Red Carpet Interviews from BD2 London Premiere

HeyUGuys (Via)

From Livestream (Youtube)

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BBC interview( Via )

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Marie Claire - Click on the image

Zoomin UK


4Music - via

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NME (Youtube)

Reelz (Youtube)

FilmBeat - thanks @veronicaspuffy

BD2 UK RC - Robert Pattinson interview w/FilmBeat by veronicaspuffy

RTE (Via)

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6 Responses to Red Carpet Interviews from BD2 London Premiere

  1. Just have to love Rob's sense of humor. Such a cool guy. Seems Rob and Taylor and Kristen will be friends for a lifetime.

  2. Are you still gonna continue the blog?? I hope so!! Thankss!

  3. Awww Rob said on a Belgium intervw that his best Memory of the Twilight Movie was Kristenn!! Omg soo cutee!

    1. which interview is it? i need to hear that :)

  4. No it's a writing intervw there is No video Sorry :( :(

  5. While they're on the balcony, Kristen said she prefer to be down there with the fans. So sweet!


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