Rob Talks About 'Queen of the Desert'

Rob Pattinson changed out of his green suit before coming to the party with wearing a more casual red sweater and baseball cap, saying he has three movies to shoot before he even gets to "Queen of the Desert," in which he plays T.E. Lawrence opposite Naomi Watts' Gertude Bell. "I wanted to work with Werner Herzog," he told me. He has no idea if he'll go blond to play Lawrence of Arabia. And the role is being expanded for him. First he has to get through David Michod's "The Rover."

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4 Responses to Rob Talks About 'Queen of the Desert'

  1. He had to shoot 3 movies before "Queen of the desert"? I mean there's "Rover" in January, but what else? "Mission: Blacklist" and "Maps to the stars"? ALL BEFORE ??? What a tight schedule!!!!

  2. Alma more a rob y Kris en la premier me firmaron mi calibration ambos

  3. Rob is going to be so busy
    can't wait till he comes back to Australia so exciting
    watching bd1 and midnight session of bd2 tonight so freakin excited don't quite know what to do with my emotions :)

  4. i feel so sad, the magic of all this is gone for me...just cant get over the manipulation of their fans after the "tryst". but that is showbiz....sad.


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