David Cronenberg Talks About Rob with First Post

A lot has been said about your unconventional choice of Robert Pattinson for the lead role.

The thing I liked about Rob Pattinson as an actor is that he’s a serious actor. And you could lose sight of that, because he’s had this big popular success with the Twilight movies, but he is not afraid to play a character who is difficult to like, you know, because some actors are afraid to do that, because they feel it is too personal, that they themselves will not be liked by their audience, and so on. But a real actor is not afraid to play an unsympathetic character, and Rob is a real actor.

Also, I think to be an actor, you need intelligence, first of all. For example, Rob immediately realised that the script was quite funny, and most people don’t get that. Then you want sensitivity to the subtleties of the movie, in terms of what is going on in the movie, the dialogue and so on. And Rob, personally, is very knowledgeable about cinema.

(chuckles) I don’t think his Twilight fans realise this about him, but he’s really an aficionado about art cinema. I mean, on the set I’d find him talking to Juliette Binoche about obscure French cinema, (chuckles) so you know, he brings a real depth of understanding of the history and art of cinema and all of those things mean that you have a lot of power and a lot of responsiveness from your actor as a director. It’s like driving the Ferrari instead of driving, you know, a Volkwagen Beetle. And you get that with Rob. I must also add, he’s very down to earth and very easy to work with. He’s not diva at all, you know. He’s really a sweetheart.

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5 Responses to David Cronenberg Talks About Rob with First Post

  1. Oh Rob, can't wait to see your cool movies that are pending right now. This man is a wonderful actor and I hope critics will continue to praise him after Cosmopolis. I think 2013 will be a critical year for him post Twilight. He needs to stack a list of indies on his resume and from the projects that he is attached to right now, it looks like he is on the right track. Good luck to you Robert!

  2. Hi praise from a respected director! YEAH ROB!!!!

  3. It's kind of frustrating because David Cronenberg don't really understand us... Most of people think that we're immature or too young and think we don't need enough credit to Rob... It's so not true

  4. Rob you are so gifted and talented and let's not forget super damn hot!!! so melting right now.

  5. Rob is such a fascinating guy. So intelligent as well as handsome.


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