New Rob and Kristen Interview with Channel M6 (France) from BD2 LA Press Junket


For 4 years, the Twilight vampires haunted our theaters. The saga ends with 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' out on November 14th, and we got to meet exclusively the main actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in LA. The on screen couple who went through a difficult time off screen, won't answer any personal questions but will talk about life after Twilight.

Rob: I'm kind of excited about it, at the moment. I'm not sad for now but I think I might be when we're done with promoting it. It lasted a long time and it's done now, it's complete, it's kind of exciting

Rob: I'm sure some people will say 'they changed the story!' but I hope they'll still like it.

Movies that made Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into movie stars, the latter has a mass of projects coming up.

Rob: I'm filming a lot of movies next year. For starters, 'The Rover' is some sort of futuristic western that means a lot to me. And I might film in Iraq but I'm not sure when. And finally I'm gonna shoot with Cronenberg again, it's incredible.

Kristen: I feel pretty good about it, I've waited a long time to become to become a vampire. It's always nice to go towards something than to distant yourself from it and the 2nd one I was impatient to do this movie, I'm a huge fan of the books and I couldn't be more invested ... and acting the end, I was shocked by it, it's really crazy to watch.

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5 Responses to New Rob and Kristen Interview with Channel M6 (France) from BD2 LA Press Junket

  1. Oh please tell me that they haven't killed Edward or Bella?! That would suck big time!!!!!!!!!! Maria

    1. no I don't think they can kill them they can't make such drastic changes to the story and Taylor said that they couldn't change a lot because the fans would get mad so I'm sure that Edward and Bella are allive!!

    2. Lol at your comment. I hope you are not serious :))
      I actually think they made a montage of all movies together with BD 2. anyway we'll see soon. It's intersting that no one gives away anything :)

    3. Yeah no one gives anything away and the anxiety is killing me big time!!! Can't wait any longer!!

  2. Does anyone know what new Cronenberg film Rob is talking about in this interview that he is going to be part of in 2013? Hadn't heard anything official about that...


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