • Ragtag - Columbia, MO
  • Railroad Square - Waterville, ME
  • Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts - Grand Rapids, MI
  • Carousel Cinema - Greensboro, NC
  • Citadel Mall Stadium 16 - Charleston, SC
  • Northridge Cinema 10 - Hilton Head, SC
  • Cine - Athens, GA
  • Maiden Alley - Paducah, KY
  • Kentucky - Lexington, KY
  • Darkside - Corvallis, OR
  • Pickford Film Center - Bellingham, WA
  • Neon - Dayton, OH
OPENING April 7th
  • Guild Cinema - Albuquerque, NM
OPENING April 12th
  • Wilma Theatre - Missoula, MT
  • Liberty Hall - Lawrence, KS
  • Bear Tooth Cinema - Anchorage, AK
  • Camelot - Palm Springs, CA
  • DeBartolo Performing Arts - Notre Dame, IN
  • Carousel Cinemas Alamance Crossing - Burlington, NC
  • Fort Wayne Cinema Center - Fort Wayne, IN
OPENING April 17th
  • Movies 3 - Rawlins, WY
OPENING April 19th
  • Flicks - Boise, ID
OPENING April 20th
  • Colonial - Keene, NH
  • Fresno FIlmworks c/o Tower Theatre - Fresno, CA
OPENING April 24th
  • Centennial Five - Sheridan, WY
OPENING May 20th
  • Oxnard Film Society Downtown Center for the Arts - Oxnard, CA
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76 Responses to List of Theaters Playing On The Road

  1. Cool!I already seen it twice.I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

  2. On the road is great, I can only recommend it to anyone

    1. Can't wait to watch it!!! I love Kristen and all about her!!!

  3. Saw a screening of it and it is really a good movie. Please go to see it. Wish i saw the one from Cannes tho ;-)

  4. It's not available in my area. I can only wait for DVD :(

    1. Me too- hate it- let us know what you think-

  5. I read that some ppl like the filn but half the ppl who was in the theater left.So honestly tell me if is a good movie that is worth watching it that i wont be wasting my tine because i been reading mix reviews some ppl say it was good but not great some ppl say it was boring.So you arent just telling because you admired kristen is it really a good movie please reply me.

    1. OTR's good movie dont trust bad comments its from haters obviously. If OTR is bad movie well this movie not got great reviews for GG nominated...go to see OTR!!!
      I see OTR twice in Thailand, i loveeeeee it❤


    2. Honestly Kristen is more than great in it, but the movie is so slow ... and I'm not new to art-films ( I love them, including the Motorcycle Diaries by Salles) ! Here in Italy came out in october and all the reviewers agreed that, seen the movie , sadly OTR was really a book not adaptable for the big screen . Making it short : if you like Kristen go to see it as I did 'cause she is awesome in it... but if you are just a twilight fan ... well, to be honest, you can - unfortunately - avoid it .
      P.S. Sorry 4 my english !!

    3. Thanks for your input.

    4. People walking out? Proprobly people who went to see Bella Swan. Same thing happened with Comospolis. Mid way through the Twilight fans looking to see Edward Cullen but saw Eric Parker instead, walked out. And by the way, I saw Cosmospolis and Robert Pattinson blew my mind, especially the ending. Kristen and Robert are great actors who are not going to be held back by the Twilight universe. I love Twilight, obviously which is why I am on this site, but at the same time I am glad that their talent won't be held back by fans who are stuck in Twilight universe. Let them walk out. Kristen and Rob are moving forward, playing various characters and exploring new territories. People who understand and appreciate art will follow, and those looking for Edward and Bella, well let them stay in Twilight universe.

    5. I AGREE WITH @10:16 PM

    6. I VERY AGREE WITH @10:16 PM : OTR IS SO SLOW AND I DON'T KNOW I JUST SEE SEX,HANDJOB,TREESOME,DANCING LOL but if you ask how kristen, she is goog but for the story ,,sorry

    7. If you guys go to fandago fans say so-so that means that is was alright and the critics said the same things and i read some twitters some ppl say that they were excited to go and watch on the road but when they went and watch they said that it was lobg and voring that there wasnt a plot and some ppl say it was good but not great and i read another twitter that another theater ppl left during the movie and then i went to rotten tomatoes and some ppl liked it and it was just a few and the rest it said the same thing it was too long and boring.They say that the book is good but the movie is not so well.So there not haters because theres ppl that are kristen fans like there admires and they say that she was good but the movie was not so great.I read someones comment it said 'no wonder this novel took awhile to be made in a movie'.But im just going to see it and lets see if i like it and one more thing cosmopolis is on youtube i saw it yesterday i didnt really understand the movie but robert is an amazing actor he just look so hot and sexy.

    8. The movie is very good and Kristen is brilliant! I watched it four times and I led colleagues and friends and they were impressed and delighted too. Don't listen to the haters!

    9. But i dont want to watch the movie just because kristen is there i like to watch movies with my favorite actors and a good plot.

    10. Then read the synopsis. If your attention span is low, go watch something else. Like having someone taste my food then tell me If I am going to enjoy it or no. I am an adult and as long we all have different preferences, I'll be damn If some critic is going to tell me what I should or should see. If they were so smart they will be making films. Don't critique the cook when you do t know how to boil water. Kristen has never let me down with her performances. This is why I will see this film. Is a trust thing. And I see haters here trying to discourage people from going to see the film. They write in all caps. I.see you.

    11. please people, DON'T call hater just because we are not say wonderful thing. we wachated the movie and came in this blog it's meant we are fans. it's like if you have kids and your kids doing the bad thing we hate to tell them. that doesn't meant we are not love your kids. and my opinion for @6:55 PM : i can't give you the answer because i don't know your like or dislike about movie. but OTR is not for me. the story just.....but kristen acting is good..if you curius just wacht and if not well dont waste your time. i fans kristen so if i don't like the movie i never feel waste my time

    12. Bravo, @Anon December 26, 2012 8:13 AM! You're absolutely right!

    13. kristen good but the movie,,no,,,,

    14. I totally agree with anon8:13,kristen is very good as marylou and I really enjoy and loge the movie.

  6. I don't understand why OTR doesn't have a wider release. I live in a huge movie market (Dallas) and if the above list of theaters is accurate it's not going to be screened anywhere near me. BOO!


  7. So sad. I live in Oklahoma. No OTR for me yet!!

    1. I kno same here none in arkansas either and im a huge fan of the book and kristen and i hope in the movie she releases her inhibitions and let the character flow through bc louanne henderson is an amazing woman

  8. all Kristen scene very good, the story is good for people who allready read the book, I watching twice and very proud of her

    1. I read some comments of ppl who had seen the movie and they say that the book is more better than the movie is that true because i havent read the book and i havent seen the movie i been reading the reviews and reading comments of ppl who have seen they say the movie is long and boring is that true or you just admired kristen that you dont care if the movie is bad or not.

    2. for this type of movie like this what do you expect? maybe the film was too long but we can feel the spirit and freedom and wanted to join them. kristen looks good and although not many but a very lasting impact, criticism for film but they always blame Kristen, what else should I say?

    3. That where ppl are complaning that they didnt feel anything while watching the movie they say there was something missing in the movie.In rotten tomatoes and fandago this movie has bad reviews by critics and ppl and ppl who are big fans of her t and i have read half reviews of ppl that have seen the movie and they all say the same thing that is long and boring and that the movie is missing something.But im goingbto ignore the reviews and see it for myself lets see if i like it or not because im an honest fan just because i admired kristen dosent mean im going to like it just because she's in it.Is like when i saw cosmopolis i saw that movie and rob was great in it and hes an amazing actor but i didnt like the movie theres some scenes that i did like but to be honest i didnt understand the movie at all it was confusing but that dosent mean that rob is a bad actor because hes not is just the plot of the movie was confusing.

    4. Can't wait to see OTR. Unfortunately for me I have to wait as it won't be showing in my area. On the subjust of cosmospolis, I have seen the film so I am going the respond to your comment about the film being confusing. 100 percent of that film is pure satisfying dialog. You have to pay attention, listen, and take a ride with the actors in that limo. Eric Parker is going for his hair cut, but why must he insist on going for a haircut on a day when the city is in total chaos? When he reaches the barber you understand why. This is the man who cut his father's hair when he was a boy, this is the man who has been cutting his hair since he was two years old, the man who has known him all his life, his fathers friend. Now Eric's life is falling apart, his marriage is a mess. He is going to the one place that makes sense,HOME. Everything that happens along the way to that barber shop is an added bonus. I went for the ride and found out that Rob is a brilliant actor and David One hell of a director. Great film!

  9. OTR is a brilliant adaptation!
    The very beginning of the movie sets the tone, and shows Kerouac walking, and walking, different locations.From this very beginning, Walter Salles captures the essence itself of Kerouac's work.Sam Riley as Jack Kerouac is incredible, a raspy voice, gleeful, mischievous, eyes full of sparkle, he makes it entirely believable, and is highly likable.
    Garrett Hedlund, a very talented actor (as he has proved it in Death Sentence, Four Brothers) shines bright as Neal Cassady, full of charisma, virility, and true madness. There is a fantastic energy absolutely suited to the character, a very difficult character to portray, a madman.
    Kristen Stewart is glowing, both beautiful and highly sensual (very torrid scenes showcase this), she proves something that most people seem to have forgotten with the Twilight series, that she is extremely talented.
    Tom Sturridge is impressive as Allen Gisberg, both vulnerable and crazy in a sense.
    The cinematography is outstanding, and it is a sight to behold, beautiful landscapes, a smooth, delicate filmic texture.
    This movie will divide, whether people appreciate the book, or they don't.
    It leaves a mark on me, it goes to my heart, as the book did.

  10. The whole movie felt like somebody was telling a story about how to make and loose friends in a split decision and how to ruin your life royally.
    I absolutely loved Tom Sturridge. He plays this gay poet with so much depth and essence. You can see he really tries to feel what Carlo has felt.
    I also think it was one of Kristen Stewart's best performances. the way her story flows through the movie is refreshing. You see Marylou grow and develop the realization that even with all the living, life filled with sex and drugs isn't full filling her needs and that she needs more. It's well played and Stewart just embodies the sexuality that is needed in this movie.
    I loved Hedlund's performance... he was clear in his emotions. though I really didn't like the character, Hedlund made me feel sorry for him in the end.

  11. I liked the way the 1950s was captured in the film. It was as close to perfection as you could get. The importance of jazz with its improvisation mirrors the lives of the travelers.

  12. Don't listen to reviews rating this as a mediocre film ! This is a fantastic Road Trip Film. Great cinematography. Wonderful Acting. A Road trip to enjoy like no other. Is it true to the original book ? Who cares. Is it a perfect film ? Who Cares. Do you enjoy an adult themed movie with booze, some drugs, sex ? Do you like looking at real life scenes all over our country ? Experience life here without the pitfalls you might have dealt with in reality. Just trust me. Go see the film as soon as you can !

  13. This was actually a great film, the period of time was captured well, it felt like the bustling 1940s and it didn't hold back when it came to scenes, with a few people in the cinema even going so far as to leave at certain points in the film (losers). Nevertheless the variety of settings and different characters kept it entertaining, yet the overall sadness of the film combined with the great performances of the powerhouse actors listed above added a lot of depth to the film, it was a story that kept me interested, despite the last 30 or so minutes feeling rushed. Definitely recommended.

  14. "On the Road" has the true look of a classic American indie from the start (and it's a France/Brazil co-production). Opening in late 1940s New York City, one can almost feel the gritty, grimy streets and smell the dirty, smoky air in the bars where the hipsters congregate. Within 15 minutes you feel like a good shower. Dim, single-point lighting enhances the mysterious, shadowy corners within which the characters lurk in search of meaning. The jazz soundtrack is perfectly matched to Sal's voice-over in iconic noir style.

  15. "On the Road" isn't just about a search for adventure in far off places. Not at all. It's also about a search for self, or selves in this case, and the characters aren't fully-formed because the people aren't. It's this reality that justifies the film's often rambling parallel story lines that are more stream-of-consciousness than linear narrative. But that's what Kerouac wrote, and Salles remains true to his vision. The book remains a classic. The movie does it justice.

  16. I just came back from seeing this and it was a gripping film from beginning to end with luscious cinematography and engaging major characters. However, I found myself lost in places as I haven't read the book yet. Some scenes just seemed to occur out of nowhere and it made parts difficult to fully follow.
    However, overall, it was really worth it and had a great cast. Damn, Kristen Stewart can actually act and the scene where she gives both Moriarty and Sal a joint hand-job in the car, on the road, is worth it alone!
    I will watch it again!

  17. This film is undoubtedly one of the greatest (for me it is the greatest one) movies. Director Salles has as usual proved himself as one of the few excellent directors Hollywood has.He has done a great task of research before making this film.Each and every department of this movie is just marvelous.Every incident is shown with 100% touch of reality.Everything ,right from sets to dialogues creates the real time of that period.As far as acting is concerned, i think this is the most powerful performance from Ajay Devgan.No surprise he got national award for this film. Walter Salles's brilliant effort and a fitting tribute to the son of the soil.Hollywood should be proud of this masterpiece.

  18. The Legend of Jack Kerouac A story that will bring fume to your hate on British Empire, Fame to your patriotism, and Tears from an American's heart.
    A classsic from Walter Salles A best composition of music from Gustavo Santaolalla A best every story performance from Kristen Stewart Once in a lifetime performance from Garrett Hedlund Amazing Dialogues Great Drama...
    To make a movie like this, it needs courage to face "So Called-Political Well-wishers"... and needs great amount of research on the subject line.. Walter Salles has missed nothing at all.. and background music will add fragrance to it...

  19. Sam Riley is fantastic as the likable and empathetic writer Sal Paradise. Kristen Stewart is radiant as the carefree Marylou. Tom Sturridge is brilliant as the passionate and sensitive Carlo Marx. And everyone else including Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams and Elizabeth Moss are all excellent.
    But it was Garrett Hedlund as the charismatic and audacious Dean Moriarty who is the heart and soul of the film. Hedlund is a great actor, but I don't think he's had the chance to really shine, until now. He just oozed raw energy. His performance is both breathtaking and heartbreaking.

  20. Once in a few years you see a movie that sticks in your mind. I have not read the book and believe that a book is usually better than a movie of a book. I saw this movie with a friend last week and went to see it with no expectations. I can just measure the movie as it is and it was a dream. The story and acting were magical and the cinematography was as romantic as it gets. I could identify with a lot of things that happened and maybe thats the reason i liked it so much, but i like to believe i am a someone that knows movies. This movie hit me in the face and i was surprised by the quality of it. The acting was sublime, the voices were time true, sexy and take you back to that time. The characters develop beautifully and you can feel their struggle with coming to age, breaking free of rusted habits and therefore changing the world. Free minds who are not satisfied with how things are and who are not afraid to fight against it. I just loved it, its free, its dark, its intelligent, its dreamy, its just about accepting the person who you are and following your dreams. Its not everybody's cup of tea, but if you like romance, free thinking and if you are against just staying common and support change you will LOVE this movie. Walter Salles thank you.

    1. Your comment open my mind in a sense. I dislike the book but it seems the movie has different interpretation.

  21. The whole experience was totally immersive and it's a film I shall definitely watch again.
    I hope this release inspires a new generation to explore what I think is the most interesting period of Americas literary past.

  22. This movie is truly action-packed.
    Sal and Dean might have both died young, but film could have gone on and on forever, and would have lost none of its illustrious charm.
    Every other scene seems to involve a hoodlum and/or a hooker and/or a saxophone.
    Enjoy, if you dare!

  23. Kristen Stewart has shaken of the shade of Bella, she was truly superb as MaryLou. Hedland and Riley were radiant as Moriarty and Sal Paradise – Hedland's mixed up, debauched, self-centered, broken and desperate Moriarty and quiet, simmering, passionate, entranced and artistic Paradise. A bromance movie with a difference. Difficult to watch in places but some great humour too

  24. Really great movie with powerful statement about the intensities of life. The acting is excellent. And there is a great humorist touch. The movie touches themes such as autencity, intensity and friendship but also the tension between life in the fast lane and needs for belonging, love, family etc. Wonderful pictures, landscapes and city scapes - the sceneries of the US around 1950 is very convincing - there is great filmic sense of detail. Great portrayals of faces of America from the new yorker intellectuals to country side farm workers. And fascinating that it is based on the real story - the book which is in the same league as Williams S Burroughs, who's character also appear in the movie.

  25. This movie is for me a BIG 10!!!
    Indeed, the film is totally different from the book of Jack Kerouac. But that was just the idea of director Walter Salles, and it was the best idea for this film. Because this book is not about the scenes inside, but the feeling is important!! And Walter Salles did it .. he give you for the full 100% that feeling in the film! LIVE LIFE AND FLY!
    The rock&roll splash of this film... and like the book is for me a personal bible, so is the film now! After you see this film, you just wanna get in your car and drive ... living and driving! LIFE IS LIFE, KIND IS KIND, BUT NO MATTER WHAT ... THE ROAD IS LIFE!
    Acting : 10/10 Images : 10/10 Editing : 10/10 Director : 10/10 Music : 10/10 FILM : BIG 10!

  26. this film feels like a victory from all angles. having finished jack kerouac's original scroll of on the road to watching the film in the same 24 hours, i feel i may have a strong bias within this review as i championed this moving the whole way through, cheering at scenes that were so perfectly laid out, and laughing hard at moments where the characters charm shined stronger in the film then in the book.
    an important thing to be aware of regarding this film is that on the road is not a straight forward read, and so within that, how could the film be? that said, they did a wonderful job of making something lovable to the reader as well as entertaining to a viewer with no previous knowledge. certainly an impossible task to take on with this story that deserves a pat on the back for the editors.
    it's hard to say much about the director of this film as it seems that he let so many other people shine. the cinematography is wonder, with such perfect color grading that it makes me wonder if it was shot on film instead of digital. the soundtrack was beautiful and relevant while not disassociating the viewer for the sake of authenticity. but the most important to point out is the acting.

  27. The film was brilliant, a faithful adaptation sticking closely to the book and all the actors were brilliant. Salles, the Director, did a brilliant job; hand-held-camera-style filming, long periods of quiet soundtrack which added to the drama, and discomfort of some scenes. Other scenes had brilliant music – enter: the stupendous Terence Howard. The book and film were both joyous and tragic and this was perfectly demonstrated in the film; sad in the emptiness of the life the protagonists were chasing, the depression and hopelessness beautifully portrayed. The film played up the sexual/homoerotic aspects of the story which, whilst I noted, in the book were downplayed or diluted amongst the wonderful narration and the description of the landscape, the beauty of America and the road... the long, long road. Salles showed the road off really well too – narrated with pictures good enough to be on the Travel Brochure of the US of A.

  28. many good reviews, but thats true, OTR is amazing, especially garret and kristen, they are superb

  29. i don't like the movie,,sorry

  30. The movie is really good, watch it, I can only strongly recommend it. And Kristen, Kristen is magnificent in it! Don't let haters manipulate you.

  31. Thank you for posting this list.

  32. I'm so piss...... ); my country is not showing OTR ! They always do these when it comes to indie movies , and not only that any sex on the movie they cut it out so..... Piss ! My country thinks we are children bummer !!!! Now I have to wait for DVD ); you guys are so lucky GO SEE IT !

  33. Damn not in south texas boo...

  34. Maitland, Fl can't wait to see this movie

  35. I get to see this movie anytime I want! I downloaded it off the Internet and it is amazing! The book is classic and the movie is truly wonderful. Kristen is brilliant as Mary Lou! Read the book and see the movie, they do not disappoint. Kudos to all the other actors as well and the director. Job well done adapting this book to the big screen.
    Go to pirate bay and download a copy too!

  36. Sad its not coming to Austin. :( We are so excepting of indie movies with SXSW and many indie popular theaters. I hope they plan to add more cities.

    1. Yeah I'm sure they will add more theaters so maybe they will add Austin some time later. You can wait and see.

  37. Not coming in Montreal or in the province of quebec!! strange since they shot part of the movie around here!! :(

  38. Iowa never plays movies like this. :(
    ... until the dvd

    1. I live in Iowa too. Hold tight. If you can make it to Des Moines the Fleur Cinema plays indie films and has promised it will be playing. Whether or not we see it before the DVD comes out though is unknown. They've been advertising it since February!!

  39. Damn!!!!!!! not in my town. Hope I get it On Demand...

  40. According to Fandango, OTR is playing in Houston, TX on March 12. It's at AMC Deerbrook with one showtime at 6:40pm :)

  41. I could barely get through the book of On the Road so I know I'm going to struggle with the movie. I think at some point, even Kristen said it's not for everyone, especially if you didn't care for the book. Confession: I thought Into the Wild was slow, boring & too long. Although I can see where Kristen was a standout in that film as well. I've seen some clips of OTR online and decided I will see it just for the performances. I hear not only is Kristen great, but Tom is incredible too.

    1. I just saw Into the Wild yesterday and I have to agree that it felt slow at times but nonetheless, it's such a powerful, thought-provoking movie--it has so much 'food for thought' that made up a bit for its slowness. Also, the actors were amazing, brilliant in their roles. Now I'm a fan of Emile Hirsch, too! I'm so grateful he suggested to Catherine Hardwick to have Kristen cast as Bella.

      Kristen playing the guitar---priceless!

    2. Yeah just go see it, kristen,tom and sam are great but hedlund is incredible, radiant and superb, I'm not even twilight fan, but this movie was so good, I give it 9, now I start to see twilight, and I just dont believe what I feel, I like it, their chemistry feel so real

    3. I saw On The Road months ago. I hv to admit it's pacing is slow. I don't like the story plot either.

      But I love Into The Wild, such a terrific & powerful movie. I'm so moved by it.

  42. You guys are so lucky just GO SEE IT "" I so want to see it but can't , I have to wait Rww... For the DVD ! And it take a long time to get it and sometime I can't find it in my country Rww... Rob/ kristen indies movies is hard to find here and expensive

  43. Well, i would like to see the movie, maybe it's coming to Holland as well.... Let's hope :)

  44. Some anonymous fan above with all the comments and film review is obviously very invested in this film. LOL. I've seen it and TBH, it was slow and didn't really think there was anything spectacular about the story and the script. Sure, the actors did a good job, most notably Garrett and Tom. Tom stole every scene that he was in. Garrett portrayed his character well but it was Tom that I thought was a stand out performance. Kristen and Sam did a good job too but nothing that I wasn't expecting from the characters they portrayed. I think I preferred Kristen's part in Into The Wild better. That was unexpected. It was an okay film and felt it dragged on for too long. I think people get caught up in it because Kristen has several very provocative and racy sex scenes in it. And honestly, I'm no prude, but would most of you actually admire that type of lifestyles these characters had? If that threesome were our contemporaries today, would you admire their view of relationships and how there are no boundaries? That commitment to one person is not respected? I would think not. Hollywood just makes that lifestyle look appealing by casting actors like Kristen, Sam and Garrett.

    1. That's your point of view. I've seen their interviews in Cannes and many other too. There're some valuable and respectful opinions about this film in these interviews. I think the director, Garrett and Kristen put their heart into this film. I found most reviews focus on the sex scenes, drugs.. in this film but I think that is just one point of view. I try to look at this film from diffirent angles. I see their efforts and dedications and I respect them for that.

    2. I'm a big fan of Kristen but I hv to admit OTR doesn't sing for me. I like Into The Wild better. Just personal taste. But I think it's unfair to judge the film by it's subject matter. It just tries to reflect the spirit of a generation, not that it promotes sex or drug. You need not agree with the characters' life style in order to like the film. JMO

    3. I agree with you, Monica. I'm not a fan of the book and I probably won't go to cinema to watch the film. But I'll watch DVD simply because of Garrett and Kristen. I heard they've been devoted to this film by working hard with people who's closely related to the book. Kristen even got a chance to consult with the daughter of the character she played. I'd like to see this kind of performance even though I'm not fond of the book.

  45. For those that don't have it playing in your area, I thought that I saw thatit will be OnDemand also.That's how I plan to see it. Saves me from a long trip into the city.


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