Happy New Year from Robsten Dreams

We want to wish you guys a great New Year. May you reach your goals this coming year and we wish you health, and love. Stay sweet guys! Thank you for being here with us. Lets cheer for an awesome 2013 for Rob and Kristen. 

Have fun and stay safe :3

~Alma, Ingi, Karen, Casey & Ruby

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33 Responses to Happy New Year from Robsten Dreams

  1. Happy New Year to Alma, Ingi, Karen, Casey & Ruby thank you so much for Robsten Dreams, love all your great posts and Love Rob & Kristen, wishing everyone here and Rob & Kristen a Happy and Healthy New Year, may all your dreams come true.

  2. Happiness and health to all!


  4. Wishing everyone here a peaceful and joyous New Year. To Rob and Kristen: your love for each other is undeniable and unbreakable. I know you will take care of each other in the new year and always. Bless you both.


  5. Happy New Year!!! to you guys also and all the best for 2013. Wishing Rob and Kristen all the best for 2013 as well. THANKS FOR ALL the amazing updates on Rob and Kristen throughtout the year, it was a pleasure seeing them.

  6. Thank you guys for this beautiful website to come to and find all info about our Golden Couple. You are truly amazing. I hope you have a happy, healthy and blessed NewYear!!!!!

  7. Happy New Year from Finland, here it is about 1 hour and 45 minutes to start a new year. I have been spending my birthday today and reading your blog. My wishes is that this blog and all readers have a great and blessing year 2013. Hugs and more hugs to every one of you.

  8. Happy New year. Thank you guys for a great site. Hope for a wonderful new year for Rob and kristen. May they have luck in Love and Health

  9. Happy new years to everyone at robsten dreams :)

  10. Replies
    1. Happy New Year,Robsten Dream!!!!thank you for hard working,you rock.

  11. I literally just copied this from the knotteduprk board. Enjoy!

    2012 isn't something to quickly dismiss,
    Even if it wasn't through and through bliss.
    This year we watched a couple grow,
    A love so strong, they have never let go.
    A transitions from stability to commitment stage **
    A test that many, many fail at this day and age.

    To see a couple like this, a rarity—
    Who remain dedicated to each other despite adversity.
    A lot has happened in this year alone,
    The good, the bad—even the unknown.

    We should cherish the good and learn from the bad,
    Realize the difference between what they were and what they had.
    They were two movie stars worshiped by many,
    Glorified and canonized and genuflected a plenty.
    But they are real, they have flaws, they are human.
    They're just like us, this man and woman.

    The only thing that separates them from the rest
    Is the love we have for the love they possess.
    A young, young couple who've been through heaven and hell,
    I raise my glass to this couple and wish them well!

    1. well said. Thank you for sharing. Happy new year to the lovely couple and to everyone.

    2. Really beautiful. Thank you and good wishes to all.

    3. "Happy New Year!" to all Robsten Dreams staff!!Thanks for sticking it out with Rob and Kristen through good times and bad times, you guys are one true loyal fans.Thanks for giving us robsten fans a sweet home to visit to when we're craving for robsten news,you guys are the BEST!!!


  12. What I wish for myself for 2013! is a boyfriend that loves me as much as Rob loves
    Happy New Year all of you!!

  13. Here I am again Wishing everyone here a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2013!!!!..Robstendreams...This New Year's Banner of Rob and Kristen is beautiful!!!...*waves* to Linda...I remember you from the other blogsite that closed down...it's nice to read comments from familiar names:-)

  14. Happy New Year from the UK!!! Hope everyone has a great 2013!! Love the site.

  15. Happy New Year from Barcelona. It's 2 am now and we have eaten the 12 grapes 2 hours ago. It is our tradition here. I wish we can read and share this webpage more and more years.

  16. Happy New Year to all!!!!

    May 2013 bring nothing but good to all.

  17. Happy New Year 2013 to Robstendreams and everyone .Thank you so much I love this site as I love Robsten...and hope they will be together forever.

  18. Thank you so much for this website!! Happy New Year to everyone!!

  19. Yay, happy new year. Love the new banner. May a wonderful Robsten year ahead of us, cheers~~~

  20. Happy New Year. Thanks for this wonderful site.

  21. Happy New Year, thanks for your amazing work, this site always make me happy.
    Love you Kristen & Rob, Love you guys and Love you so much Robsten Dream

  22. Wishing all the admins and the fans a very happy and prosperous New Year!! I want to thank all the people behind this wonderful site..I come each and every day to this site and get updates about my wonderful couple... Thanks a lot and please continue this marvelous job.. Let this 2013 be a year filled with Robsten moments for us!!!! Happy New Year Again!!

  23. Happy New Year to you all from England! I hope its a good one for you all. Love your website and visit everyday. Here's hoping for a very happy 2013 for R&K in every way possible too! :-)

    you have the best RK site in the entire universe, that's why I check it everyday!
    Please continue this site til.... FOREVER!
    more wishes this 2013!
    RK 5ever. :*

  25. Have a fab 2013 and thanks for all of your hard work on this much loved blog. X

  26. Happy New Year to Alma, Ingi, Karen, Casey & Ruby. I wish you and your families all the best all along 2013. Thank you so much for your amazing blog Robsten Dreams and all the support you provide to our lovely couple Robert and Kristen. I wish them too infinite joy through their lives in all the way possible. Love them.

  27. Happy New Year Robsten Dreams! You guys are the best and the best source for all the news about our beautiful, talented and funny Rob and Kristen. Thank You


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