New Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with The Hot Hits from BD2 LA Press Junket

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Extended answer of Kristen's Interview

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is nearly upon us, and our own Andrew Gunsberg scored the biggest ticket in Hollywood – the chance to interview Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Over the years, Kristen Stewart’s character Bella has been criticised for wanting nothing more than to be with Edward, and not really displaying any feminist leanings or interest in life in general.

But Kristen is thrilled to be playing such a strong female character, who really comes into her own once her transformation to vampire is complete in Breaking Dawn Part 2. And Kristen told us she wishes there were more great roles out there for females.

“The fact that it’s been acknowledged, this gaping hole that has been wanting to be filled for a long time which is movies that are female oriented... and you’re not just playing a girlfriend and you’ve got a female protagonist who is actually a girl,” Kristen told

“I read so many scripts now that it’s like they’ve changed Bobby to Sue, and it’s like OK cool, but let’s actually make her a girl. A strong girls great, but this fake girl power thing is the most nauseating, disgusting thing. I want no part of it.

“So I feel like anything, the fact that she actually represents a woman’s strength, not to totally generalise but when a guy feels something really a lot, and you can’t put your finger on it, you move past it, it doesn’t exist.

“Girls kind of have an innate trust in those feelings, and seeing those through to the end was the most satisfying, validation for being “a crazy girl”, which we all tend to be sometimes.”

And Taylor revealed that he absolutely loved getting beaten up by Kristen in a fight scene, while Rob was just his usual charming self.

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10 Responses to New Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with The Hot Hits from BD2 LA Press Junket

  1. Our Rob kind of slips there regarding his feelings about Kristen and what happens this past months,he's weak when it comes on loving Kristen,aaaaawww!He copy now too the way Kristen pointing at her gut when explaining something serious,they are really becoming one,good for them.

    1. Yes, he did. And when he realized what he was saying, I think when he saw the interviewer face, he suddenly tried to change what he was suggesting.

  2. Omg, it's funny cause you could see it In rob, he was getting weaker and weaker and she was getting stronger!!! Ow rob I can feel you, I hope he gets that confidence back!! Love you rob

  3. Ow I think we all saw that ow rob we love you!!

  4. It's the first time that I see Rob slips this way in this BD2 press conf. I was surprised to hear him say this actually. I hope everything works out between them. Love you both.

  5. How old are you people? Rob was just saying that when he was younger he used to think that it was dangerous to fall in love with someone, but that feeling gradually changed. Well, perhaps a green eyed beauty changed his mind. His answer was in NO WAY a reference to what happened in the past months. You guys didn't understand his answer. Anyway, I wanted to say that when I was 19, almost 20 years old, I fell madly in love. We have been together for almost eleven years and we are officially husband and wife for almost 5 months now. Speaking from my own experience, during the first four years of our relationship (20-24/25 years old), it is the toughest and most fragile years because you have a lot of ambition to be successful in life and carve out your own path. It is hard to balance work with love and we were never even apart for days and weeks and months like move stars are. We never wanted to be apart from each other and we still don't. So I don't know how R and K do it, and they've been making it work since 2009, minus the painful events of the summer, still going on strong it seems (as long as she keeps that gold ring and necklace on all is well, imho). I guess they really are madly in love and distance can't keep you apart from the one you love. When you are in love, they become you're best friend, your lover, someone who shares everything with you, your body, your mind, your soul, your money, etc. But I know it still must be hard, the distance (texts and phone calls are not the same). I hope they take care of each other for as long as possible because love is the most important thing in life and when you find that one special person, you keep them close forever. All the money in the world, fame, money, and power means nothing if you don't have someone to share it with.

  6. Mae, wise words and so true. When you find that one person, you have to cherish and protect it, to keep it. I hope they can.

  7. I've heard Rob talk about this before. He has said when he was younger the first time he fell for someone it made him feel weak and for a guy that is the opposite of what you are. The word I would use is vulnerable. I asked my husband about this and he agreed. He said it is a good way to describe it. Of course, Rob also said that when he got older he realized that was not the case. You need to look at his face and the smile. Rob and Kristen are great at giving out smiles and body language that say how they feel. I am curious how long some of you have been following them. I've only been at this for about a year and half, but I can tell they really love each other. I am wondering if some of the people on these boards are here to cause trouble. Nonsten go home!


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