Preview of New Rob and Kristen Interview in Premiere Magazine (France)

The magazine has new interviews with Rob , Kristen and Taylor in the new issue, out this Wednesday (11/05). The editor-in-chief tweeted preview of Rob's interview.

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#Pattinson "In my head, I only signed on for one movie, I was certain that the sequels would never get made/greenlighted."

#Pattinson "Twilight was constantly attacked (...) But nobody took it out this violently on the Backstreet Boys at that time."

#Pattinson "I sometime feel like I've been spending my career on the edge of a bridge, ready to jump, until someone held me back"

"It seems crazy but when I signed on for the first 'Twilight' movie, I was certain the sequels would never be made and that I was only committing for one movie ... Looking back, I feel like the saga was often attacked, sometimes with no good reason. Not that it's comparable but noboby ever reacted that violently towards the Backstreet Boys at that time (laughs)! I feel like the last movie will get a better welcome. It was made for fans, it's almost like a love letter to them. The film is funny, very tender and it doesn't try to draw in an audience that isn't his. You'll see, this is exactly why it will please fans the most."

Kristen's Preview

Première: How do you feel on the eve of the release of this final chapter?

Kristen Stewart: It's weird ... I feel the same way whenever I finish a film, and it's not more intense with this last Twilight, probably because this character belonged to me for so long. I'm invested as much in all my roles, except that I usually have to say goodbye after five weeks. Finally, it is much easier in the case of Twilight: I spent so much time in this world that I lived all that I had to live through this experience. I have a real sense of achievement. There are some movies that I wish I could reshoot some scenes afterwards, but not here. It is done, settled and behind me. I am ready to turn the page.

Première: Except that we're talking about five years instead of the usual five weeks ... It's like quitting his job, practically.

Kristen Stewart: Do not forget that it was not continuous. I have not done just that for five years, thankfully. This interview would have been totally different otherwise. I have participated in several films in between episodes of Twilight. That said, it would not have bothered me to shoot them all back to back, but it was impossible in terms of production.

"I do the same thing in life and in this business: ask questions, nonstop, before realizing they have no answer."

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  1. Wow he truly is the most beautiful creature on this planet :)


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