New Rob and Kristen Interview with JakeTheMovieGuy from BD2 LA Press Junket

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8 Responses to New Rob and Kristen Interview with JakeTheMovieGuy from BD2 LA Press Junket

  1. This was such a great and cute interview. You could see that R/K/T really like him. Plus, I liked that he sounded knowledgeable about Twilight and asked creative questions.

    1. IKR!, i was thinking the exact same thing!, finally saw someone asking different question too!, at first though i thought 'oh no, here comes another one asking what advice would they give to their old selfs' but actually i liked it!, kind of reminded me to how they are when they talk to Josh

  2. Oh ... I feel so sad when I watched the end part .. the hugging with the background song. Remembering this saga gonna be over ... bittersweet .. :(

  3. The song towards the end of the interview made me feel so emotional...

  4. Seriously I could watch rob be interviewed all day, he is so funny and different, the interviews are just hilarious, all of them!

  5. I was good until the end. Now I am crying and I had been avoiding that, just like Rob is, until the end of this interview. Wow! Great interviews.

  6. The ending just destroyed me :( I'm going to miss this so much!

  7. Where was that quote from?


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