Kristen will star in 'Focus' with Ben Affleck

From Variety:

After closing in on Ben Affleck, Warner Bros. now looks to have its female lead for the drama "Focus," as Kristen Stewart is in talks to co-star with Affleck in the con artist movie.
"Crazy Stupid Love" helmers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa will direct from a script they wrote. Denise DiNovi will produce the story of a veteran con man who partners with a girl who's new to the grifter life.  Movie Plot: A veteran grifter takes a young, attractive woman under his wing, but things get complicated when they become romantically involved.

Warners has been aiming to get this off the ground for a while with the studio eyeballing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to reteam with their "Crazy Stupid Love" helmers. When those plans fell through the studio moved quickly grabbing Affleck as he was deciding his next project following "Argo" and now look to have Stewart in their sights.

With "Snow White and the Huntsman" hitting big at the global box office and "The Twilight Saga" franchise coming to an end this month, Stewart had been taking her time before deciding what she would decide to do next.

UPDATE: THR confirms Kristen will star in the film-

The "Breaking Dawn" star will play a grifter in the Warner Bros. film.

Kristen Stewart is getting into Focus.

The actress is in talks to star opposite Ben Affleck in the Warner Bros. con artist film, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Stewart will play a young grifter who teams up with Affleck, an experienced vet.

Focus will be directed by Crazy, Stupid, Love helmers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa from a script that they penned. Denise DiNovi will produce.

Stewart is repped by Gersh.

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12 Responses to Kristen will star in 'Focus' with Ben Affleck

  1. Yay!good news finally,I'm so happy for kristen.go girl!

  2. Just love love love that she will starting job so soon.I'm so happy and I can wait to see her more doing great amazing project in the future.I would go and watch it at cinema all her future movies and have own a DVD too.

  3. Kristen and Ben affleck seems a good team to me.I can't wait.

  4. Ben Affleck = plus. (directors/screenwriters) Glenn Ficarra and John Requa = plus. (producer)Denise DiNovi = plus! Kristen: brilliant choice on her part = plus! Looks like Kristen has chosen her next project. *secretly hoping it's a bit like 'Grifters'

  5. i am so excited she is finally going to do another movie but i am a bit sad that the movie Cali is not going to happen i was really looking forward to seeing Kristen in the movie but this movie sounds great too. I am sooooooo happy for Kristen:)

  6. I like that because the role sounds like a strong character. I prefer Kristen plays this part than stripper/porn star which only make her more vulnerable in public eyes.

    1. People who have little mind know, that these are only roles and nothing more, it doesn't mean that she identifies with the character. Only the brainless haters believe such nonsense! She plays every character excellently, I've watched all her movies. She is very talented and should play roles that she likes.

  7. I was looking forward to cali though that sounded like kick butt movie I want to see her do a kick ass girl power movie like Angelina Jolie. She's perfect for action movies beautiful, sexy long legs with a take no shiz attitude. That's why I love her.....
    maybe ben and matt can wk with her and rob on a screenplay. Afterall they did win an Oscar for goodwill hunting...

  8. WHY are you administrators not approving comments from those of us who are less than elated about K's choice for her next film project/role?? Are we NOT allowed to respectfully disagree with those of you who like & are excited about this particular movie choice for Kristen?! There was absolutely NOTHING malicious or inciting (or even judgmental) about the comment I submitted yesterday! :-/

    1. We are so busy trying to keep up with the whole promo. I am sorry if your comment got deleted It's just that we have alot going on to read every single comment. Maybe we'll just go back to not moderating comments for now until promo is over...

    2. That's understandable. Thank you, Alma, for acknowledging that my comment was somehow omitted. I may try submitting it again.

  9. I'm going 'against the grain' here, but I'm not crazy about this movie as K's next project... not at all! For one, the character she'd be playing unintentionally gets romantically involved with a much older man, played by Ben Affleck... not the best storyline to be a part of right now if you are 'Kristen Stewart' & trying to rehabilitate your public image, I don't think. But, more importantly, on a more personal level, the pairing of K with Ben Affleck I DON'T particularly like. Though I think Affleck is certainly very talented & has made an incredible professional comeback in recent years, he, unfortunately, has a history of addiction & womanizing... & CHEATING on his SO. He seems to have 'cleaned himself up' some, but rumors of various affairs with co-stars & problems with booze/gambling still follow him, as of late. The facts are, K is a captivatingly beautiful young woman... VERY alluring... & mature for her age. She may be extremely determined to never repeat her mistake, but SHIT HAPPENS, especially on movie sets... & especially when a gorgeous, 20-something-year-old woman works closely with an influential, 40-something-year-old man who struggles with self-control. Just not the best position for either of them to be placed in at this time, IMO... makes me a smidge nervous for all parties involved. I think Kristen can do better for herself than this film project.
    BTW, is it actually OFFICIALLY confirmed yet that K has signed on to do this movie?? I have seen no mention of this news elsewhere on the web... ?


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