NEW R/K Fan Vids

Video from cristiynda
Video from robsten4everfan
Video from LittleGirlMolly
Video from MiSaDalinda4ever
Video from CatiaFigueiredoOn

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7 Responses to NEW R/K Fan Vids

  1. Great videos.thank you to all who made this!

  2. Both of them have a killer eyes.Huh! love it the way they look at each other.

  3. Thank you for these wonderful videos....Robert and Kristen made memories to last a lifetime and smiles and happiness to R/K supporters. Have a Wonderful New Year to all.

  4. thank you once again for all this time and this videos i keep it in my heart forever r&k!

  5. Thanks for all these great videos, i love them

    Happy New Year Everyone


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