Red Carpet Interviews from BD2 LA Premiere

MTV - Watch in HD here and here || Download K interview here - Thanks @veronicaspuffy


Screenslam @2:40


Zoominuk - the second answer is new

Metro World News

E! News

Yahoo (Via)




People (Via)

Press Association (Via)

Access Hollywood (Youtube)

ET (Youtube)

On Air with Ryan Seacrest (Via)

On the Red Carpet (Via | Via)

Maximo Tv



The Dirt Tv


Extra with Kristen...She talks about being a bond Girl

Today (Australia)

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11 Responses to Red Carpet Interviews from BD2 LA Premiere

  1. Can someone make this into a youtube video or daily motion

  2. Rob and Kristen looks wonderful tonight,i just want to thanks these two for giving us 4 years of their life and putting up with all of our craziness,but i just want to let you two know that i'll always support you in whatever endeavor you might want to tackle in the future and i think i speak from most of the people here who continue to follow Robsten Dreams religiously that we will always love and adore you two together or apart.Thanks for the owner of this site too for putting up with our craziness and for relentlessly updating anything re:Rob and Kristen and most especially for not giving up on them in their hour of darkness,you guys are the best,thank you so much,good job!!

  3. annoyed that josh didn't do a livestream. i had to watch that godawful yahoo stream. 9 camera and its always on the host. they barely showed the cast posing. always on the hosts and they kept blabbering about complete non-sense.
    josh's interview are always fun and relax. i love hearing kristen giggle.

    1. too, but he tweeted about it, said they were not allowed to, awful yahoo stream btw, they kept saying 'oh, we have 9 cameras' and used 2 at the most

    2. I wish it was Josh who did the live stream too. He is so much better and so much fun to watch. I don't know how these things work and why Yahoo had the exclusive Live Stream of the LA Premiere. I just hope that we have a better coverage for the next four Premieres that Rob and Kristen will be attending. What a hectic schedule these two have for this entire week!


  4. I love this couple, they are amazing. Kristen is so beautiful, her eyes are like a diamond,Rob is reaaly handsome, they are a perfect couple. I will love them forever.

  5. Just happy to see Kristen's all grown up. she looks confident and mature, her answers is thoughtful and sweet. She became an amazing young lady after those difficult times she faced during these past few years. Best wishes for her for the road ahead.

  6. I really wish Josh would have brought Rob back up when he was talking to Kristen like Rob asked him to. That could have been a very cute/teasing moment between them. I actually voted Bella in the Twi Fight a good many times. But, oh well.

  7. Rob and Kristen savored the moment of being on the last LA premier of the Twilight saga. It may be hard to let them go and say farewell but I know we will see them soon on projects. Though they may not be together on screen but I believe one will be there during the premiers to give support just like a good partner does. They both looked amazing and happy.
    Thank you Rob and Kristen for the last 4 years you shared with us and for Edward and Bella may you live happily forever.

  8. the E! interview. wow that girl's a bitch isn't she. what mood are you in right now? i wouldn've minded her question but the way she asked it. who is that girl?
    im so glad kristen is smart at her replies. she has this subtle replies but really she's bitchin' it right back at them. i love her!


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