Preview of New Kristen Interview with Speakeasy from OTR Screening

When Speakeasy was introduced to actress Kristen Stewart last night, because of all the tabloidy attention she sometimes draws, we were worried that she’d be colder than the nor’easter that just blew through New York City. Instead we found her to be quite chatty, and happy to discuss her new movie, an adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” which was recently screened in Manhattan.

There were plenty of notable folks on hand for the showing, including “On the Road” director Walter Salles and co-star Garrett Hedlund, and after the movie, the stars moved over to Circo for dinner (while Hedlund lingered outside the restaurant for a smoke).

“On the Road” features some content that’s much more mature than anything you’ll find in Stewart’s supernatural “Twilight” movies. In the new film, there’s plenty of drug use, nudity, and three-way sex, and Stewart is right in the middle (literally and figuratively) of the action. There are also a few references to Nietzsche, which you don’t typically get in the “Twilight” films.

Stewart, who plays the free-spirited Marylou in “On the Road,” told Speakeasy that she read the classic book her freshman year in high school, “But I never thought I’d be in it.”

Although “On the Road” was first published in 1957, the 22-year-old Stewart says it has something to say to members of her generation. The book, an ode to youth, the open road and sexual freedom, is suffused with jazz, beat poetry and lust for life. “It still speaks to me,” she said. “It makes you want to put your sh– down and go.”

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